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Supports Orlando Chang in the musical production of their debut album “Amar es Sentir” (Love is Feeling)

"Orlando Chang" is a young Cuban singer, author of more than 200 songs in different genres, always looking good taste in the lyrics of their songs and vocal performance. He has received the collaboration of great contemporary Cuban musicians such as Jorge Aragón Brito and Jorge Reyes.

Orlando Chang

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Havana, Cuba
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Amar es Sentir is a musical project of singer and songwriter Cuban Orlando Chang, including boleros, ballads and romantic songs with exquisite musical arrangements and lyrics whit care and good taste in the work of his letters.

Leaning against the musical production of the pianist, arranger and composer Jorge Aragon Brito, as well as other prominent Cuban musicians who have shown their interest known as the bass player and musical director Jorge Reyes of international prestige.

Orlando Chang, or simply Chang, what they call most of his friends, has shared the stage with renowned artists in prestigious venues of cuban musical culture as El Gato Tuerto, El Centro Cultural Bertolt Brecht and the Concert Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Prior to the launch of this campaign prepared with effort his Demo Amar es Sentir, which made available to the public how a sample of what will be their debut album, which will be chosen some themes Demo (including at the request of their fans) and included other "exquisite and beautiful" that he have reserved for their debut album.

The "Amar es Sentir" demo.

[Soundcloud item unavailable]

What we will allocate their contributions.

Their contributions will be devoted to hiring musicians who take part in the arrangements and instrumentation of each song; while recording instruments and the subsequent start voice in the study record.

Once this stage is completed, we will proceed to mix and mastering each song, a process that will finish the disk.

The contributions are in no way considering the total cost of the debut album, which will be much higher, it still would lack the design, the final artwork, mixing and mastering and playback physical disk, but it certainly will, as say in good Cuban, "the push" that he need for the realization of this cherished dream, which will mark a milestone certainly in the development of his musical career.

You can help him.

Why is it so important make this project with your contributions?

It is very important, more than you can imagine, because it will allow you to make their debut album independently, untethered legal nature with record labels, promoting a free and spontaneous creative process that will ensure their growth as an artist ".

About the rewards.

Certainly the crowdfunding or backers to make their supports, there will be no way to reward or words to thank you enough. We know that the rewards are not at all comparable with such detachment. The rewards are raised no more than a way to show our eternal gratitude and leave an imperishable memory of the commitment demonstrated by the artist.


Upon completion of the project, if the contributions, the artist, the musicians of excellence, arranger and music producer, finally, the entire working group "Amar es Sentir" is reached, it aims to complete the disc in a period of six to twelve months, you can accompany them through social networks.

Once the mastering process is completed, you will receive immediate reward and will enjoy "before the world" debut album "Amar es Sentir" by Orlando Chang.

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