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Meet Ricci Nostra

"Jinetes de Conejos" ... an introspective journey that we want you to be part of

Ricci Nostra

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We invite you to meet us

Ricci Nostra was born in a very intuitive way in 2015.

With a unique style since its inception, we naturally merged folklores from different parts of the world, ultimately resulting in what we call “Beach Folk”

We want to record our first album and the most honest way of doing so, staying true to ourselves, is through crowdfunding

Jinetes de conejos

It will include a selection of our most interesting tunes so that people can get to know us and share our music

We invite you to listen to us in super-acoustic mode

We want to offer you simple and real rewards that don't generate waste


Web acknowledgement

We will include a section in our web where we will personally thank all of our sponsors by name and surname


Web acknowledgement + Entrance to album release show

Not only will your name appear in our website, but you will also receive an entrance to our album release show


Web acknowledgement + Entrance to album release show + Tote bag

You will receive a web acknowledgement, an entrance to our release show and a tote bag for your everyday use (national shipment included. If you wish to receive it outside of Spain chip in an extra 5€ reward)



National shipment included. If you wish to receive it outside of Spain, chip in an extra 5€ reward


USB Album

We think not many People have CD players, that is why we believe it is more functional to give you the album in USB format so that you can listen to it in your car, at home or wherever you like. (National shipment included. If you wish to receive it outside of Spain, chip in an extra 5€ reward)


Acknowledgement + Entrance + Digital Album

You will receive a web acknowledgement, an entrance to our release show and we will send you the Album via email. Which we think is the most environment-friendly and practical option.


Acknowledgement + Entrance + Digital Album + USB Album

You will be able to listen to us at the release show as well as take us with you wherever you go thanks to the soft and hard copies (National shipment included. If you wish to receive it outside of Spain, chip in an extra 5€ reward)

5€ extra - International shipment

The Album release show will take place in Barcelona

The exact location will be confirmed closer to the date via email and social media

Destination of your contributions

75% of your donations will be destined to recording expenses. Editing, mixing and mastering work will be done in Barcelona. Some of the songs will be recorded live, thus they’ll need some work done on audio and video.

10% of the funds raised will be committed to our album artwork and our website. We believe it is important not only to take care of our sound aesthetic but also our graphic image.

The remaining 15% will be destined to dissemination and registration of our songs. It is of utmost importance to be present in social media as well as current music platforms.

Planned Schedule

Once the campaign ends, we estimate a maximum of 3 months to deliver everything on schedule

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  • Irene Fernández González

    Irene Fernández González

    over 3 years

    Ricci 💪😊🎸🎶🌍👏

  • Natalia Blicharska

    Natalia Blicharska

    over 3 years

    Mucha suerte con todo! Team Polonia de los tours morados ;)

  • Irma Elizabeth Espinoza Sánchez

    Irma Elizabeth Espinoza Sánchez

    over 3 years

    ¡Mucha suerte Santi para ti y el equipo! Espero logren el objetivo. "Eres grande Santi"

  • Lucile Gauchet

    Lucile Gauchet

    over 3 years

    Mucha suerte Santi! Gracias por esos buenos momentos de musica! bisous

  • analia vidal

    analia vidal

    over 3 years

    Vamo y vamo queremos que RicciNostra llegue a Uruguay!!!!

  • Francisco Carracedo Cosme

    Francisco Carracedo Cosme

    over 3 years

    Dale Rastaaaa ;)

  • Alexandra


    over 3 years

    Bravo santi💪

  • CarolinaAlvarez


    over 3 years

    Suerte riccis!!

  • maria guadalupe cayrol

    maria guadalupe cayrol

    over 3 years

    Vamos ricci!!!

  • cesar pastorelli

    cesar pastorelli

    over 3 years

    Grandes!!! Mucha suerte y éxitos!!!

#03 / 2 Días

Buenos días a todos nuestros queridos mecenas, como están?

Nos queda hoy y mañana para llegar al objetivo. Recuerden que es a TODO o NADA por ende hay q llegar si o si.

Te invitamos a que motives a un amigo, a uno solo. Motivalo con mucho esmero a que aporte a nuestro proyecto para que podamos lograrlo.

También te pedimos que compartas por tus redes sociales el link


Vamos a lograrlo y eso solo es gracias a ustedes!!!!



Hola, como estas?

Nos quedan 6 días para llegar al objetivo y aún nos falta un poco.

Es por eso que te escribimos, porque vos confias y crees en nosotros. Y nosotros necesitamos más como vos.

Te pedimos un último favor para lograr este objetivo.

Manda por wtpp, facebook o publica en tu instagram. Insistile a tus amigos/familia para que se animen también a colaborar. Explicales que solo gracias a ellos y a ustedes podemos lograrlo!

Quedan 6 días para que Ricci Nostra logre el objetivo de grabar su primer álbum, pero... falta el 14% aún. Es fácil, animate entra y colabora!!!


#01 / A TODO o NADA

Estamos super contentos de como avanza nuestra compaña pero... somos conscientes que nos falta mucho . Por eso queremos pedirte que compartas por tus redes sociales e invites a tu gente a conocer el proyecto. Es de suma importancia para que lo logremos.


Ricciabrazos !!!

We are very happy with how our company is progressing but ... we know that we have a lot of work. That's why we need you. Share the project on your social networks and invite your people to know about Ricci Nostra. It is very important for us.

Thank you !!!

Ricci'shugs !!!

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