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New Incursed album: 'Elderslied'.

The main goal of this campaign is set to finance the recording and production the new Incursed album. Once the minimum amount is reached, the additional funds will be spent on the making of a video clip and an special physical edition of the album.


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Album cover for Elderslied unveiled!


  1. Heart of Yggdrasil

  2. Raging Wyverns

  3. The Wild Hunt

  4. Beer Bloodbath

  5. Tidal Waves

  6. Jötnar

  7. Lady Frost

  8. The Undying Flame (Homeland Pt. II)

  9. Suaren Lurraldea (The Land of Fire)

  10. One Among a Million

    • The Dawning
    • The Crossroads
    • The Bleakness
    • The Cleansing

Album cover for Beer Bloodbath unveiled!


  1. Beer Bloodbath

  2. Raging Wyverns

  3. Die by the Sword (2014 version)

  4. Game of Thrones

  5. Beer Bloodbath (drunken version)

About us

We are Incursed, a pagan metal band coming from Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). We need to finance the edition and publishing of our second studio album, and therefore, we have started this crowdfunding project in order to gather the funds.

We recorded two demos from 2007 to 2010, and after that, we recorded "Fimbulwinter", our first studio album, in 2012, which was positively acclaimed from different places worldwide. Now it's time to face the recording of "Elderslied" and we want it to be a step beyond in every sense: production, musical composing, with a comprehensive style of music... we believe that the ingredients to put in this process are outstanding and we need your help to carve this in timeless stone with all the guarantees.

Here you can listen to the songs from our first studio album, "Fimbulwinter":

What will your funds be used on?

The funds we get with this campaign will mainly be used for the recording and production at Chromaticity Studios with Pedro J. Monge. If we surpass the minimum amount, we will use the funds to record a video clip and edit the album with an special edition (digipack).

About the rewards

We have named each reward with different names coming from fantastic/mythologic culture. Every name reflects the content of the reward and adds a distinction depending on the quantity you provide. By the end of the campaign, we will count each and everyone of the contributors and create the Incursed Legions.

Description of each reward

Digital download: You will be given a code and a link to download the album and the artwork (in pdf format) digitally.

Web acknowledgement: Your rank and chosen name (can be anonymous) will be included in our social networks.

Guitar pick, sticker and signed photograph: You will be given a guitar pick, a custom sticker and a photograph signed by the members of Incursed.

Acknowledgement video: We will record a unique and custom video and hand it out to you by using a YouTube link.

Physical edition of "Elderslied": We will send a copy of Elderslied by postal mail to the requested physical address (contact the band to discuss about orders from abroad).

Physical edition of "Fimbulwinter": We will send a copy of Fimbulwinter by postal mail to the requested physical address (contact the band to discuss about orders from abroad).

T-shirt: We will send a exclusively designed T-shirt (with the requested size) by postal mail to the requested physical address (contact the band to discuss about orders from abroad).

Single ticket to one Incursed show: You will be granted free entrance to the Incursed show of your choice. This does not include tickets for festivals (we will need your name and ID card to confirm your identity at the entrance).

Framed image of the album front signed by the band: We will send an exclusive framed image of the album front to the requested physical address, printed full-colour and signed by the band.

Special acknowledgement in the "Hall of Fame" within the booklet: There will be a special place within the booklet, specially designed for the ones chosen to occupy a place in the "Hall of Fame". You will be able to find the name of everyone of the chosen ones.

Private show: We will get to a previously discussed location to deliver a private show. Before you choose this reward, get in touch with us to decide a place where to play, due to the fact that it could be hard to afford the costs of playing in certain locations.

Appointed schedule

By mid July of 2014, we have already entered the studio. We have already decided the album concept, the front cover, tracklist and everything else. Our estimations have been set in a month for the process of recording the album, and from that moment onwards, we will start the edition of the physical copies and the rest of the plannings (album presentation show, video clip recording, ...).The project will be updated at least once a week to show new details regarding the new album.

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There are none published yet.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Lureb71


    about 8 years


    veo que ya tenéis el CD,

    ¿ Tenéis fecha prevista para el envío de las recompensas ?

    Un saludo, gracias.

