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"And if in the future e-Life could design your life ... would you dare to try it?" Our project begins following this theme. A short film that raises the foundations of a perfect life and makes us wonder if that perfect life can really give us happiness.

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Our project begins almost a year ago when a group of filmmakers get together to carry out various projects helping each other forging a clear purpose, to use our experience and implement it in a short film in which we could apply our full potential on and demonstrate the great love we have for the art of film making.

Plans were made, we gained empathy between us, we learned to work as a team, and now we start with enthusiasm, commitment and desire this great short film that we were all waiting for.

What is e-Life?

e-Life unites two aspects that we are passionate about: social criticism and science fiction. With this we propose the viewer something as vital as is the way in which one wants to direct their life leading the extreme opposite poles between those who favor to stay away from society living an unreal and empty life, or that kind of people who prefer to live the day to day where they themselves have control of their lives. An approach which emerges in a future where virtual reality creates a debate between the characters.

Your help is vital

The contributions your would go to the full production of the short, having the opportunity to have one of the best cameras on the market, a RED: EPIC (plus all the photography material: lights, chroma and others) with which we intend to give a look that suits this story, also to care for the team we want to offer catering to endure days of shooting, as well as transport, and posterior digital effects that we will need in post-production, and the always difficult task of distribution, the soundtrack and promotional designs. Without forgetting the travel, subsistence and accommodation of the actors, and we are negotiating the participation of nationally recognized performers.

The characters

We are currently working very hard to close the participation of actors perfect for this project, and soon will reveal who will be the visible faces of the four protagonists of this story.

Javier Pereira is Eric

Javier Pereira will be our protagonist playing the role of Eric. A parent who has not been able to overcome the loss of his son, and for which delves into the world of virtual reality.

The recently Goya award winning actor is known for starring in films like Do not be afraid, Tu vida en 65 ', or the very admirable film Stockholm. In addition to appearing in series like Al salir de clase, Gran Reserva, Gran Hotel, Aida, Los misterios de Laura, La pecera de Eva or Doctor Mateo.

Roger Padilla is Oliver

Roger Padilla plays the role of Oliver, son of Eric and Angela. An actor that despite his young age, has already appeared in such prestigious series as Cites or Bajo Sospecha. Besides participating in films as Vulcania.


Coming soon...

Some rewards

A part of these objects we have also organized three masterclasses:

  • **One of self make-up by Jesus de Bina ** , our make-up artist and of films like * Twice Upon a Time in the West * with Claudia Cardinale protagonist.

  • Another is artistic effects with Planeta Gus Fx in his own workshop.

  • ** Finally we have one with Catartsys- Productora Audiovisual** specializing in postproduction, who would ** VFX class** in their own post-production studio.

The hours and days will be specified with the patrons.

The presencial events take place in Barcelona (although we don't rule out Madrid,since we are looking into it) and the reward of pizza would be to choose between Dominos, Pizza Hut and Telepizza, which we can send any Spanish city. :)

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask in the questions section at the end of the page. :)

Thank you in advance!

Proposed calendar

Our production is scheduled for the last week of July. In August we could deliver the rewards. Once we are almost finished with the project.


Catartsys- Productora Audiovisual especializada en posproducción

Universitat de Barcelona

Petite Roulotte - Food truck para eventos

AnomaliaFx - Empresa de caracterización, FX y maquetación

Planeta Gus Fx

AvisualPro - alquiler de material audiovisual

Hidden Factory Barcelona

Ayuntamiento de Roquetas de Mar (Almería)

Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Barcelona Film Commission

The Team

Without them this project would not become a reality, so each name is as important as the previous one. Therefore, we want to highlight them all.

Directors: Vibha D.M. & Mario DC Carbajosa

Second to director: Paco Ruiz

Chief of Production: Alba Gómez

Second to Production: Elena Marocco

Production assistant: Luís Ibañez

Script: Esme Ibar Pérez

Director of Photography: Alberto Navarro

Second of Photography: Alberto Peralta

Chief of electrics: Carmen Montiel

Electric: Natalia Boadas

Gaffer: Armand Bori

Gaffer: Santi Alvamont

Art Director: Paula Costantino

Art assistant: Marc Pujol

Sound: Clara Ibáñez

Make-up: Jesús de Bina

Costume design: Jesús de Bina

Asistant costume design: Silvia García Palacios

Editing: Vibha D.M. & Mario Dc Carbajosa

Color / VFX: Alberto Navarro & Alberto Peralta

Music: Andrés Soto & Ángel Salazar

Sound editing and supervisor: Andrés Soto

Social networks: Graciela Fërler

Assitant social networks: Pablo Candel

Making Off: Roberto Vasapollo

Poster: Albert Rosa

Idea: Vibha D.M. & Mario DC Carbajosa

Screenplay: Náyade Gómez Félez & Luis Santana Déniz

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Thank you for flying with us


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#05 / Finalizada la primera parte del rodaje

La semana pasada finalizo la primera parte del rodaje donde rodamos algunas escenas claves de esta historia. La experiencia fue increíble y todos nos quedamos emocionados con las increíbles interpretaciones de los actores. Pero amigos, aún nos queda mucho por hacer y por eso os necesitamos para que el proyecto se pueda llegar a realizar. Animaos y ayudarnos a hacer que esta historia se haga realidad.

#04 / 10% recaudado de la meta final.

En e-Life estamos de celebración. Contamos con 11 mecenas que han hecho posible nuestra llegada al 10% de la meta final. A pesar de ello, aún nos queda mucho camino por recorrer y queremos contar con tu apoyo. ¿Nos echáis una mano?

#03 / Más colaboradores se unen al proyecto.

Nos alegra mucho el hacer público que Hidden Factory Barcelona se une a nuestro proyecto para cedernos uno de sus más impresionantes espacios para el rodaje de una de las secuencias más importantes de e-Life.


Roger Padilla interpretará el papel de Oliver, hijo de Eric y Ángela.

Un jovencísimo actor, que a pesar de su temprana edad ya ha aparecido en series tan prestigiosas como Cites o Bajo sospecha, además de participar en films como Vulcania.


Javier Pereira será nuestro protagonista interpretando el papel de Eric. Un padre quien aún no ha podido superar la pérdida de su hijo, y por la cual se adentra en el mundo de la realidad virtual.

El actor recientemente ganador al Goya como mejor actor revelación es conocido por protagonizar films como No tengas miedo, Tu vida en 65', A golpes o la muy admirable Stockholm. Además de aparecer en series como Al salir de clase, Gran Reserva, Gran Hotel, Aida, Los misterios de Laura, La pecera de Eva o Doctor Mateo.

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