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falta branco / <br />não falta branco

Zavial project: A project of artistic interdisciplinar creation and simultaneous interaction in which Andre Martus (Alemania, Barcelona) intervenes as painter and Dália Dias (Portugal, Oporto) as writer, with a result: a book, a common work of art.

Andre Martus

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Zavial project

*an axial place / a book of art

a plastic writing / a graphic painting

a harmony of forms / a verbal concert

a comprehension of words / a visual metaphor

two autors / two cities

one book / one place*


The challenge was to create a joint work, without prevalence of any of the two disciplines. It was not to illustrate poems or describe pictures, but to create a common work by the hands of two authors, at the same time, in the same place: Zavial, at the southwestern tip of Portugal. The sessions were conducted in August 2013 .

The result of nearly two years of work is an art book with images of Andre Martus and texts, poems , of Dália Dias in her native language, combined and integrated into one single piece.

The original work (measuring 75 x 55 cm, 9 pages, unfolded 50 x 250 cm, 300g Montval paper and covered with sheet iron bronzed black) is finished.

The campaign seeks funding to make a high-quality art edition of the original and unique work.

Different moments of the process of creation.

The processes of expansion of the images and drying lasted weeks.

Layout and assembly of the pages in the workshop of Andre Martus in Barcelona.

What we will use your contributions for

Printing of the book "falta branco - não falta branco", with 9 quadruple pages printed in color, introductory text, translations into Spanish and German, credits.

  • An art edition of superior quality, measuring 49 x 37 cm (folded), printed on 300g artistic paper, iron protective case, limited edition to 9, numbered and signed

  • A high quality edition, measuring 31 x 24 cm, digital print on 220g paper, protective case, 1st edition of 100 copies, 25 copies numbered and signed.

  • A postcard edition, measuring 13 x 10 cm, digital print on 180g paper, cardboard case, 1st edition of 100 copies.

Shipping and packaging.

About the rewards

The rewards, according to the contributed amount, are composed of different elements of the three editions:

Folded pages

Print tests of the art edition in superior quality.


Once financing is secured, the execution time will be between 4 and 6 weeks, and from that moment we will contact patrons to begin shipment.

Presentation of the project so that you know what you are contributing to:

  • March, 7th 2015 at the Galería Mira Forum in Porto

  • March, 19th 2015 in the atelier of Andre Martus in Barcelona

Presentation of the finished book:

  • Late April/early May Barcelona and Porto, dates and places to be decided.


Andre Martus

German artist. Has been living and working in Barcelona for the last 30 years.

Since the 80s he has accomplished numerous individual exhibitions of his art in art galleries around europe and has participated in multiple collective exhibitions and international art fairs.
Online-Portfolio / Homepage / Facebook

Current exhibition Deep Inside at the Galería Mira Forum in Oporto (14.2–14.3.2015)

Dália Dias

Born and currenty living in Porto. Literary critic, researcher and published poet. Licenced in Languages ​​and Modern Literature (Portuguese-French), Master in Modern and Contemporary Roman Literature, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto and PhD in Contemporary Portuguese Literature, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Actively participates in the cultural life of the city since the 80s directing major partnership projects, outreach and cultural creation, while also teaching.


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  • Andre Martus

    Andre Martus

    about 6 years

    Hola Ramón, los libros pequeños y las páginas individuales salieron la semana pasada. Lo tuyo ya lo tengo ensobrado. Me tienes que mandar tu dirección postal para el envío.




    about 6 years

    Hola Andre, como llevas la edición de las páginas, ya tengo ganas de recibir la mía. Saludos.

  • vicky collier

    vicky collier

    over 6 years

    Hi Andre, I wanted to put in 60 euros...but maybe we are too late!! Let me know!

    Un beso Vicky

  • Mendes Bastos

    Mendes Bastos

    over 6 years

    Para possuir uma obra tamanho máximo pack amante de arte profissional quanto me custa agora?

  • Andre Martus

    Andre Martus

    over 6 years

    La obra original mide plegado 50 x 65 cm, desplegada 250 x 65 cm. La técnica es de oleo, acrílico y polvora negra sobre papel. Esta terminada. Queda pendiente la realización de la edición.

    Que estoy seguro que entre todos lo conseguiremos.




    over 6 years

    La obra original cuanto mide?, esta finalizada?, de que material es?


  • Andre Martus

    Andre Martus

    over 6 years

    No se trata ni de una ilustración de un texto ni de una descripción de unas imágenes. El proceso de creación ocurrió simultáneamente en el mismo momento en el mismo lugar. Esto es lo que hace tan especial esta experiencia. Es una obra de Arte en conjunto, no prevalece ninguna de las dos disciplinas.

    Gracias por tu interés.

  • Susana Argul

    Susana Argul

    over 6 years

    Hola Andre y Dalia, me interesaria saber como fue el proceso del trabajo conjunto. Fue a partir de un tema?, trabajabais simultaneamente?, la letra inspiro la pintura o viceversa..realmente me parece muy interesante. Gracias

#03 / Preparando envío

Hola a todos, gracias por vuestra paciencia. Todo ha tardado un poco más de lo previsto, pero ya casi estamos:

Los libros pequeños y las paginas individuales ya estan. Estamos preparando la entrega de todas las aportaciones de entre 22 y 60 €.

Los libros A4+ estarán terminados la última semana de junio.

#01 / 7 de marzo, 17h

El sábado 7 de marzo, a las 17h haremos la presentación del proyecto Zavial en Mira Forum, Rua Miraflor 155, Oporto. Estaremos presentes Dália y yo para enseñar el original del libro, y explicar el proceso y la experiencia que hemos tenido a lo largo de los dos años que llevamos trabajando juntos.

Hoy publicaremos aquí como ya lo hemos hecho en otros canales las primeras páginas del libro.

Am Samstag 7.März, um 17h, stellen wir unser Zavialprojekt im Mira Forum, Rua Miraflor 155, Oporto vor. Dália und ich werden dasein um das Originalbuch vorzustellen und den Kreativprozess und unsre Erfahrungen während der 2-jährigen Zusammenarbeit zu schildern.

Heute veröffentlichen wir hier, wie auch schon auf anderen Kanälen, die ersten Seiten unseres Buches.

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