  • Copias de CD's

    Copias de CD's

    over 8 years

    Hola chicos veo que estáis haciendo un proyecto, para la fabricación de vuestros CD's, tenéis precios? En caso afirmativo si nos lo hacéis llegar LO MEJORAMOS!! Un saludo, Isaac Dios - info@praderasmusic.com

  • Incursed


    over 8 years

    Hola David,

    No hay unos precios establecidos para cada recompensa, aunque bien es cierto que se pueden subdividir orientativamente en función del contenido y la aportación.

    Si te refieres a si hay ya decidido un precio para las recompensas una vez termine la campaña, algunas no estarán disponibles cuando ésta finalice, y entonces decidiremos el precio de las que sí se puedan adquirir individualmente.

  • david


    over 8 years

    Que precios son por cada recompensa?

#04 / Tracklist definitivo Elderslied//Elderslied final tracklist

English lies down below...

¡Muy buenas a todos!

Ya sólo falta una semana para que los mecenas podáis descargar Beer Bloodbath, el EP de anticipo a Elderslied... aún no podemos revelar la fecha de salida del disco, pero aquí os traemos el tracklist definitivo que compondrá el álbum:

  1. Song of the Ancient [intro] - 3:15

  2. Heart of Yggdrasil - 4:42

  3. Raging Wyverns - 6:01

  4. The Wild Hunt - 5:20

  5. Beer Bloodbath - 4:23

  6. Tidal Waves - 3:51

  7. Jötnar - 7:00

  8. A Fateful Glare [interlude] - 1:27

  9. Lady Frost - 3:59

  10. The Undying Flame (Homeland part II) - 7:37

  11. Suaren Lurraldea (The Land of Fire) - 4:03

  12. One Among a Million - 10:39
    · The Dawning
    · The Crossroads
    · The Bleakness
    · The Cleansing

  13. Promise of Hope [outro] - 1:42

Como veis, 65 minutos que componen un viaje épico y heterogéneo, con un sonido y producción fantásticos. ¡Estamos ansiosos porque lo escuchéis!

Keep pagan!

Hi to everybody!

read more

#03 / Portada de #Elderslied desvelada // Album cover of #Elderslied revealed

Llegó el momento... ¡así es la portada de #Elderslied! Esperamos vuestras opiniones, y que os guste tanto como a nosotros.

Recordad que la campaña seguirá activa los siguientes 12 días, ¡y ya hemos sobrepasado los 2000 euros!

The time has come... time to show you the album cover of #Elderslied! We would like to know about you opinion, and hope you like it as much as we do.

Remember that the campaign is still in progress for 12 days more, and we have already surpassed the barrier of 2000 euros!

#02 / EP previo a Elderslied: BEER BLOODBATH / Previous EP to #Elderslied: BEER BLOODBATH

Os presentamos la portada del EP que precederá al lanzamiento de #Elderslied, al que hemos llamado Beer Bloodbath. Aún no podemos revelar el tracklist definitivo, pero os adelantamos que incluirá temas que no se podrán encontrar en #Elderslied. ¿Qué os parece la portada?

¡Recordad que la campaña de crowdfunding sigue en proceso!


This is the front cover for a previous release before #Elderslied, which we have named Beer Bloodbath. We can't unveil the final tracklist yet, but can advance that it will include songs which will not be included in #Elderslied. What do you think?

Remember the crowdfunding campaign is still in progress!


#01 / ¡Desvelamos el tracklist del disco!/Album tracklist revealed!

(English below)

¡Muy buenas a todos!

¿Qué tal ha empezado la semana? Lo primero, queremos dar gracias a todos los que nos estáis apoyando. ¡Llevamos ya 740 euros!

Creamos la primera entrada de blog para anunciar el tracklist de Elderslied. Serán 10 canciones y podréis ver los nombres después de la actualización en inglés.

Un saludo a todos,

Keep Pagan!

Hi everyone!

How has your week started? First of all, a big thank you to all of you who are supporting us. We have raised 740 euros so far!

We are making this first blog entry to announce the tracklist of Elderslied. It consists of ten songs, which are the following:

  1. Heart of Yggdrasil

  2. Raging Wyverns

  3. The Wild Hunt

  4. Beer Bloodbath

  5. Tidal Waves

  6. Jötnar

  7. Lady Frost

  8. The Undying Flame (Homeland Pt. II)

  9. Suaren Lurraldea (The Land of Fire)

  10. One Among a Million
    -The Dawning
    -The Crossroads
    -The Bleakness
    -The Cleansing

Keep Pagan!

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