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Mai oblidis que t'estimo (Never forget I love you)

Through the visit of her musician grandsons, a grandma suffering from Alzheimer can reconnect with memories that seemed long forgotten

Havana Lluç

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We are deeply thankful to the 150 plus people who already made their donation. Having reached our first goal, we are now initiating a second one that will enable us to:

  1. Spread the short-film and send it to the best international film festivals!

  2. Record the soundtrack with first-class musicians.

  3. Get a quality color correction done.

  4. Get the sound mastered in a professional studio.

Thank you all, we are closer to make something great!

Mai oblidis que t'estimo (Never forget I love you) is a story on how music enables Alzheimer patients to retrieve memories that seemed long forgotten. Due to the visit of her grandsons, an old woman ends up re-living one of the most important moments in her life: memories of a difficult childhood amidst the spanish civil war and memories of a father who once loved her more than anything.

Unfortunately, we have experienced Alzheimer closely and with this short film we want to put the focus in this cruel desease that affects 46 milion people worldwide, including our grandmother.

The Perks

Sea Trydive at  Costa Brava
Sea Trydive at Costa Brava

Our Perks range from 9 to 2000 euros. From the "Per Nadal jo menjo lluç" (for Christmas I eat lluç) shirt or a pack of locally brewed beer to unique experiences like a trydive at Costa Brava, a dinner for two on the doorstep of Montseny or an entry ticket to the premiere of this short-film in Cardedeu’s cinema.

Who are we?

Havana Lluç are Nil and Liam, two very creative cousins that have been making Christmas videos for the last 10 years. What started as a humble family tradition evolved into an acclaimed event that has caught the attention of TV3*, Catalunya Ràdio, el 9 Nou or former catalan president Carles Puigdemont*.

‘Mai Oblidis Que T’estimo’ will be our 11th project but this year we want to go beyond the video domain and make a short-film. In order to accomplish this we have teamed up with an amazing team:

The team behind ‘Mai oblidis que t’estimo
The team behind ‘Mai oblidis que t’estimo'

Direction: Gemma Capdevila

Gemma studied direction at ESCAC and she has directed two short films and one documentary. Her work has been selected in more than 20 countries and she won several awards. Other than directing she also writes scripts, teaches cinema and has published a foto book. Recently she was part of the direction team from ‘Alcarràs’ by Carla Simón (Golden bear winner at the Berlinale 22).

Editor & Writer: Nil Colomer

Nil is the brain behing the visual construction of this project. He lives in Sydned since 4 years and works as a professional videographer in fields as diverse as hospitality, sport, fashion, events…

Nil combines the knowledge from his Bachelor in Journalism and two postgraduate diplomas in Audiovisual Editing (2015) and Interactive Media (2021) to find the best way to tell a story.

Composer & Writer: Liam Colomer

Liam is our composer. He moved to Germany 3 years ago and from there he works making soundtracks professionally. He graduated in Creative Music Production at Manchester Met University (2014) and specialised later with a Masters in Music for the Moving Image (Leeds Becket University, 2019).

Liam has scored projects of all kinds, all over the world and he has won a ‘Best Original Music' award (FESCIMED, 2021) and a ‘Best Soundtrack’ award at (CCIFF, 2021).

Actress: Imma Colomer

Imma Colomer Marcet is a catalan actress who has also directed films, tv shows and theatre plays. She is also cofounder of Teatre Lliure and the company Els Comediants. Imma is one of the most well known faced of the catalan art scene and has won the Creu de Sant Jordi (2020) and the Ciutat de Barcelona award (2017).

What is the money for?

The funds raised through this campaign will be used to finance the material and the professional crew who will be helping us bringing this project to life. Moreover, a 5% will be donated to Fundació Pasqual Maragall - a catalan-based Alzheimer research institution.


As of now, this project it is in the pre-production phase. The shooting will take place on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July and the following 4 months will be used to work on the post-production. The Premiere of the short film will take place on December, following our yearly tradition. In 2023 the short film will start to be distributed across diferent film festivals.

The perks will be delivered between December and January.

Media Appearances

TV3: https://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/tot-es-mou/10-anys-de-videos-familiars-per-celebrar-el-nadal/video/6136101/

Carles Puigdemont: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJeD0E1ou9l/

Watch our previous Christmas Videos (2011-2021):
Playlist Xmas Videos

Instagram Havana Lluç

Thank you very much for your contributions and for beliving in this project :)


  • Will the short-film be available on Youtube?

