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De la Memoria Fragmentada / From the Fragmented Memory

Una exposición de fotografía sobre el tiempo y la memoria. ¡Ven! y sé parte de esto en La Habana, Cuba.

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Havana, Cuba
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Hello! I'm** Armando H. Sorzano**. I am a 4th year student at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro -the oldest of its kind in Cuba, founded in 1818. I study photography, videoart, painting and design.

I would like to introduce my project From the fragmented memory, a photo exhibition that will be my graduation thesis, scheduled for next June. It consists of two photo series that explore the space-time category, and memory, as a record of the sensitive experience in consciousness.

The first series, Chronology of my space-time, is integrated by 150 photographs of the sky. I made them with my cell phone in different scenarios in Cuba and abroad. They will be printed in 6x8 inch format in the style of Polaroid snapshots. The result will be a kind of visual diary in which I translate moments into images.

Ejemplo de visualidad/ Visual example
Ejemplo de visualidad/ Visual example

Ejemplo/ Example
Ejemplo/ Example

The second series, Memory Mirror, is inspired by the H. Rocharch Test. They are photographs of dry trees I found in Cuba and Mexico. Like in the test images, the photos present ambiguous and unstructured figures with bilateral symmetry. In each case the readings that are made of them will be defined by the personal experiences of the spectator, reflecting his or her psychological dynamics at a conscious and unconscious level.

Ejemplo/ Example
Ejemplo/ Example

The project was born due to my interest to show my work as a young Cuban artist. In my thesis I attempt to interconnect different artistic manifestations . Young musicians who study in Cuban conservatories are involved. They will perform music pieces which were composed based on their own experiences with photographs. Sound, as a sensorial agent will undoubtedly affect the way in which the audience perceive the work.

The theme of the symbolic nature of objects plays an important role in my work, how these objects inspire different interpretations and points of view. I am interested in provoking reflection and strengthening of the subject-object-subject relationship (S.O.S) through the capacity and authority of the spectator to complete my proposal by himself. As Marcel Duchamp would say:

  • «The spectator is the one who gives the work a fragile sense of ending, whoever looks is the author.» *

About the rewards

Among the reward we can find some like:

-A Digital Photo Pack of the both series.I low, mid and high quality. It contains a selection of images of the photogrphy series.

-The EP album, it contains a compilation of the music made for the exhibition.Also, in case of some rewards it contains some bonus tracks.

-Postcards with images of the exhibition. These contain either fragments of the photos or the whole photos, a little review and some other information about the project.

-The signed photo prints of 8x12", 12x18" or 24x39"(inches)of the series Memory Mirror.

-8x12"(inches) signed Canvas Print of the series Memory Mirror.

-Original signed Poster of the exhibition.

-Original Limited Edition Signed Prints 6x8" (inches) sized from the series Chronology of my space-time. Assembling suggestion, distribute at a mosaic way either 2 or 5 prints of the series.

-**4 nights free stay in Havana!!!** The person that contributes the suggested amount will receive 4 nights free stay in Havana, Cuba. The apartment is found on AirB&B. This reward includes the contributor plus a companion. Hurry up and get this great oportunity.

Who im I

Hello! I'm Armando H. Sorzano. I am a 4th year student at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro -the oldest of its kind in Cuba, founded in 1818. I study photography, videoart, painting and design.

Previously I have had the oportunity of making some exhibitions, as for example in the first year of the academy I made 3 exhibitions (2 of photogrphies and one of paintings)collaterals to the 12th Havana Bienal.

In the 2nd year I made a colective photography exhibition, related to the festival “Les Voix Humaines” of the master Leo Brouwer, with other young photographers.

During the 3rd year I organiced my frist personal exhibition in the gallery Galería Espacio Abierto of the magazine Revolución y Cultura, this show was called Relatos Inacabados and it has a great influence in this project, because it was my first approach to the topic of the time and memory.

Later in the same course I found myself being part of another colective exhibition at a private galery with some colleagues with similar interests.


Your support

The Money gathered is going to be used for:

•Photography printing. (7 photos 24x39" and about 150 fotos 6x8" sized)
• Framing. (Frame payment, passepartout,carboards,glue, etc)
• Posters, flyers, invitations and other promoting media services.
• Rewards production. (post cards, canvas printings, photos, posters and others)
•Buying beberages for the exhibition toast.

Planned schedule

• April- May: Verkami crowdfunding launch and project financing.
• May-June: Works production for the exhibition.
• June: Exhibition Opening.
• July: Reward production.
• August: Rewards delivery.


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