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Back to the roots: Restocking of old vineyards

At the LaPerdida winery, we only understand wine in one way ... .NATURAL ... our wines do not receive any additives, our vineyards either

Nacho González

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Return to the roots

LaPerdida Winery is located in the area of ​​Valdeorras (Ourense). Since 2011 we have been working old vines, trying to recover them from years of chemical treatments that have wiped out most of their soil life ... and sometimes we got it ... well, I think a lot of times.

The 2017 vintage will have 9 different wines
The 2017 vintage will have 9 different wines

Our vineyards are small for what is styled in a modern viticulture, the largest plots barely reach half a hectare and the smallest do not reach the 200 vines. Almost 30 plots for 4 hectares.

Our production in the best year reaches 10,000 bottles and at worst, when mildew, frost or hail decide to be protagonists ... it is better not to think about it ....

They have been hard years, in which one wonders what we are doing here. But in every vineyard, in every jar, in every old barrel, in every bottle there is something, strong strong, that hooks and that says to follow, this is the trump ... and yes, now, I think it is.

Until this year we have worked vineyards of the most diverse forms. A few owned, the least; others for rent, a few; and some in assignment, the majority. And here our problem arises.

In these last two years * Valdeorras * has become a trendy wine region for large companies that want to have godello wine in their catalog and that has generated many old plantations have passed to live better to leave their place to industrial plantations of godello that have transformed beautiful rural landscapes into monocultures of wire seas.

Some of those vineyards, specifically 3, that can pass to a better life because of this speculative fever. Today they are * LaPerdida * vineyards, because even though we do not have their documentary property, we have detoxified them from the chemicals that poisoned their soil, we have fertilized them with compost, we have cured them from the diseases of wood, in short, we have returned to life.

That is why we already feel part of his life, his history, and today when his owners silver us or buy or pass to a better life thanks to one of these newcomers, and where there is * garnacha, palomino , Black Grao, Mencía, Godello, Dona Branca, Sumoll *, in a single farm of just over a thousand meters its black future is the short and supplanted by Godello in espaldera, we plated the need to maintain them despite all the economic power of these speculators of the vineyard. We the same, for our ... Grapes ... and with your help.

The vineyards

O Trancado, O Chao and As Chozas, are three small vineyards but each with a great identity. In them for decades, grapes of 7 varieties have been mixed to give rise to different wines.

Viña de O Chao
Viña de O Chao

Old vines, 60, 70, 80 years ... -Only the one who planted them will know- Vase cultivation, clay, alluvial and granite soils, they tell us about another type of viticulture, not industrial, another viticulture that does not understand fashions, which gives rise to wines full of personality and it is essential that it continues to exist.

To what we will destine your contributions

  1. Purchase the plots before this speculative market .... Another bubble? .. turn them into industrial vineyards.

  2. Planting two plots with non-commercial varieties: the true godello and the adopted sumoll


The wines of LaPerdida have an approximate retail price of 17 €, fortunately for us everything is sold well and almost everything is destined for export.

This year the harvest begins to go where we want to dedicate 30% to the national market.

With your collaboration you can have wines that are often not marketed in Spain and at a very interesting price.

The wines

  • O Trancado: 70% Garnacha Tintorera and 30% Mencía, fermented in earthen jar and aged for 4 months in the same jar.

  • Outlaw: It is a wine dominated by the palomino (95%) and Garnacha tintorera (5%) grapes. The two grapes ferment together in used French oak barrels, this year without scrap.

  • Bad Grapes: 85% of Palomino and 15% Dona Branca. Fermented in stainless steel and macerated five days before going to the press.

  • O Pando: 100% godello, fermentation with skins and maceration for 4 months inside the jar. It falls within the new European fashion of oranges wines.

  • A Mallada: 70% Garnacha Tintorera and 30% Sumoll from the parcels located in the town of Seadur and characterized by having granitic soil.

The visit to the winery and the vineyards will be guided by Nacho González, as well as the wine tasting that will be held in the winery itself.

The meal will be held in the Irene Food House in the own town of Larouco, and will be based on representative food of the area. It will be accompanied by wines from the winery and in it the wine grower will explain the peculiarities of each wine, where it comes from, how it was born, how it evolves.

The night of accommodation will be held in the small rural hotel of O Pillabán, in Fontei (A Rúa). It is a small accommodation of 5 rooms that occupies an old house restored. It has a small restaurant where we will make dinner.

For our European patrons we have created a special reward that includes shipping costs. Of course you can choose any of the other rewards if what you want is to know the winery or eat / dine with Nacho Gonzalez, but we would have to calculate the price of the shipment or pick it up when you make the visit. Any doubt consult us by email ([email protected])

Hotel Restaurante O Pillaban
Hotel Restaurante O Pillaban

As for the shirt the design is in charge of David Creus, the same phenomenon that I design the labels, for now they are only sketches, but I advance one to you to see where the idea is going.

