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"Bestealdetik" (“From the other side”) is the adaptation to the big screen of a brief essay written by Joseba Sarrionandia, included in the book “Ez gara gure baitakoak” (“we don´t own ourselves”). We are students from the Universidad de Navarra.

Santiago Lasso

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¿What is this movie about?

"Bestealdetik" (“From the other side”) is the adaptation to the big screen of a brief essay written by Joseba Sarrionandia, included in the book “Ez gara gure baitakoak” (we don´t own ourselves).

Synopsis: The night advances over the plains. A stone house is visible through the darkness. Inside, a carpenter works carefully. Its workshop is full of doors: simple ones, big ones, crafted ones, etc. The sound of a knocking door interrupt his work...



Dispite of it being short and simple, this tale confront us to the pass of time. The time would want to become “stopped time”; it would seem to dilate and would be calmly extended through the scares minutes of the movie, like wanting to avoid an ending. Rested time will take us to an encounter with the unknown, with that that is form beyond, form the other side.

Every closed door is a question and a mistery: the unknown is at the other side. Every closed door invites us to open it, to the desaire to see through it. This visual tale wants to awaken the desire to unveil the forbidden things, to see what is hidden from us, to the encounter with what we don´t understand. An encounter that have to be lived in complete solitude, with the wind as our only companion.

Who we are

A group of students currently coursing our 4th year of audiovisual communications at the Universidad de Navarra, Spain. We develop this project as our Trabajo Fin de Grado (Final course project) and we are very eager to make this movie a reality.

¿What are we going to use your contributions for?

Art Direction 800

Renting direction of photography material 200

Catering 80

Musical license 200

Car renting for material transportation 660

Actor hotel 160

Distribution 300

The total sum is 2.400 euros, but we trust we can get other 400 from other sources. The “Facultad de comunicación” will lend us tripod, lighting and sound equipment to reduce our budget.

The idea is to transform this empty stone house into a carpenter workshop.

This requires a great amount of economic and logistic effort to buy, rent and transport all the carpenters material.

Our Carpenter

We have the great pleasure to work with an spanish experienced actor, Txema Blasco. He have worked in movies, such as “Tasio”, in TV and has shortcuts. With him in our team, we are confident we´ll get an excellent result.

About the Rewards

We have made a big effort to have rewards that you can share and show everyone else your interest for independent filmmaking and new authors.


Being an academic project, the production calendar is set by the university. We hope to finish it by the end of April and then start sending the rewards by May.

+ Info


Instagram @bestealdetik

Our Direct Contact

Screenplay and Direction Mar Gonzalez Ruiz de Larramendi

Production Santiago Lasso

Direction of photography Asier Areizaga

Art Direction María Elena Quiñonero

Direction of Sound Pepe Cantó

Direction Assistant Marta Díaz Blanco

Editing Andrea Saenz

Script Paula de Luis Vicario


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