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Cali, Iker, Erik and Ben rehearse, dream, love and betray each other and themselves. They are about to give what could be their last concert together, or not. Music, dreams and their illusions are what unite them, but life, that willful travelling partner, appears to be what separates them...


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Break a Leg Producciones, S. L. is a Theater company of original plays, founded by the playwright, Marjorie E. Glantz, which was born out of a necessity to bring new creative theater to the stage while remaining accessible to everyone. We want to offer realistic theater, connected to reality.

For our first presentation we are offering BACKSTAGE which has survived over two years of obstacles and is finally ready to be presented on Thursday, the 2nd of June in the Centro Cultural de La Elipa, thanks to the effort and hard work of a fantastic team of artists, led by the playwright, Marjorie E. Glantz.

Our job as artists draws us to identify with others, to touch beating, living hearts as well as those that are broken. In our efforts to fill the voids of our existence with feelings and art, we create a beautiful everyday world that lets us feel a magical excitement and forces us to deal with the cruel realities of life as people looking for answers and solutions in order for us to feel better about ourselves and the world.

Although this text deals with a universal theme, the characters and their situations are quite tangible for Spanish audiences. This type of play follows a style similar to plays performed in New York's Off Broadway scene.

The Play

Break a Leg Producciones, S. L.

Presents “BACKSTAGE”

Written by Marjorie E. Glantz

Translation, adaptation and direction: José Luis Sáiz

With Alina Nastase, Alfonso Begara, Asier Iturriaga y Trigo Gómez

Original Music: Alfonso Begara y Juan Erena

Set Design: José Luis Raymond

Lighting and Sound Design: Alejandro de Torres

Graphic Design: Alvaro de la Cuadra

Producer: Luis Alberto Caballero



Night and music. The story takes place in a bar-concert hall. We never actually enter the bar, but its stage and crowd are ever present to our protagonists, three young men and one young woman. The music floods the scene at intervals. All the action takes place in this storeroom which doubles as a dressing room/green room and where Cali, Iker, Erik and Ben rehearse, dream, love and betray each other and themselves. They are about to give what could be their last concert together, or not. Music, dreams and their illusions are what unite them, but life, that willful travelling partner, appears to be what ultimately separates them. As they tune up their guitars and experience new rhythms, we witness their fight for leadership at any cost, their fears of compromise and of love and their generosity and dedication to each other and to themselves. The future presents itself as an appetizing, juicy red apple -a future that seeps through from behind the door, where music enters and beats them down... and embraces them with love.

We need your collaboration

BACKSTAGE is an independent production that needs all types of support and collaboration to continue with this project. Our goal is to present this play nationally and internationally, while providing professional conditions for the artists and the production team.

Where your support will go

The money obtained through crowd funding will go directly to production costs, scenery, wardrobe, music recordings, publicity materials and distribution costs, as well as covering minimal pre-production stipends for the artists. We realize that our target of 5.000€ falls short of the total production costs necessary, but we must also emphasize the great effort on the part of the artists involved and their complete dedication to the project. We intend to work hard and in the most efficient manner in order to reach our goal of presenting a quality play. We are working independently and for this reason, this type of financial help is fundamental to compliment our efforts.

Our debut

Our play will be presented on Thursday, the 2nd of June, 2016. We hope to make our formal debut in a theater in Madrid in the Fall of 2016, when your pledges will be available. We also hope to go on tour in the Spring of 2017.

About Break a Leg Producciones

Break a Leg Producciones, S.L. was founded by Marjorie E. Glantz at the beginning of 2016. It is a production company with great plans for the future. Regarding our first production, BACKSTAGE, we are prepared for a long run. We also produce Theater in English for schools.

For more information about our play, the actors and our artistic team:

- Visit our WEB

- Download our DOSSIER here


Marjorie E. Glantz

(+34) 626 506 302


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