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Giuliano & Kasia - New CD: "The Peskin project"

Discover and support Giuliano Sommerhalder's new Duo CD with the amazing Kasia Wieczorek (piano) - a new milestone in the trumpet world.

DUO Giuliano & Kasia

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Milan, Italy
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The composer and his music

Vladimir Peskin (1906-1988) was a Russian pianist and composer who wrote a whopping 74 minutes of absolutely wonderful music for trumpet and piano, packed with feelings, sadness, happiness, hope, passion, power, and emotions.

The artists

Having just turned thirty, the trumpet player Giuliano Sommerhalder is a laureate of the world's most prestigious international competitions, and has served as the Principal Trumpet in two of the world's leading symphony orchestras (Leipzig and Amsterdam). Today, he is active worldwide as a soloist and teacher.

The Polish pianist, Kasia Wieczorek is currently among the most sought-after pianists and chamber music partners in the world of brass instruments (but not only). She regularly collaborates with the leading international music competitions, and has a piano and chamber music professorship at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt (Main), Germany.

Giuliano about the Peskin Project

"In my first CD (as a soloist with orchestra), I recorded Peskin's Concerto No. 1 in C minor, which was enthusiastically acclaimed throughout the world. So I decided to dedicate this highly interesting composer and entire CD.

"All of the pieces are originally composed for trumpet and piano, and together with the genius pianist Kasia Wieczorek, we found a very special feeling which really fits Peskin's emotional and moving music."

"This will be my 3rd CD, and it will be recorded and published by the label MDG in Germany, on a Hybrid Multichannel+Stereo SACD (Super Audio CD).

What happens with the money from the pledges

The money from the donations will be used to cover the costs for the recording hall rental (in a monastery immersed in the silence of Westphalian countryside), the piano tuner (present at all times during recording), the piano (a carefully renewed Steinway Grand Piano from 1901!), the sound engineer, the editing, mastering, duplication and distribution of the disc.

The rewards

To thank you for your contribution, along with a big Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you will have a wide array of rewards waiting for you, each one packaged and combined according to the amount you donate. Of course, what will never be missing is a copy of the new disc, as a tangible proof of your friendship and interest towards the artists' artistic activity.

The schedule

The publication of the disc is planned in October 2015.

The rewards will be the first copies of the discs to be sent out.

The programme

Vladimir Peskin (1906-1988)

  • Concerto No. 1 in C minor

  • Concerto No. 2 (Concert-Allegro) in B flat minor

  • Concerto No. 3 in F minor

  • Poem No. 1

  • Poem No. 2

  • Intermezzo

  • Prelude

  • Melody

  • Romance

  • Rondo-Scherzo

  • Scherzo

Further informations

Giuliano Sommerhalder on Facebook
Produzioni musicali MDG


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#03 / Almost done!

Dear friends,

Today is a special day for me. The final word has been said, I just gave the "O.K." for the CD, booklet, inlay card and cd label to go into the printing process after I sent the last tiny corrections yesterday night.

The printing, pressing, packaging and delivery process of the very first copies will take a few weeks from today, so I will soon send you all a form you should fill out with your address details for your rewards to be sent to you well in advance before Christmas.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you are in doubt about something, or have special requests.

Once again, thank you or all your enthusiasm and support throughout this exciting process. I hope we will all enjoy the new CD.

I hope you are all doing well and send my warmest regards along.


#02 / Update

Dear friends,

I would like to give you a short update on the creating process of the new Peskin CD.

It has taken us some time to get the English and Spanish translations of the booklet text ready, but the final result was definitely worth the waiting. What was particularly difficult for me was to translate the original German text into a Spanish that is compatible with both Iberian and Latin American Spanish.

The cover is almost done, we ended up choosing Filonov's "Formula of Spring" and are now working on embedding it into a fittingly colored frame and getting the writings right.

But now to the most important part: the second (and probably final) cut of the CD is something that truly fills me with happiness and a hint of pride. The hard work that's behind it is paying off, and I think this CD will have a lasting effect on many listeners. I still can't believe we recorded so much material in just 3 days!

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#01 / Working hard!

Dear friends and supporters,

First of all I would like to thank you for the interest in this project which is turning out to be a wonderful reward for the huge amounts of work that have been done in the past years to make this all possible.

About a month ago, I got the first edit from the record label, and the overall image I got from it is extremely positive. The sound is nice and round, and maybe for the first time since I record, I can truly recognize myself and my own sound in it without first having to "get used to it".

A few days ago I sent a 10-page document with the "wishlist" for the corrections to the record company. Most corrections wishes concerned transparency, especially in the highly virtuosic piano part, as well as some requests that aim at making the phrasing more natural. One of the difficult things when recording is to keep the musical gestures as "natural" and "spontaneous" as possible.

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