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Candi – Short film

Two friends are about to face a new period in their lives. But spending the summer in the Costa Brava feels so nice... What if they stay?


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This project was born from a script written during quarantine. It was me, the director (hi!), who wrote it, while remembering a very emotional summer I shared with a friend. It was a time during which we thought about leaving everything behind. We thought about taking a new path that wouldn’t be going to University, the same way as the main characters of this story do. Having such an important decision ahead of us we felt a lot of different emotions, among which were also uncertainty and disillusion.

I started this project entirely alone. With a script in one hand and an Instagram account I used to get in touch with people in the other. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. And it turned out pretty well! Now we are a family of almost 15 wonderful people who are selflessly helping me to bring my vision into reality. We count on the presence of ESCAC’s graduates, Bande à part students, drama students, designers...

Candela and Diana’s summer is coming to an end. After spending two lazy weeks at the Costa Brava trying to avoid the thoughts of the inevitable return to Barcelona, the time to think what their next step will be has finally come. September is just around the corner and, with it, their first year of University and also going back to their family routines. The girls’ future seems to be dictated: Candela will reluctantly study Medicine under the attentive gaze of her parents, and Diana will become an artist trying to survive the difficult situation she has at home meanwhile.

It will be during this tough process of thought about the imminent return to the tedious normality that the girls will deal with contradictory feelings… What if they don’t go back to Barcelona?

Director, screenwriter, producer
Director, screenwriter, producer

Assistant director - Producer
Assistant director - Producer

Clothing specialist and Art - Cinematographer - Art director
Clothing specialist and Art - Cinematographer - Art director

Direction of actresses - Producer
Direction of actresses - Producer

Direct sound - Post-production and OST
Direct sound - Post-production and OST

Some things to highlight about the rewards!

For the creation of the movie poster we counted on Queralt Guinart’s collaboration, an amazing illustrator. You can see her work at @kerrature on Instagram or on her website

the movie poster illustrated by Queralt Guinart
the movie poster illustrated by Queralt Guinart

This illustration is the one that will be printed on the posters and postcards. A special version of it will be printed on fabric for the totebags.

The rewards will be delivered in January, except for the invite to the premiere, which will take place whenever corona lets us. The link for the viewing will be sent to you after the premiere party of the project.

Totebag of the project
Totebag of the project

The founds we obtain through this Verkami will be invested in the following way:

43.3% in technical material: the hiring of cameras, lighting and sound equipment

5.4% in art: decorations and attrezzo

6% in clothing and make up

15.5% in transport: the vehicles we use during the shooting to transport the hired equipment and to transfer the crew to the location

19.5% in diets: the food we will feed our crew with

7.2% in insurance for the technical material

5.4% in the promotion of the project, for example, serigraphed printing of the poster and making stickers

3.6% in others

The shortfilm will be shot in 4 days, from the 2nd to the 5th of October, in a beautiful house at the Costa Brava.

The rewards will be delivered in January, except for the invite to the premiere, which will take place whenever corona lets us. The link for the viewing will be sent to you once the project has been released.

+ Info

For any concerns you can get in touch with the crew writing to this email:

You can also check our instagram: @candiprojecte


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  • EulàliaGX


    8 months

    Moltíssima sort! Tinc ganes de veure el resultat!<3

  • Antoni Garriga

    Antoni Garriga

    9 months


  • Gemma Martín

    Gemma Martín

    9 months

    Endavant amb el projecte!!

  • Maria Brey

    Maria Brey

    9 months

    Go for it!

  • Joan Ribes

    Joan Ribes

    9 months

    Que us vagi super bé!

  • Joan Ribes

    Joan Ribes

    9 months

    Que us vagi super bé!

  • marinaxeix


    9 months

    He vist el vostre projecte a l'instagram d'una colega. Que maco!

  • Carles Salvadó

    Carles Salvadó

    9 months

    Endavant amb les noves iniciatives antropològiques que ens aporta l’estiu’20, en plena segon Edat Contemporània

  • wifiblanco


    9 months

    Enhorabona! I molts ànims en aquest gran projecte!

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