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"La Nevera" shows the clumsy steps of Dani and Jude through the nocturnal streets of Barcelona. A portrait of a generation that is alive and loves and goes on and keeps doubting about everything throughout a single night.

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La Nevera is a fictional film that was born as the degree’s final project of seven Audiovisual Communication students in Pompeu Fabra University.

A night. Barcelona. Two people. Two different ways of seeing the world and living the present.

Just when Dani seems to need to run away from everybody, he meets Jude. Together they will go across, with clumsy steps, the nocturnal streets of Barcelona meanwhile they drag experiences, loves, doubts and a fridge.

If someone would stop to imagine his last night in a city he would see a huge party surrounded by his friends, shots, dances, unhealed memories, a farewell that would never arrive and catch a plane to Edinburgh, with hangover, never looking back. Dani never would have thought that he would spend it dragging a fridge from one place to another of Barcelona, but fate makes him get to know Jude.

Black and white, water and oil, night and day, Jude and Dani. A portrait about nostalgia, friendship and love, to realize that there are moments that you can never go back to.

Albert Roig, Eduardo Pèlach, Anna Valentí, Jose Antonio Ortiz, Aroa Herrero, Eva Sebastián y Sara Onsins. Seven students of Audiovisual Communication getting into the fascinating challenge of making our first feature film. A project that was born inspired by a script made for a degree’s subject, written by Andrea P. Romero and our team members Josan and Edu.

We don’t want to run away from our reality but tell a close story with which the public can feel identified. Therefore, the fears that run through our minds, our doubts, the anecdotes, the conflicts and the conversation topics that appear in the movie are closely related to ourselves.

Pau Escobar is DANI

A 24 years old boy, from Barcelona, full of doubts, friend of his friends and inclined to fall in love. In an attempt to run away from his stormy past he decides to move to Edinburgh. But just when his last night in the city chokes him he meets Jude. Wandering around next to her and her fridge he will end up understanding that there are things that is better to leave behind.

Pau Escobar combines his Journalism Studies in UAB with the Interpretation ones in the theater studio of Laura Jou. With professional experience in cinema, radio and television, he has participated in projects like Rumbos (Manuela Moreno, 2016), Els nens salvatges (Patricia Ferreira, 2012).

Marta Cañas is JUDE

A 22 years old girl who moved from Lleida to Barcelona to fulfill her dreams, although nothing turned out as she expected. Energetic, vitalist and occasionally a little bit enigmatic, she seems to have the city under her feet. A blow of fresh air in Dani’s life that will guide him through the nocturnal streets of the city meanwhile she tries to get rid of her fridge.

Marta Cañas is graduated in Scenic Formation in Eòlia, Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático (2016), with a great theatrical and cinematographic career. We’ve been able to see her in Ámbar (Sara Gutiérrez, 2016) y Les amigues de l'Àgata (Vier Filles, 2015), where she was nominated for best supporting actress in the Goya Awards 2017.

The streets and lights of the Poblenou neighborhood are going to be another character of the film. They will accompany, along with some interiors, the night walk of Dani and Jude. We are interested in this deserted, empty and nostalgic Barcelona from an Olympics that widened it without limits. These spacious places serve to represent the disorientation of our main character while they forget the crowded and touristic Barcelona that everyone knows.

Here is where we need your help the most! The money raised through Verkami will cover a part of our project’s budget: from pre-production, including the shooting, where we will allocate most of the money (photography material, lighting, sound, art, transport and diets), to post-production. As you see in the Other section of the graphic, 28% is set aside in bureaucratic procedures (21% IVA, 5% Verkami and 2% in bank commissions).

Transparency first of all.

Become a patron of the film and take some of these beautiful rewards made fir you with all our effort and love!

Some of them are exclusive photos made in analogue by Laia Sabaté, or our totebag, the design of which you will choose by voting in our social networks. So stay tuned for more surprises!

It has rained a lot since we started last June with ideation and script work. After many versions, with all the pre-production work already done, now is when the best comes: the shooting, which will take place between the end of May and the beginning of June 2017.

Edition, sound post-production and color-casting will be a long process, so the film will not be finished for up to a year being realistic. Even so, we will give you the rewards personally between September and December, or in a screening, when the movie is ready.

We are tutored by Marta Grau, screenwriter and script analyst, and Gonzalo de Lucas, programmer at Xcèntric (CCCB), both professors at Pompeu Fabra University. On the other hand, we have been advised in production issues by Aitor Martos, production manager at La propera pell (Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo, 2016) and Sergi Moreno, producer of 10.000 KM (Carlos Marques-Marcet, 2014) .

During the long creation process we have had the help of Clara Roquet, writer of the script of 10.000 KM, Javier Rebollo (La mujer sin piano, 2009) and Jonás Trueba (La reconquista, 2016), thanks to whom we have improved La Nevera to make it closer to reality.


We have the sponsorship and collaboration of La Brava, the first beer inspired in La Costa Brava and that all our characters will taste; The Diobar restaurant, whose basement room wil become our nightclub; and the car wash Future Wash S.L. where Dani and Jude will leave the fridge clean as hell.

Moreover, thanks to Instamaki, ALL patrons will receive via email a discount of 5€ on your order. And in those contributions over 100€, the discount amounts to 10€!!

Facebook: La Nevera

Instagram: @laneverapelicula

Twitter: @laneverafilm



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  • Jenne


    over 4 years

    ¿Cuando y dónde teneis previsto estrenar la pelicula?


Ayer día 4 de Junio terminó nuestra campaña de crowdfunding. Estamos muy y muy contentos porque hemos conseguido llegar e incluso superar el objetivo que nos marcamos. Solo tenemos palabras de agradecimiento y amor para todas aquellas personas que habéis decidido confiar en nosotros y colaborar en este proyecto.

Gracias a todos y cada uno de los 146 mecenas por sus aportaciones. Gracias amigos, familias y conocidos por el apoyo constante y la difusión. Vamos a hacer todo lo posible, con esfuerzo, dedicación y, sobre todo, muchísimas ganas e ilusión, para que "La Nevera" se haga realidad.

Ahora mismo estamos inmersos en el rodaje, pero no os preocupéis que os iremos informando de todas las novedades y evolución del proyecto.

Muchas gracias mecenas,
¡Esto no ha hecho nada más que empezar!


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Cuando termine la campaña recibiréis vía email el código de descuento para disfrutar de sushi de calidad a domicilio en Barcelona al mejor precio.

Muchas gracias a los 30 mecenas que ya formáis parte de este proyecto.

El resto, ¿a qué estáis esperando?


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