Camiseta LaPerdida - Volver a las raíces
Camiseta LaPerdida - Volver a las raíces

Needless to say, you can also visit us whenever you want;)

The rewards INCLUDE transportation within Peninsular Spain.

For other destinations it is necessary to add additional transport costs.

For this, send us an email to [email protected] and we tell you.

Scheduled calendar

The rewards will be delivered in March 2018.

+ info

Here you will find more information about LaPerdida: www.laperdida.es

Here we will publish the progress of the project and the evolution of wine: Facebook

If you want to make a different contribution to those marked in the rewards, write to [email protected]

If you prefer another method of alternative payment to card to make your contribution, send us an email to [email protected] and we will indicate you.


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  • Jordi


    over 3 years

    Recibido! Gracias la Perdida!

  • Jordi


    over 3 years

    32 meses y aún sin recibir nada, pese a varias reclamaciones....

  • Jordi


    about 4 years

    21 meses y aún sin recibir nada...En las últimas reclamaciones ya ni me contestan...Alguien más se encuentra en esta situación?

  • Ariel73it


    almost 5 years

    Se acaba el año y todavía no he recibido los vinos a pesar de solicitarlos más de una vez...que decepción!

  • Ruth Martin Martinez

    Ruth Martin Martinez

    over 5 years

    Ya me lo entregaron

  • Ruth Martin Martinez

    Ruth Martin Martinez

    over 5 years

    Todavía no he recibido las botellas y ya estamos en Agosto, alguien las ha recibido??

  • Barbara Magugliani

    Barbara Magugliani

    almost 6 years

    Hay que mantener bien vivos los proyectos que donan fuerza y alma al territorio! Endavant Nacho!

  • Roberto Docampo Suárez

    Roberto Docampo Suárez

    about 6 years

    Animo Nachete!!



Después de 40 días hemos llegado al final. Ha sido una especie de travesía del desierto, a veces creí que sería imposible alcanzar el objetivo.. sin la ayuda de todos vosotros hubiera sido imposible... en los próximos días tres viñas viejas se salvaran de la corta para contribuir con sus uvas a formar parte de los vinos naturales de LaPerdida.


#03 / Viva el mercado

Ahora que casi llegamos al final de mi proyecto Verkami y estamos cerquita, cerquita de alcanzar el objetivo, creo que es momento de clarificar algún detalle.. A lo largo de los días que han trascurrido desde su inicio son muchas las cosas que he aprendido, el maketing digital, y yo nos hemos hecho grandes amigos, … y está claro que en lo referente al mercado del vino, a mi conocimiento, o a lo que creía conocer sobre él, han cambiado muchas cosas… y curiosamente, al final, han servido para rearfirmarme en lo que pensaba…. En este mercado cabe de todo… se puede vender de todo.. hasta cabemos seres minúsculos, con minúsculas producciones en lugares recónditos que somos capaces de colocar nuestros vinos en partes del planeta tierra ciertamente lejanas.

Mi última entrada en el blog de Verkami recibió alguna crítica referente a la… read more


El viticultor valdeorrés, Nacho González, ha puesto en marcha una campaña de crowfounding para poder recuperar viñedos de la zona de Larouco. Para ello a través de la web de la plataforma crowfounding Verkami ha puesto a la venta diferentes lotes compuestos por botellas de su vino, camisetas, visitas a sus viñedos. Necesita 12.000 € para comprar 3 parcelas de viñedo viejo y en estos momentos casi ha recaudado la mitad. Desde Valdeorras é Viño enoturismo queremos contribuir a difundir esta campaña para que se ponga en valor las viñas antiguas que en algunas partes de la comarca se están perdiendo o arrancando para implantar viñedo nuevo.
En el enlace: https://www.verkami.com/projects/18920-vuelta-a-las-raices-recupacion-de-vinedos-viejos podeis encontrar más información. En la presentación, Nacho González, explica:
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#01 / El suelo... a quien le importa

Un paseo por los viñedos de mi territorio, viejos o nuevos, nos revela que la atención que se le presta al suelo es más bien escasa. Para la mayor parte de trabajadores de la viña (otorgarles un calificativo mejor sería insultar a los que realmente viven la viña) el suelo es ese elemento que sujeta las cepas y que de cuando en vez hay que proprocionarle abudantes cantidades de excrementos animales, da igual si vienen dopados de antibioticos, que habrá que enterrar para conseguir más y más producción. Cada poco tiempo el paso con el tractor con sus granchos entrando bien profundo para acabar consiguiendo que todo vestigio de vida sea similar a la que existe en el desierto del Sahara. Está practica se suele complementar con una aplicación de herbicida, en el principio de la primavera, por si algún ser vivo, planta o animal, osaba asomar el hocico por la zona ya no le quedarán más ganas de intentarlo

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