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Línea de fuga

Discover the wishes, fears and the conflicts at play in the activities of a group of new Berliners determined to change their home country from abroad.


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Berlin, Germany
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Born by the director’s observations on the political events in the aftermath of the economical crisis in Southern European countries, this film aims at opening a window on the activities, motivations and aims of the Berlin Podemos Circle during the campaign preceding the general elections in Spain – from September 2015 to December 2015.

In recent years, many young educated Southern Europeans were forced out of their home countries in search of better economic conditions. Nowadays, many of them gather in Berlin, a city that has become a harbor and a base for a fresh new start for many communities of expats from Europe and elsewhere.

Through the stories told by the members of this group, we would like to examine the mechanisms and practices inherent in a new way of doing politics – a way that is meant to be more accessible to the people. Yet at the heart, we would like to explore the question of how expats can continue to contribute to the political life in their home countries from abroad, thus exploring an entirely new concept of European boundaries and identity.

As the story unfolds, the contradiction between the desire to go back, the will to start anew and the need to keep the connection with the home country alive will become evident. Discover the wishes, fears and the conflicts at play in the activities of a group of new Berliners determined to change their home country from abroad.


Over 2 years ago, a group of young expats formed the Podemos Circle Berlin. This documentary follows Pedro, Raquel and their compañeros in the months prior to the Spanish general elections of December 2015. Determined to bring the anti-austerity movement straight to Angela Merkel‘s doorstep, the group calls for a vote that will put an end to a politics that privileges financial interests while neglecting the people. Their actions, their commitment for a change in national and communitarian policies are divided between the desire to go back and their determination to start afresh.

On December 20th 2015, after a three-months-long campaign, the fearful day arrives. Raquel and Juan are commenting on the results of the elections at a local radio in Berlin. Later, in a taxi driving through the city lights, they think of their Spain.Their satisfaction, their disappointment and their desire to start over again travel with them through the night...

Filmed in real time, this film is an honest and bold portrait about the wishes, fears and actions of a group of new Berliners facing their future in the aftermath of the economic crisis in Southern Europe and sharing the same destiny as many other communities of young Europeans forced out of their home countries.


Director: Michelangelo Severgnini

Executive Producer: Federica Loddo

Co-Producer: weltfilm GmbH, Kristina Konrad

Editing: Michelangelo Severgnini, Sergio Liguori

Music: Michelangelo Severgnini

With the Círculo Podemos Berlín


Who's behind this project?

Michelangelo, 41 years old, from Crema (Italy), in Berlin since 2014

Director, cameraman, editing and music

Michelangelo has a vast experience of filmmaking and film collaborations in Italy, Germany, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Algeria. He is particularly active in the political scene and regularly holds workshops and film screenings around the current situation in Europe and Syria. A music composer, he plays contrabass in the group Berlin-Bagdad Bahn. Línea de fuga is his sixth film and the first being shot in Berlin.

Federica, 33 years old, from Cagliari (Italy), in Berlin since 2001

Executive producer

Federica has been working for festivals, film organisations, she’s been curating film retrospectives and organizing film events both in Germany and internationally since 2010. Her first experience in the cinema sector was a film festival project, which was entirely financed with crowdfunding. Línea de fuga is her first experience in film production.

What do we need the money for

Your contributions will be used in order to record a brand new film music, getting the film sound ready to be enjoyed in a modern movie theatre through the audio mixing and give the film a refined look with the color correction.

About the rewards

Shipping costs are included in all packages. We will be shipping the rewards at the end of the campaign and you will receive them by the end of June. Online screeners and DVDs will take a little bit longer, as the film will be in post-production until the end of June. But don’t worry, you will be enjoying the film either on DVD or on your laptop in no time!

Estimated calendar

Back in September 2015, motivated by passion and by the need to document this inspiring story, we decided to start shooting the film with the only means at our disposal: a camera and the director-cameraman. Only recently, we have entered a co-production agreement with weltfilm GmbH, which has allowed us to go on with the following production steps and start this campaign.

And now it's time to continue!

By mid-June (at the latest) we will start the following post-production steps: audio mixing 5.1., color correction and score recording. The film will be ready for release by the end of June and sent to festivals.

+ Info

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us and have a look at our website.

We'll be very happy to answer to your questions anytime!

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#08 / Yes! We did it!

Good morning dear patrons,

we are very happy to announce that the project Línea de fuga - El círculo de Podemos en Berlín has been successfully funded!

We are extremely grateful to you all: generous friends, family members, supporters and patrons!

Please, give us some time to get to work and finish the film, produce the last rewards and will get in touch with you to get your postal address for the shipping. As some of you might know, we decided to reopen the film production and to chronicle the elections of June 26th. Hence, we should have the finished film by the beginning of July.

Questions about the timing, rewards (t-shirt color or size) or simply about the film production? Don't be afraid, get in touch! We're happy if you want to drop us a line anytime!

Thanks a lot for your support!

You're our heros!

Hugs, Federica and Michelangelo

#06 / 75% raised!

Dear patrons,

we're slowly approaching the end of our crowdfunding marathon and thanks your contributions, so far we've raised about 75% of the project!

Only two days are left until the end of the campaign and we are almost there! Please, help us spread the word, talk to your friends about the film and involve them in our campaign.

Again, thanks a lot for your precious support! Sí se puede!

#05 / "Living in Berlin helps you understand what it really means to be a European".

Dear patrons,

a couple of days ago Michelango gave an interview to the International press agency Pressenza. In discussion with journalist Natalia Ribes, he explained how he became interested in the activities and lives of the Podemos group in Berlin. He also described why it is import to chronicle, share and support the story of these Spanish expatriates, as it tells a lot about economical exile, political and social change and above all on European identity.

You can read the interview, respectively in German or Spanish

An Italian translation will follow soon!

As usual, thank you very much for your support!

#04 / Interview in Exberliner!

Dear contributors and supporters,

We would like to share with you an article featuring our documentary project which appeared yesterday in Exberliner, Berlin's biggest English language magazine. Have a look here http://www.exberliner.com/culture/film/si-podemos/ and feel free to share with your contacts. Other 7 days to support the last rush for the campaign! Thank you very much for your support so far.

#03 / 40% raised!

Yay! 40% of our project has already been funded! Thanks to all supporters and funders for their precious help! Now, we have 15 days left to reach the rest!

Help us by sharing the news with your friends, talking about our project and by contributing starting from 10 euros at http://www.verkami.com/projects/14883-linea-de-fuga

Support the last rush! and feel free to use the hashtags ‪#‎lineadefugafilm‬ ‪#‎podemosberlin‬ ‪#‎supportthelastrush‬ for your posts!

#02 / only 23 days to go!

Dear patrons,

thanks a lot for your precious contributions! With your support so far we could raise 2,280 euros! That's great!

Now, we have 23 days left to reach the funding objective of 7,000 euros. For this, we kindly ask you to help us spreading the word and making your contacts aware of the project. You might want, for instance, to share this message with your contacts and friends:

"I supported the crowdfunding campaign for the film Línea de fuga - El Círculo de Podemos en Berlín. You can also contribute and make the film happen at http://www.verkami.com/projects/14883-linea-de-fuga "

Again, thanks a lot for your precious support

Federica and Michelangelo

#01 / Hooray for Bruna! Urrà per Bruna!

Less than 3 hours after the launch of our campaign our supporters are already sending a contribution! Bruna, a big hooray for you!

Thank you!

A meno di 3 ore dal lancio della campagna, i mecenati si fanno già sentire con il loro contributo! Bruna, ti meriti un urrà per aver aperto le danze!

Grazie mille!

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