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1st audio-visual album of .movethewave

The artistic signature .movethewave launch their first audiovisual production.


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Play. You see a sound. You hear an image. Straight away you understand that it is not a videoclip. Something does not match. It is an audiovisual composition. It is the .movethewave format. .movethewave

.move is the image and the movement.

.wave is the sound and the music.

And now .movethewave release their first album.


A handmade multisensory casing, by the designer Helena Galí, will be the special packaging for the first work of .movethewave, which will include:

. Sound portrait of Sóller. A sonorous and visual picture of the life of a small city in Majorca, saddled between local life and tourism.

The sounds and the calm village lifestyle are mixed with the multilingualism and the noises of the crowd.

. Sound portrait of the natural scenery of Serra de Tramuntana. Electroacoustic-visual music from the sound in nature: olive tree trunks, cypress fruits, carob tree, crickets, cowbells, the sea, the wind and the water. For us, they are all instruments.

. Shortfilm of an emblematic house in Serra de Tramuntana. Based on the elements from the natural scenery and the daily life of a house full of history, they build an emotional short story, full of memories and where the sound and the music are always prominent.


.movethewave is an interdisciplinary group of musicians, dancers, composers, music and sound producers, cinema directors, editors, etc. Thus, each discipline is inspired by the others and they are all contributing to the creative process.

In order to reach these artistic goals, we are starting a production company, which involves: brand creation, communication, management, workspace rental and material expenses.


.movethewave focuses in different sectors in both the audiovisual and artistic fields:

Contests and festivals
Video art
Shortfilms where the sound is the structuring element of the clip.

Audiovisual promotion of institutions and companies
Sound portraits of villages, natural scenarios, premises, workshops
Promotional videos with a specified style and a high artistic level.

Audiovisual promotion of artists
Video clips, specially on classic music, modern music and experimental.


What makes .movethewave different from other companies is the shared creative direction between sound and image director, during all the process stages. Sound director can have influence on image and viceversa.

Their working method brings them to special and unusual places, where the particularity of the sounds allow them to create different types of works: collages, sound portraits, narrative cinema, performances...


Becoming a member of Cercle de Mecenatge de .movethewave means giving support to look at life deeper, to define art as the tool to understand human psichology and to push the artistic environment to explore new ways of creation and expression.


The incomes of our Verkami campaign have the priority to cover the costs of our first audiovisual album. Raw material was recorded in Serra de Tramuntana de Mallorca , early September 2016. It aims at covering as well the trip expenses, transport, rent of material, design and production of the casing, incentives…



The presentation of our first album and the celebration of the birth of .movethewave signature will take place in Gràcia-Barcelona, on the first of June 2017. It will be a multidiscliplinary event, where the patronages of .movethewave will personally receive the albums and immerse themselves in the artistic world of the creative group.


The group starts with the union of the different branches of the production -sound, image and technique- but the vision as a company took another dimension with the incorporation of three more professional profiles. The team have now 7 main members:


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