    No, the people who want to watch the short film can purchase tickets to the premiere at the Cinema in Cardedeu (end of december), or purchase a temporary watch link.

    It is our desire to have the short film touring film festivals, and having it publicly online would make this impossible.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


If you are already a sponsor, please Log in to comment.

  • Johanne Tronsdal

    Johanne Tronsdal

    3 months

    Big hug from Norway guys, looking forward to watch it xx

  • Paola


    3 months

    Grande Nil! You are the best 😄 what an Amazing project, congratulations guys!!

  • Francisca Besnier

    Francisca Besnier

    3 months

    Los quiero SUUUU

  • Marta Vegas

    Marta Vegas

    3 months

    Enhorabona team!!!

  • Marina Ramisa

    Marina Ramisa

    3 months

    Visca el video de Nadal!!!

  • Sandra Fernández

    Sandra Fernández

    3 months

    Bona feina guapos!

  • guillem


    3 months

    Gran projecte i no me'l vull perdre.

  • carme colomer

    carme colomer

    3 months

    Aquesta aportació la fa Antonio Aliança Magri

  • Manel Ferrer

    Manel Ferrer

    3 months

    Sou una cracks! Sort i esperem veure el curt aviat!!!

  • Robert Keune

    Robert Keune

    3 months

    Good luck boss!

#03 / #SaveTheDate | Data Pre-estrena/Premiere date

CAT (ENG below)

Bon dia i bon lluç,

Ens plau anunciar-vos que ja tenim data oficial per la pre-estrena de Mai oblidis que t'estimo. Serà el diumenge 18 de desembre, a les 19.00h al Cinema Esbarjo de Cardedeu. #SaveTheDate

Tothom que va comprar el pack Lluç Fresc (60€), Lluç a la Romana (90€), Lluç al forn (150€) i Lluç al Forn amb Patates (250€); teniu 2 entrades i 2 consumicions gratuïtes per aquest esdeveniment tan especial.

Per tal d'anar quadrant l'aforament ens agradaria saber (com a molt tard l'1 de setembre) si teniu pensat assistir-hi: tan si voleu com si no, simplement POSEU-VOS EN CONTACTE amb el vostre representant d'Havana Lluç de confiança via WhatsApp, Instagram, email o colom missatger.

Per aquellxs que no tingueu entrades però també volgueu venir, no patiu que més endavant en posarem a la venda al simbòlic preu de 5€ - ja us en farem arribar el link perquè no hi falteu!

read more

#02 / Fi de rodatge! / End of the shooting!

CAT (ENG below)

Benvolguts mecenes,

Després de dos llargs i intensos dies, molta suor i poca son, el rodatge de Mai oblidis que t'estimo ha estat completat amb èxit! (A sota us en deixem una petita mostra).

Ara ens toca descansar uns dies abans de començar la següent etapa: la postproducció!

Tot i que encara falten uns mesos, tenim moltes ganes de compartir amb vosaltres el resultat final perquè pogueu veure que les vostres aportacions han fet possible.

Gràcies per confiar en el Lluç!


Dear sponsors,

After two long and intense days, a lot of sweat and very little sleep, the filming of Mai oblidis que t'estimo (Never forget I love you) has been successfully completed! (Below you will find some pictures of the shooting).

Now it is time to rest for a few days before we embark on the next phase: post-production!

Even though the… read more



Ahir la nostra campanya de micromecenatge va posar punt i final amb un increible 150% de recol·lecció.

Això és moltíssim més del que somiavem i no podriem estar més agraïts a les 185 persones que han fet un total de 197 contribucions!

Intentarem mantenir-vos al corrent de qualsevol avenç però sempre podeu seguir @havanalluc a l'instagram per estar totalment al dia de tot el progrés.

Per acabar, dir-vos que gravem del 25 al 28 de Juliol i tot i que hi ha una mica de nervis, tenim moltes MOLTES GANES de que arribi aquest moment!


Yesterday our crowdfunding campaign came to an end with a whooping 150% of funds raised.

That is a lot more than we were hoping to get and we could not be any thankful to the 185 people who made 197 contributions in total.

We will try to keep you posted but you can follow œhavanalluc on instagram for daily updates and follow ups!

read more

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