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"Generaciones", gipsy flamenco from Seville coming to Dublin

Flamenco company María "la Serrana" will go on tour with two gipsy flamenco families from Seville, de los Reyes and Amador. Theatre directors are not familiar with flamenco and hesitant to book. So we will rent a venue in Dublin, and will bring this unique show ourselves. We appreciate your support!

Maria "la Serrana"

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Dublin, Ireland
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GENERACIONES is made with all my love towards gipsy flamenco, and the tradition of the gipsy way of living and performing, which, unfortunately, gets to international stages less and less.

Entire families who are dedicated to flamenco almost don't exist anymore. But in Seville we have the luxury of still having some, who have to get out of Spain and share with the public their knowledge of and love for this sparkling and powerful art.

The Artists

I invited both the family de los Reyes (dancers) and the family Amador(guitarists and singers) to participate in this project.

Among the dancers I will perform some too, so that the public can see the difference between the old way of female flamenco dancing and the newer way of the younger sisters Saray and Lole de los Reyes.

Antonio Molina Choro will come too, so that we can see both the difference and resemblance between father Juan de los Reyes and the younger and very spectacular Choro, who has his own company as well.

Among singers Juan José Amador padre ánd Juan José Amadorhijo, we find Jesús Corbacho, who is the husband of dancer Saray. He has an important singing carreer of his own too, works fo many dancecompanies, among which el Ballet Nacional and has his own CD Debajo del Romero

All will be accompanied by two strong, tradition based guitarists, Ramón and Luis Amador, with their tipical family swing.

One evening of emotions, respect and love for flamenco and family.

The project

We will be on tour in Holland and Belgium, and will do our premiére in hometown Seville. For these shows we get a fee. Tour dates are:

Seville will be just before, but we don't know the exact location yet, and will surely inform you as soon as possible

But: we would love to go to Ireland with our project, to Dublin where we found a lovely theatre, The Pavillion. This would take place on Tuesday 21st of March 2017. Normally, flamenco gets booked very little in Dublin, although there is a lot of love for flamenco and a very big Spanish community.

However, theaters do not have much experience with flamenco, since there might be only one big show a year in the country of Ireland!

We have great contacts so we are willing take the leap, rent a theater and get flamenco closer to the Irish and the Spanish who live abroad.

Your support

Your help would be highly appreciated, especially since the rent of the theater has to be paid beforehand, which would be difficult for us.

We could really use your support, and we would be so grateful if you could contribute to this unique project. In the long run this would probably not only benefit us, but the presence of flamenco in the whole country of Ireland as well.

We need to pay the rent of the theater beforehand, at the end of September.

Then, in January-March we need to do publicity. Although most publicity will go through facebook, twitter, emails, and the help of all our supporters, we would need to do some posters too, and get them distributed by people or a company that knows the city.

About the rewards

Normally, people like to remember a show they have seen by buying a DVD.

This time, to cover the costs of our Irish adventure, we would like to give the DVD that will be professionally made during the show, to the people who believe in us and support us.

If you have a small budget, but still would like to support us, we would appreciate that very much. You will receive the poster,, which is an original design of internationally renowned Flamenco Photographer Javier Caró in A2 size, signed by all of us,

both the pledge of the DVD and the singed poster include shipping costs/postal costs

If you are already planning to see the show, you can support us by paying the ticket fee to us as a pledge, and let us know which show you would like to see. We will put you on our invitation list for the show you choose.

Maybe you would like the whole package? so the DVD, Poster, and a ticket? There is a pledge for that too.

The DVD of this tour will not be for sale, and therefore will be a collectors item, in appreciation of your support to our Irish adventure.

Meet and Greet, day and evening behind the scenes and the show at your house. These are for us levels of intimacy that we rarely share, since we keep this to our family. But again, it is a great token of our appreciating for supporting us. This pledge gives you two tickets to the show you choose, and a signed poster too.

afternoon and day behind the scenes is a special treat of the theater experience. You will be welcomed by a special host who will be at your service the day of the show, and will be invited in the late afternoon,to be present at the soundcheck, get a tour through the theater, speak with the artists before and after the show and see the show from behind the scenes, not from the audience. Again, of course you choose the date, it may be Seville, Holland, Belgium or Ireland. Afterwards we have a simple dinner, and you are welcome to join

intimate show at your home around the dates of the show, when in your country three of the group will come to your home to do a performance in the most intimate setting of your living room or garden.

The final reward would be that on the day of the show in Ireland, we would go to a school with children who have difficult access to culture, to give them at a small class and show and in this way give something back to the community.

We will do this when we get to our final goal of 2000 euros.

Estimated calendar

We would like to end the funding timetable at the 30th of September 2016, so that we can start publicity and rent the theater.

We will send all contributors the DVD one month after the show, which is at the latest on the first of may, and we will give one class on flamenco and do a small performance in a school in Dublin on the same day of the performance.

+ info

twitter @serranaflamenco


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#07 / deposit made

The deposit to the theatre is made and the contract signed! We are really doing this. Thank you so much again. I am still flabbergasted. We will get in touch soon with all mecenas!

#06 / last update

Hello dear supporters

We made it to our target and than some! I already got in touch with the pavillion theatre to see how to proceed and they will send me a contract this week. We will probably pay them next week and than the publicity snd ticketsales will start. So great.

We will stay in touch with you, most rewards will be sent to you after the show, like dvd and poster. For those who bought tickets: I will let you know if we put you on the guestlist or if we will buy the ticket in the theatre of your choice and send it to your home adress. Thank you so much for helping us and the flamenco art in general!

#05 / 24 hours left now

This is amazing, just 24 hours to go and due to very generous pledges in the last day I think we are actually going to make it! Thank you all so much for the support!

#04 / mucho interés

Estamos en camino de llegar a nuestro objetivo. Aparte de las generosas donaciones, nuestra campaña ha generado mucho interés. La tienda Flamenco y Más va a querer patrocinar la gira cuando llegue como empresa en cambio de publicidad. Allá vamos!

#03 / Gracias Flamenca y Mas

La empresa de Barcelona Flamenca y Más ha querido aydarnos con una publicidad y mención especial en su página web y Facebook. Les hemos podido conocer con en el 2013 con nuestra proyecto Esencia en Asociación flamenca barcelonesa el Dorado. Muchas gracias!

#02 / Wow!

For the first time since de started the project I really think we might hit the target and will be able to get to Dublín. Today travel agency who we work with made an incredible contribution. Still 13 days to go, keep spreading the word please.

#01 / First pledges received, spread the word please

Hello to all,

we are so happy and grateful to receive the first pledges. Thank you for believing in the and in the project. We still have a long way to go, and are very active to reah our target through facebook and Twitter. Especially twitter is going very wel, with loads of retweets. The information has reached thousand of followers at the moment. If you could help us by spreading the word to collegues, friends and art-lovers, that would be so appreciated! Especially those living in Ireland could let people know that they can book tickets via our crowdfunding project.

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