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Nature of the Human Better Being

The mind governs our lives franticly. We have to guide all that squandered energy to our center and find our natural balance.

El Maestro YohoY

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What is my intention

To publish a book "La Naturaleza del Ser Más Humano" inspired in ancient wisdom. For the young, the old and the rest, so we can all be in this life and in this world in a milder way. With kindness towards ourselves and to all that sorrounds us.

El maestro YohoY
El maestro YohoY

El maestro YohoY would like to bring the book and its performance "La Naturaleza del Ser Más Humano" together with the puppet YohoY to places were kids, olders and families are in special situations, to share and enjoy some time of entertainment, of learning and participative creativity.

Marioneta YohoY
Marioneta YohoY

The Story.

This peculiar puppet found in the region of Cachemira by el maestro YohoY made with pashmina, the most delicate of cashmeres, represents a Blemmyae meditating. Its said to be more than 2000 years old and its prime state of preservation is thanks to the low temperatures in the Himalayas.

The discovery made by pure chance brought el maestro YohoY, painter and curious investigator, to travel the world for over 60 years, searching in libraries, archaeological sites, museums, archives, secret documents and even in the Dark Web for the proof of the existence of the mithological creatures the Blemmyaes, that appear depicted since unknown times in the most unexpected places.


El maestro YohoY suspects that they still live between us and they are the keepers of a Great Primal Wisdom, that could be the key to happiness and its available for everybody.


"The Key to Happiness"

narrated by the puppet YohoY

In a trip to Kyoto in 1961, following the trail of a family of Blemmyaes, el maestro YohoY run into this woodcut of the japanes artist Itawaka Mishosopa (1764–1813) the title is inscribed in the reverse: Nokokoro. Represents life without Kokoro, which in japanese means the unity of body, mind and spirit.


We see three geishas in a pleasent strall. Lost in a cloud of private thoughts floating on top of their heads. What happens then, is that there is no possible relationship with what sorrounds us and no real conection with our own bodies. El maestro YohoY suspects that Itawaca is the pioneer of the now classical emojis.

Some time later, in a trip through Australia behind a distinct track, while showing images of the Blemmyaes to the oldest aborigen of the tribe asking if they ever heard of or seen such creatures. The wise man picked an old photograph from a leather bag and scratched the face in the image. It was a picture of himself the day of his initiation.

Nandu Ka-Ru
Nandu Ka-Ru

Later the old man explained, pinpointing to the photo, that they consider we have three brains:

  1. The biggest and most important is in the abdomen and is were our instincts are.

  2. The second most important is in the heart were our emotions are.

  3. The last is in the head.

This brain, reckoned to be the logical and rational one in western cultures, the aboriginies call it Nandu Ka-Ru, which for them means, fishing net completly tangled, without any possibility to untangle it.

Bad reproduction of a Happy Buddha print bought by el maestro YohoY, with a horrible frame, to the owner of a dark chinese restaurant in New Jersey U.S.A. It turned out to be a masterpiece and its one of the most valuable objects that el maestro YohoY has safely stored in a bank in Geneva. In the Zen tradition the hara ( the area in the abdomen) is related to wisdom and vitality, thats why the Buddhas are represented with a big belly.


Very interesting etching found by el maestro YohoY in the secret archives of Cshopenpower (1624). Renatus Descartes the father of modern philosophy. El maestro YohoY thinks that the author of the caricature must be a Blemmyae, mocking the theory of Rationalism which claims that the body and the soul are separate entities with nothing in common. His famous phrase: "I think therefore I am" could have easily been: "I am"

El maestro YohoY thinks that the Blemmyaes are real people living within us, that are capable of observing everything through their hearts with love and compassion, not taking too much notice of the thoughts running in their heads, and are able to breath deeply from the source, which is our centre of gravity, in our abdomen. Our precious jewel, which is our mind/heart, is a white light able to reflect all our colours/aptitudes when its calm and content. Its a jewel because its hard and resistent like a diamond, and it helps us to stand straight and we breath better. If we are sad and concerned we walk around curved and crestfallen.

Who is el maestro YohoY

What will the contributions be for

The contributions will go to publish " La Naturaleza del Ser más Humano".


Ilustrated book of 60 pages apróx.

300 copies. Colour.

Size: 21 x 21 cm.

Soft cover.

If the total is surpassed there will be a bigger edition made. Thanks to this crowdfunding el maestro YohoY would like to bring this wisdom through the narration and performance of the book and the YohoY puppet to special places, were there are special people with special necessities to share special things.


Exhibition "La Naturaleza del Ser Más Humano" Sala de Exposiciones de la Oficina Central de Correos de Madrid. 5 de abril al 30 de abril de 2018. Paseo del Prado 1, 28014 Madrid

The presentation of the book will take place in the in the month of june in Madrid.

+ Info

You can follow El maestro YohoY in:

Image downloaded from the Dark Web
Image downloaded from the Dark Web

Photograph discovered in the Dark Web by el maestro YohoY which appear daily by the thousands. He suspects are taken by the Blemmyaes, so we can see how we go about life, all stuck up there in our thoughts, with no possible conection with reality.


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  • Ferr Pla

    Ferr Pla

    almost 4 years

    Felicidades, Maestro! Hasta el Pequeño Saltamontes admira tus sabios consejos!

  • Casilda Cavero

    Casilda Cavero

    about 4 years


  • Casilda Cavero

    Casilda Cavero

    about 4 years


  • Pilar mayoral fernández-vega

    Pilar mayoral fernández-vega

    about 4 years

    Un gran proyecto, interesante y humano.

  • Jose Quintanilla

    Jose Quintanilla

    about 4 years

    El señor es mi pastor nada me falta ...

  • Manolo Ruiz Baraibar

    Manolo Ruiz Baraibar

    about 4 years

    Mucho exito al maestro Yohoy y a su interesante proyecto. Espero llegar a tener uno en mis manos.

  • Veronica


    about 4 years

    Querido Antonio, espero que puedas realizar tu proyecto! Un fuerte abrazo desde Tokyo, Veronica

  • María Rotondo Urcola

    María Rotondo Urcola

    about 4 years

    Enhorabuena!! siempre impresionada por tu creatividad, tu energía, tu bondad.

#01 / El libro entra en máquinas...

Queridos y queridas mecenas, por fin el libro está en la imprenta. Queda una última prueba de color y en un par de semanas a más tardar estarán los libros listos. Ha sido ésta una ardua tarea, de la cual me siento muy satisfecho, creo que ha quedado muy bonito y estoy convencido que os sorprenderá. Como me ha pillado el verano la presentación oficial del cuento será en septiembre en la librería Panta Rhei. En breve os mandaré un formulario para que me mandéis vuestra dirección para haceros entrega de vuestros libros y recompensas. Muchísimas gracias por vuestra colaboración, sin vuestra ayuda esto no hubiera sido posible, fuerte abrazo, Antonio

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