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Socialize, laugh out loud, discover new things, learn from others, grow on all levels!

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What is Brainoloogy?

Brainoloogy is not only a board game but it is a unique tool that will provide you with fun, entertainment and good vibes while you learn and discover new things both about yourself and about others.

With Brainoloogy you will live an exciting and unique experience that will become an adventure, anywhere and at any time.

It is the perfect tool for families, couples, groups of friends and co-workers. Ideal for teams and companies that practice Team Building.

Brainoloogy combines play with self-coaching and in this way will help you grow and develop simultaneously on all levels.

Playing Brainoloogy

You will get to know yourself better and discover that part that until now was asleep.

You will find the answers to many things that you did not know about yourself and about others.

You will build stronger, more solid and lasting relationships through human contact with your opponents.

You will socialize in the true sense of the word.

You will step out of your comfort zone, and you will be able to act accordingly.

You will challenge, and you will be challenged by the challenges that will be presented to you throughout the game.

You will learn new and fascinating things from and about others, at the same time as they do from you.

Your ability to collaborate will grow.

The subconscious part of your brain will be stimulated.

You will receive direct feedback from others.

Thinking will develop in terms of action.

You will observe your 4 bodies, and you will develop them in total harmony.

You will discover your inner self and your intuition will develop.

You can achieve any goal by setting SMART goals.

You will free yourself from the victim mentality and learn to manage your emotions.

If you develop simultaneously on all planes, visible results and balance will be reflected in your life.

Until today, you must have had enough dreams that were forgotten in some corner of your heart and never materialized.


Maybe now you expect more out of your life and want to see real results, not at 60 or when you retire.

You know very well that nothing in this life is free and that, to receive, you must first give.

Health, wealth, success or failure of people are not a matter of chance or miracles. Nor are they misfortunes.

They are simply the result of our actions!

Now you're probably wondering ... And where do I start?

It starts with you, because everything starts and ends with you when it comes to YOUR life.

To harvest, you first have to plant your seeds that are nothing more than your actions.

Sooner or later they will bear fruit depending on how you have planted them.

What is the first step you should take to see changes in your life?


Developing yourself, getting to know yourself better and improving as a person on all levels.

Any goal you have, no matter how "impossible" it may seem, can be achieved if you develop yourself in a balanced way at all levels.

In order to do your best, you need to be physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally well.

That is why Brainoloogy was specially designed for you to develop your 4 bodies, simultaneously in total harmony.

Brainoloogy creates through "gamification" a very conducive environment for your personal development.

Through the game and direct contact with the other players, you will enjoy an extraordinary experience while, socialization is encouraged, the talks become more profound, authentic, fun and qualitative.

The benefits of "gamification" are manifold and have been proven over time. They encouraged companies and organizations to change the way they think, learn and act. Thus, they obtained results and stood out from the competition.

Plus, it works in both adults and teens ...

Your physical body

It is the body that we can touch, the one that is made up of bones, water, blood, muscles, organs ... It is the one that contains the five senses, sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, senses that it uses to relate and communicate with other beings. It is the vehicle with which you travel through this life.

Your emotional body

The emotional body is not found in any particular part of our physical body, but it communicates intimately with it; the two are directly connected. They are so closely related that what happens to one is immediately reflected in the other. When we feel sad, the tear ducts in our eyes are activated and may shed some tears. Or vice versa. If we smile, the joy begins to be felt in our emotional body as well and is not only reflected in our face, but also in our results.

Your mental body

It is located basically in the brain, although not only there. The mental body is where our thoughts are formed and reside. There are thoughts of all kinds, big, small, good and bad. They are very varied. The mental body also communicates closely with the two bodies mentioned above, the emotional body and the physical body. Our thoughts can cause us specific emotional states and certain thoughts can give us the energy and physical strength that we may need at times.

Your spiritual body

The soul or the BEING. It is the star full of light that illuminates everything below. He is the true protagonist. When these four bodies, led by the star, are aligned and work together and do not contradict each other, it is when we have the feeling of physical, emotional and mental balance that we all desire in our life. It is then that we are able to act and take control of our life. That's when we see the results ...


Lea, 21, Austria
When I started playing, I was a little scared because I immediately realized that I was going to discover new things both about myself and about others. I was not sure if I could accept some truths, but by delving deeper into the game, the whole process has become a more than enriching experience and at the same time unforgettable moments.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful game!

Liam, 22, Austria
Thanks to my girlfriend Lea, I was able to discover Brainoloogy. Brainoloogy came into our lives just as we were homebound by COVID 19. As I played, I realized that it doesn't really matter where you are. What really matters is where you are going. As we played, time flew by and moments of anguish turned into unforgettable moments for all of us.

I recommend Brainoloogy because it brings so much value to the lives of everyone who plays it.

Dakota, 45 United States
I am a businesswoman and I care a lot about the development and well-being of my team. When Brainoloogy fell into my hands, I quickly realized that it is the perfect tool for both my family and my team. It has become a "must have" in my life. We played it every day in the office for two and a half months. We have noticed notable improvements within our team. Communication between us has improved a lot and we realized that we all had a common dream. The dream of growing up!

