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Sweet Cosmos

The Sweet Cosmos girls are a group of real models that participated disinterestedly with this project. Along the process, they have discovered that true beauty is to be comfortable with yourself. Join us and enjoy beauty and sensuality in an elegant way.


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1. The Sweet Cosmos project.

2. The Products.

3. How Verkami works.

4. About the rewards

5. What will we do with your contributions.

6. Expected Calendar.

7. Delivery terms.

8. Who are we?.

9. To know more.

The Sweet Cosmos Project

The Sweet Cosmos girls are girls as you and me. They were the inspiration for this series of illustrations. Each one participated with her own natural and comfortable pose, and with only the cosmos fabric to praise or evoke her figure. Among the process they discovered that true beauty is to be self comfortable

You can see the full illustration series in my website:

The aim of this project is to made merchandising* and an artbook out of the illustrations. They will contain this marvellous experience. Also we will get more people to know the Sweet Cosmos spirit. Join us and enjoy in an elegant way the beauty and sensuality that every women has.

With the Sweet Cosmos girls designs we want to produce the following products:

  • Buttons

  • Hand mirrors

  • Stickers with handmade holographic layer

  • Bookmarks, postcards and posters

  • Artbook

The products

Those are all the things that we want to do with your help.

You can choose the illustration that you want for each item!!

38mm diameter pin Badges to take the Sweet Cosmos with you.

Hand mirrors, with the same badges design but 50mm diameter and a mirror on the back.

Vinil stickers with the girls designs and holographic layer added by hand. The stickers have different sizes depending on the design, but all of them have 10cm for the bigger side.

Bookmarks for your favourite books with holographic layer of 16x5cm aprox.

Satinated Postcard A5 size.

A3 Prints with the original design of the girl you choose. The best way to enjoy the Sweet Cosmos and decor wherever you want.

The series artbook with all the original illustrations and exclusive additional content from the crowdfunding.

How Verkami works

Verkami is a platform to bring new ideas to life. Thanks to the collaboration of lots of people we will be able to develop our projects. Help us and you will bring home exclusive rewards. How it works?

First, choose your reward

Then put in the necessary ammount

If we raise 100% you will be charged and the reward will be sent for you

If we don’t you won’t be charged, but it won’t be any rewards neither.

Help us contributing with our project or sharing the campaign with this link:

Everything counts!

About the rewards

What will we do with your contributions

This is our first crowdfunding so we tried to keep a low budget. I believe we got it and even so we will be able to do a lot of things with it. It has been a true madness of suppliers, budgets and product research. This is the final distribution of the funds that you share with us:

Expected calendar

If the crowdfunding success and the project goes ahead, we will be able to start production quickly. All the illustration are finished and so are the product designs. Once we receive the money, we will send the rewards within a month.

Delivery terms

The rewards delivery costs are included for Spain in peninsula Iberica and Ballears. If you live further or out of Spain, please choose the extra 10€ contribution so we are able to send the products to you.

Who are we?

We are Ale, Fer, Leia and the Sweet Cosmos girls

I'm Ale: Freelance artist. I've also posed for the series. You know, monkey see, monkey do. Obviously I'm the one who made all the illustration work. I hope that you like it as much and I and the girls do. This serie is full of pride, eagerness, courage and confidence. I'd love if it gives to you the inspiration that everyone needs at some time.

I’m Fer: I’m a Telecommunication Engineer. I haven’t posed nor painted anything. I am the one helping Ale with budget, products, time, accounts… For the most part all the boring things that are necessary to move a project. However, I’ve enjoyed the process and I hope that you will make me work further to accomplish the project :)

I'm Leia: Cat princess of Aldreaan. I guard at the window while the others works. That prevents that they are caught by surprise. Of course without me nothing of all this could exist. I'm the only one avoiding them to get sleepy. My best techniques are good bites and messing up Ale's hair.

The Sweet Cosmos girls. The highest value of this project are the girls who posed to make it possible. Each one of them give to the illustrations a unique personality and character. They are the soul of this serie.

Do you want to know more?

You can find Sweet Cosmos in the social media or in Alesa’s website.

Twitter o with the hashtag #SweetCosmos


There are none published yet.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Alesa


    over 6 years

    Hi, Phillipe! As there are a lot of people asking for the Artbook, we decided to add a new reward with only that!! ^^

    I hope that you like this :)

  • Philippe


    over 6 years

    Is there any way I can get only the Artbook? I am interested in the illustration, but I do not have any interest on buttons or stickers since I do not know what to do with them apart from getting dust in a drawer.

  • Alesa


    over 6 years

    Hola!! Pues mira, por el momento tiene al rededor de 40, pero aún no está maquetado entero puesto que quiero incluir los escaneos de los originales que puedan salir del crowdfunding y alguna que otra sorpresita :)

    Y sobre la recompensa única del artbook, de momento no se puede poner, a menos que vea que le interesa a más gente.

    Muchas gracias por preguntar, espero que te haya resuelto las dudas ^^

  • micke1980


    over 6 years

    Hola, mola el proyecto. ¿De cuántas páginas constará el Artbook? ¿Habéis pensado en hacer una recompensa únicamente con el libro? Saludos!

#02 / ✨STRETCH GOAL!!! 1000€✨


Hemos conseguido llegar a la meta 😍 y nada de esto hubiera sido posible sin vuestra ayuda!!!

Pero esto no se va a quedar aquí! Si en sólo dos días fuimos capaces de recaudar 300€, estoy segurísima de que podemos llegar a los 1000€ 💖




Si te gusta dibujar, aquí tienes tu oportunidad para que tu arte aparezca en el Artbook de ✨Sweet Cosmos✨!!!

✨Crea tu fan art de la serie de ilustraciones.
✨Súbela a Instagram o Facebook etiquetándome, con el hashtag #SweetCosmos y el enlace del crowdfunding (vkm.is/sweetcosmos).
✨Sígueme en las redes.

¡¡Los 5 fan arts que consigan más likes antes del viernes 10 feb. serán los seleccionados y aparecerán en el libro!!

Me pondré en contacto con los artistas ganadores para que me envíen las obras en alta calidad.

Las obras seleccionadas deben mantener coherencia con la serie de ilustraciones Sweet Cosmos, de lo contrario serán denegadas.

Se publicarán los 5 fan arts junto con el nombre del autor y su web.

Estoy deseando ber vuestras obras <3

Mucha suerte a tod@s!!!

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