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Recording the first album of Entre Orillas, "Siempreviva y Clavel"

Cuban and Flamenco music have always been a source of inspiration for each other, with so much common ground between the two styles the creativity that flows between them is endless. We want to show our vision of this historic interaction with our first album. Do you want to be a part of it ?

Entre Orillas

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Hello friends,

I’ld like to introduce myself, Carlos Cuenca and Cristina López, together we are the directors of the groups Entre Orillas . First of all, thank you for your interest and for taking a few minutes to read our proposal .

For those who do not know about our group, Entre Orillas in a music project based in a history of respect and admiration between the two countries Cuba and Spain. A history that over the years has been reflected in the music.

Our history

For Entre Orillas the project began in 2015 as a research trip to Cuba, it was here we began to explore the social and musical setting of the folklore music from the island . On the trip we realised that we weren’t researching the music history of the relationship between Cuba and Spain, rather experiencing something that was very much alive and developing. We were becoming a part of this evolution by creating relationships and music with the artists of Cuba. Today, Entire Orillas has taken on a life of its own and is defining new paths and braking old boundaries. The project

continuously develops and is fuelled by our passion for flamenco and Afro-Cuban music, a combination that takes us to soundscapes that constantly surprise us and places we have never been before. We are forging new relationships between instruments in an musical environment where tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

Thanks to everyone

TAll of this has been possible thanks to our friends, colleagues and fellow artists who have made this dream become a reality. This is a joint project that inspires each of the band members; Cristina López and Yadira Ferrer with their voices, Marc López on guitar, Carlos Cuenca and Pablo Gómez on percussion and Juanma Gómez on the flute. Each of us is committed to this project and we use it as a platform to create, invent and express ourselves artistically. As well as those who have collaborated with us from the beginning, we would like to thank the artists who have been with us at different moments of the project; Flamenco dancers José Manuel Álvarez and Aina Núñez, bassist Ismael Alcina and José López, vocalists Anna Colom, LaCris and Ángela Furquet and flautist Pau Vidal.

The album

We also collaborated with the pianists Marco Mesquida, Ángel Pérez and the

cellist Martín Meléndez .This album consists of eight songs, a reflection of everything we have learned so far with this project. Through the album we will take you on a journey through eight different stories, singing bulerías for Yemaya, tangos for Eleguá and creating melodies where flamenco and Cuban guajira

become one. In this album we present an alliance between flamenco and Afro-Cuban singers where many of values, beliefs and respective musical traditions are shared. In essence, the ocean between Spain and Cuba far from separating us unites us.

Scheduled calendar

Recording - May 2017

Mix and master - July 2017

Graphic design and photography - July 2017

Copies - September 2017

Concert presentation (Barcelona) - October 2017

Reward delivery - October 2017

The discs and / or t-shirts will be sent by mail, expenses included in the Spanish state, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING EXPENSES NOT INCLUDED. For those of you who have the disco + entry pack you will be given in hand the day of the concert


If you like the sound of our proposal and would like to be a part of it, now is the time. Any donation to the project will be gratefully received as like many artists projects today, we depend on the patronage of people like you, not that of the record companies or multinationals.

Thank you so much for your time,

We hope to hear from you soon


Entre Orillas

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  • Sylvia Ases

    Sylvia Ases

    over 5 years

    Me encanta la música con Alma, como la vuestra.... y con ganas ya de escuchar el disco (los pequeños avances y como me habla/cuenta Cris de vosotros hace que esté ya ansiosa ;P )

  • Carlos Cuenca Garcia

    Carlos Cuenca Garcia

    over 5 years

    Teneis mucha personalidad y buen hacer, muy buenos músicos y cantantes


Familia del verkami, para garantizar un concierto de estreno en las mejores condiciones y un disco que haga honor a todo el esfuerzo puesto por todos (vosotros y nosotros) hemos decidido retrasar las fechas previstas tanto para el lanzamiento como para el concierto. Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo y vuestra paciencia, no nos olvidamos de vosotros y estamos trabajando a tope para que este sueño tenga el final que se merece, una obra que refleje el amor y la dedicación que durante todo el año hemos dedicado. Muy pronto tendréis noticias de las nuevas fechas previstas, el diseño del disco (interesante sobre todo para los mecenas que recibirán la camiseta) las descargas VIP y el envío de vuestro disco.

Gracias familia!!!

#07 / Mezcla terminada!!

Gracias a Kiko Caballero y a Hitsmakers por el gran trabajo que han hecho, suena gloriaaaa!!

Ahora vamos a por el mastering, y en breve imágenes del diseño del disco. Todo esto lo podemos hacer gracias a vosotros, este es vuestro disco familia!

Con Kiko en los estudios Hitsmakers
Con Kiko en los estudios Hitsmakers


Hemos conseguido alcanzar los 4000 euros! Esto garantiza poder sacar adelante el disco en las mejores condiciones, estamos muuuuy contentos!!

Gracias a todos los que habéis colaborado, va por vosotros.


#02 / Ismael Alcina grabando para "Siempreviva y clavel"

Ismael Alcina nos ha acompañado desde gran parte del camino, debutó con nosotros en la presentación del proyecto en Barcelona, y desde entonces ha participado en numerosas ocasiones.

En este disco podreis escuchar su arte en tres temas que ha grabado para nosotros, y que nos ha dejado impresionados, ole tu Isma!!

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