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A war is coming

Tuya's new album. Make it possible or let it die.

David T. Ginzo

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From 4.000€
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We have an album recorded and we want to press it.

Do you know us?

Probably you've seen us or heard us playing in/with/for.:

Tokyo Sex Destruction, Russian Red, Sidonie, Christina Rosenvinge, Anni B Sweet, CatPeople, Havalina, Templeton, El Hijo, Javiera Mena, Alex Ferreira, The Secret Society, Aaron Thomas, Francis White, Being Berber, Steve Smyth, M.A.J.E.S.T.A.D., Tórtel, Betacam, Jonston, Masa, Tulsa, LexMakoto, Litoral, The Cabriolets, Camila Moreno...

But TUYA is our own project from a few years ago.

If you used to watch Sol Música (spanish tv music channel), you've heard our song 'Cake' over 400 times at least, because it's the Sol Indie tune. But looking back...

In 2011 we did this:
(If you can't see the video click here.)

In 2012 this other thing:
(If you can't see the video click here.)

And also this in 2014:
(If you can't see the record click here.)

This album is, again, different; it's all we can say.

How we use the money:

We've been working on this album since autumn 2013.

Until this day we have spent € 3300 on recording, mixing, mastering, design...

Only remains pressing and that's why we count on your help.

With 4000€ we can make the vinyls, CDs, tote-bags and t-shirts needed for the rewards. In addition, we will cover both the costs of the digital distribution and shipping costs statewide.

What rewards do we offer?

You can choose from the basic package that includes the album in different formats, to be co-editor of the album. Here is a summary:

  • Thanks on the album. Your name in the album credits.

  • Online pre-listening of the album. We will send you a private link from which you can listen to the album before anyone else.

  • Launch Party Invitation (in Madrid). We will contact all persons involved to decide time, place and location. Proposals are accepted!

  • 'A war is coming' download code. You can download the album digitally.

  • 'A war is coming' on CD. Inside the vinyl you will find a copy on CD. We do this for anyone who wants a vinyl can also listen to the album in the car. And for the same price!

  • 'A war is coming' vinyl (Limited Edition, COLORED). We start with a good choice of vinyl cover and folder, but if we overcome the objective will include additions and improvements in design. We will notify all as the project progresses.

  • Tote bag. Good quality cloth bag (Westford Mill 101) with album-based screen printing. Designed by Costas Mongolas.

  • T-Shirt. Short-sleeved sports shirt (size and model of your choice) with screen printing based on the album. Designed by Costas Mongolas.

  • 'Mountains Moving' EP. Your copy of the EP released by our label El Rayo Verde in 2014. There are very few copies, so the rewards are limited.

  • 'Waterspot' CD. Digipack CD edited by Subterfuge Records in 2012. Limited rewards.

  • 'Own' EP. Edited by Subterfuge Records in 2011. This EP is OUT OF PRINT for years and there will only be one copy for the only reward available.

  • 3 live songs. Live recorded songs on the last tour. We still have to choose which, so maybe you can make a request.

  • DJ Set in Madrid. Easy, wherever you tell us.

  • Private Mini-concert in Madrid. We take the album to your home (or wherever you prefer) and play some songs live for you.

  • Small set show. We play wherever you tell us in a reduced form. The travel outside Spain is not included in this reward.

  • Your name as Co-editor of the album. Your name (or whatever you want to appear) on the record as Co-editor. And little it is, our eternal gratitude.

  • Celebration dinner. Let's celebrate your participation together with a good wine and a special menu prepared for you.


As we overcome the target (as later in mid-June) we send the album to the factory.

Deadlines for vinyls usually vary between 2 and 3 months, but we will do everything in our power to have it as soon as possible.

Just receive it, packed it with other rewards and we will deliver it.

Similarly, the patrons can listen to the album digitally before receiving the copies.

+ Info:

Twitter, where we give us absurd constant self-ad and occasionally we put something interesting. If you've read this far you know you have to click on the Follow button.

Facebook, that we visited a blue moon and always found there 70 pending messages. Now yes, you have to thumb us up!


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  • David T. Ginzo

    David T. Ginzo

    over 5 years


    Claro que se puede elegir. Al terminar el crowdfunding os enviaremos un formulario para que nos paséis toda la información necesaria, entre ella cosas como esa.

    Gracias! Y disculpa no haberlo especificado bien en el proyecto.

  • Dafne05


    over 5 years

    Hola! Me gustaría si saber si el nombre que aparece en los agradecimientos del disco es el de la cuenta o se puede elegir otro. Gracias.

#01 / Fiesta de entrega a mecenas


Hemos enviado un mail a todos los mecenas explicando la situación del disco. Resumiendo mucho: Ya tenemos todo!

Os esperamos el miércoles 14 de diciembre a las 21h en la sala Fotomatón (Madrid) para recoger en mano las recompensas.

Si no habéis recibido los mails previos a este mensaje, por favor, ponéos en contacto con nosotros.

Muchas gracias!

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