Eduardo, 22 Spain
Playing Brainoloogy I realized that we are all essentially the same. The only difference between us is that some are more aware than others that our potential is infinite. By developing simultaneously on all planes, we can accomplish wonders in our lives. For me, Brainoloogy has been a pleasant discovery and I enjoyed a unique experience.

Brainology made me act, and today I can boast of having achieved a goal that I gave up in the past and gave up on.

The Brainology Team

OUR MISSION IS: to create unique tools in the world that unite, transform and add a lot of value to the lives of people like you, who want to become their best version.

Christian, 41, Spain
Yoga instructor and Fitness Coach, he is an unstoppable soul where evil and negativism have no place.

He dreams of doing his bit and turning the planet into a better place where we can all live in total harmony and peace.

“Our body is the reflection of our interior. If you are not satisfied with your physical appearance, first actively work within yourself because that is where it all begins.

The results will soon be reflected in your exterior and your life will change forever ”. - Christian

Andrea, 37 Spain
Personal coach, copywriter and certified speaker at The John Maxwell Team USA, she is also an expert in emotional intelligence and neurolinguistic programming. At the same time, she is the mother of three wonderful children.

"I firmly believe that each person has infinite potential and I am sure that each of us can rise to the top of the top if we become aware of our true worth."

My philosophy of life: The world is a wonderful place full of opportunities. You just have to know how to live in the true sense of the word and take advantage of everything that was naturally given to us. - Andrea

Andreas, 22, Germany
With an unusual childhood and after going through many obstacles from a very young age, our younger and more creative mind can now boast of great achievements made with small steps and with a lot of willpower.

“My life has been like a whirlpool that always insisted on throwing me into a dark tunnel. Although many times there was only darkness, I always saw the light at the end of the tunnel and knew that one day I would see the sun in full, and that's how it was ”- Andreas

Our project is completely finished.

The publisher in charge of printing the game is ready to receive the production order and print the game for you.

With the money raised, we will translate the game into multiple languages ​​because what we really want is to make a mark on the world. Our wish is for Brainoloogy to reach as many teens and people as possible.

We have decided that, if we manage to raise 80,000 euros, we will make a donation of ten thousand units of Brainoloogy with your support, to several schools in the most disadvantaged countries in the world.

We believe that all people have the right to grow, learn and fulfill their dreams. That is why it is important for us to make this donation, because we know that our game adds value to the lives of those who play it.

Together we can create a better world.

Thanks for your support!

My dream has always been to create something unique that has a positive impact on the world ...

After much study and hundreds of books read in the field of coaching and personal development, I achieved something.

I realized that when I was confused or when I had a problem I always wondered how I got in that situation.

Why did this happened? That I have to do? How did I get here? How can I get it? Why did I fail? Etc. ...

The funny thing is that, at night, before going to bed, I would sit and meditate on the events that occurred during the day.

I asked myself questions and found the answers on my own. So, I realized that, in fact, the answer to any question and the solution to any problem is in us, only that most of the time we are afraid to reach out and touch our sensitive sides, taboo for most of the people .

After realizing that most things revolve around questions, I decided to write down any questions that arose during the day on index cards.

I did this because I realized the importance of the questions, which are in fact much more important than the answer itself.

I ended up with 328 cards with different questions. I became a habit of this and every day I took out a card from my card collection.

I was answering the question at hand, and I was very surprised that every time I found many more answers that turned out to be very useful.

So I was able to evolve on all planes because the questions were related to both my physical body and my mental, spiritual and emotional body.

After a year of practicing this, on my birthday in 2018, sitting at the table with eight guests, it occurred to me to take out my deck of cards and invite all my guests to draw a card and answer the questions.

Some responded, others avoided answering probably because the question was too awkward, others were very attentive to others' responses and engaged in the responses.

In the end, everyone was delighted with the effects of the game that we started unexpectedly.

We were all very focused, curious at the same time about each other's responses, some of us in awe of our own responses, fascinated by the way we socialized, and surprised that time has flown by while we played.

So we spent more than three hours and the result was an unforgettable and very enriching experience for all of us.

Initially, my letters were not written in order to become a game in the future, I simply considered them a personal, very beneficial tool that helped me make the right decisions every day.

Pleasantly impressed, my guests proposed to meet again in the coming weekends to continue playing. I was delighted to accept, and because of the positive impact Brainoloogy had on all of us and those who joined us over the months, I decided to create what Brainoloogy is today.

I didn't realize it, but my past dream of creating something unique had come true.

My heart was filled with joy when I saw that I could, without a previously established plan, create something that would have such a positive impact on people.

I am very happy and I am very proud now because Brainoloogy has the opportunity to enter your life and your home through this crowdfunding campaign, but I will enjoy even more, when I receive news from you in which you will tell me all the good that Brainoloogy brought to your life.

It has been a pleasure for me to tell you how Brainoloogy was born and thanks to people like you, it will be a reality very soon.


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