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Roberto Sobrado band: Presentación of the new album ATLAS DE ANATOMÍA+OS RESENTIDOS

Thursday June 11th at 21h in Salón Teatro (Santiago D.C), Roberto Sobrado band present their new album, ATLAS DE ANATOMÍA, with some special guests: Abe Rábade, Carlos Blanco, X.Constenla, O Leo... We'll also pay a small tribute to OS RESENTIDOS with some members of the band, among them, Antón Reixa

Roberto Sobrado

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In this 2015 Roberto Sobrado fulfils 20 years composing the songs that have already given shape to 4 studio albums with his band. Atlas de anatomía is the name of the fifth and we have it almost ready. We want to do to a special presentation, with a band reinforced for the occasion, stellar collaborations and live recording of the event for its later on-line publication.

The basic band will be formed by the usual suspects : Rafa Campoy (electric guitar), Gustavo Fernández (bass), Germán Daponte (tenor and alto sax), Paulo Silva (drums) and Roberto Sobrado (voice and acoustic guitar). Furthermore, we will be reinforced by some musicians from Os Resentidos : Pablo Vidal (bass and musical direction), Rubén Losada (baritone sax), Manu Payno (trumpet), Javier Soto (electric guitar), Ánxo Graña (bagpipe), Piti Sanz (mandoline) and Xabier Camba (charrasco)

Taking advantage of this circumstance, we will also also pay a small tribute to the 80’s band from Vigo with the especial collaboration of their leader, Antón Reixa. Other guests for the album presentation will be Abe Rábade, Carlos Blanco, Xosé Constenla , O Leo e Arremecághona but we are sure that the list will be much longer.

The concert will also serve as a starting point for our summer tour, in which we are working and that will take us through the Galician and Iberian geography.

What are you investing your money in?:

1-In the salary of the musicians, sound technician and musical director,including the necessary rehearsals and the National Insurance payments.

2-In the salary of the audiovisual technicians: production + editting

3-In the event promotion in all fields.

4-In the management work to organise the summer tour

5-In a basic catering service for the day of the event

6-In financing the copies of the new album (only if we have a surplus, otherwise, we will take care of them ;)


March-June: 1 weekly rehearsal

April-May: crowdfunding Campaign

April-May: Promo and communication of the event in all fields

April-May: Management work. Summer tour

11 June: New Album Presentation and delivery of rewards in Salón Teatro

11-16 June: Delivery of rewards to those not attending the event

Have a look at the design of the Atlas de anatomíaT-shirt

What does Roberto Sobrado Band sound like?

One of the songs of the new album. alive on TV: Lucía

One of the songs of the new album in acoustic: Fan of subjects legais

You can see here the last videoclip of the band: Lume, from the previous album Odd Northwest

And Galicia, a different place alive in one of the recent concerts of Os Resentidos

+info And tickets

The best contribution you can do is attending to the concert. Purchase here your on-line tickets: 8€ General // 4€ Students, unemployed, precarious and retired people.

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The venue

The Salón Teatro, heart of the CDG, kindly opens its doors for us to show you this new album in the best of the possible venues. Thank you very much to its management and technicians!


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