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Fisherman Mobile

Fisherman is a nice wooden mobile designed for the home decoration. From his fishing rod hang perfectly balanced six fish of different shapes and weights, that moves delicately thanks to slight air currents.

Valerio Vidali

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Berlin, Germany
From 4.000€
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My name is Valerio Vidali and I'm an italian illustrator based in Berlin.

In my spare time I enjoy woodwork and create small objects made by recicled materials.

Fisherman Mobile is a personal project.

What is a "Mobile"?

The term "Mobile" was coined in 1931 to define the early works of Alexander Calder.

A mobile is a lightweight and balanced structure that hangs suspended in the air.

What is Fisherman Mobile?

It is a wooden mobile that moves delicately thanks to slight air currents. It consists of six fish and a fisherman.

Thanks to its design the fisherman hooks the flat surfaces (up to 3 cm of thicknes) as shelves, tables, books, etc.

From his fishing rod hang six fish of different shapes and weights, suspended in the air perfectly balanced.

Fisherman Mobile is an object designed for the home decoration, but can also serve to stimulate the attention of babies (or cats!).

It is made of high quality solid wood from sustainable plantations, validated by FSC certification.

About your share destination

The contributions will be entirely used to finance a small and well cared artisanal production of the Fisherman mobile, the other rewards and cover the management costs of Verkami, Paypal and the shipping costs.

Why support this crowdfunding?

  • 100% of your contribution will be used to obtain the best possible product.

  • During the crowdfunding the price is much cheaper! (after the crowdfunding the product will cost the 30% more)

  • The project will be successfully funded when it raises 100% of its funding goal within 40 days. If it doesn't reach its goal within this deadline, the project hasn't been successful and all pledges are cancelled.

  • Your support is essential, without it this project would not be possible.

About the rewards

Tote Bag

A nice screenprinted Tote bag (100% natural cotton).

** "Fish Tank" Book**

A small picture book illustrated with objects and sculptures made by recycled wood. Each copy of the book will be signed and numbered.

Kite Girl

Is a small mobile formed by a shape of solid wood painted by hand, 1 meter of aluminum wire and 4 interchangeable colorful kites.
(Compatible with flat surfaces up to 3 cm of thicknes)

Fisherman Mobile

Mobile formed by 6 wooden fish + the fisherman (hand painted or natural wood), a fishing rod of 60 cm of length, an aluminum structure and 2 meters of waxed cord.

Fisherman Mobile XL

Mobile formed by 12 wooden fish + the fisherman (hand painted or natural wood), a fishing rod of 60 cm of length, an aluminum structure and 3 meters of waxed cord.

Fisherman mobile (limited edition)

Mobile formed by 6 hand painted wooden fish + fisherman, a fishing rod of 60 cm of length, an aluminum structure and 2 meters of waxed cord.

Limited edition of 20 signed and numbered copies.

Fisherman mobile (Fish Tank edition)

Special version of the mobile, formed by 6 original fish/sculptures made by recicled wood from the sea + fisherman (hand painted), a fishing rod of 60 cm of length, a wooden structure and 2 meters of waxed cord.

Each Mobile is unique and completely handmade.


Production will begin in July / August and the rewards will be delivered in September.

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  • Valerio Vidali

    Valerio Vidali

    almost 6 years

    Hola Maria,

    escribeme a mi direcciòn de correo y te paso los datos para hacer el pago,


    muchas gracias!

  • Maria Bariego

    Maria Bariego

    almost 6 years

    Hola Valerio,

    Me gustaría adquirir la kite girl. Pero la campaña ya ha terminado y en tu web no la veo. Gracias!

  • Valerio Vidali

    Valerio Vidali

    almost 6 years

    perfecto! y muchas gracias por tu ayuda!


  • óscarT


    almost 6 years

    Hola Valerio!

    Ok te hago la aportación del libro (17€) y me envías el fisherman + Kite Girl.

    Muchas gracias!!!

    Un saludo

  • Valerio Vidali

    Valerio Vidali

    almost 6 years

    Hola Raquel, gracias por preguntar.

    desafortunadamente el mobile tiene costes de producciòn muy elevados, y 55 € es practicamente el precio "limite" para que la venta me compense economicamente.

    El libro y la bolsa tienen coste de produciòn mucho mas reducido y su rol es la de incentivar la compra.

    por esa razon aunque quitando libro y bolsa no podria bajar ulteriormente el precio.



    almost 6 years

    ¡Hola, Valerio!

    Yo estoy interesada en el Fisherman Mobile con el pescador pintado, pero no me interesa la opción que viene con la bolsa y el libro. ¿Sería posible tener sólo el mobile?

    Un abrazo y enhorabuena, es una preciosidad, R.

  • Valerio Vidali

    Valerio Vidali

    almost 6 years

    Hola Oscar,

    Muchas gracias por tu ayuda y soporte.

    no tenia pensada esta opcion que me sugieres, pero estoy feliz de buscar una soluciòn..

    si te parece, creo que la cosa mas facil seria que hicieras una aportaciòn de 17 € (el libro) pero en este caso, yo te enviarè el fisherman + Kite Girl (sin Libro y bolsa)

    asi haciendo tu aportacion total seria de 72 €

    te parece bien?

    un saludo y gracias!

  • óscarT


    almost 6 years

    Hola! Yo en su momento aporte 55 euros al proyecto, Sería posible incluir en mi recompensa el kit girl y prescindir de la libreta y la bolsa? Hacemos los ajustes proporcionales si te parece bien. Muchas gracias

  • Valerio Vidali

    Valerio Vidali

    about 6 years

    Hola Pernileta! Acabo de crear una nueva recompensa que corresponde a tu necesidad,

    muchisimas gracias por tu apoyo!

  • pernileta_dolssa


    about 6 years

    Hola! Vas a crear mas recompensas?? No me acopla ninguna y si las cojo por separado me sube mucho el precio... Estoy intersada en el móvil del pescador (el pescador pintado), la chica de la cometa y el libro.

    Un saludo!

#01 / Fisherman delivery

Queridos mecenas,

La producciòn del Fisherman mobile y de Kitegirl està finalmente llagando a sus fases finales. El proceso se ha visto rallentizado a causa de una tardía entrega de las maderas y de un pequenho problema acerca la impresion de las cajas, (que he tenido que serigrafiar manualmente)

Os agradezco mucho por vuestra paciencia.

Los productos seràn listos para ser enviados a partir de la primera semana de Noviembre.

un abrazo


Dears Patrons,

The production of Fisherman mobile and Kitegirl is getting to his final stage.

Unfortunatly during the production we had to deal with some issue, as the late delivery of the woods, and a small problem with the screen printing on the boxes.

Which caused a delay in the shipment.

Thank you very much for your patience. The produducts will be shipped starting the first week of November.

All the best


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