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Londoners By Alex Amorós

Londoners is a photography book and a round of exhibitions of portraits taken in the streets of London of unknown people.

Alex Amorós

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London, United Kingdom
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Londoners Cover
Londoners Cover

What is Londoners?

"Londoners" is a project of portraits carried out over three years on the streets of this city. A few years ago, while living here a person stopped me, took my photo and changed my life. After some time observing people, so diverse and lacking communication amongst them in this city, I decided I was going to stop people and take portraits without fear or modesty. I wanted to break those limits and show their humanity, so I made the decision to enter into relations with strangers on the streets and this is the final result of the project captured in a photo book and various exhibitions.

Londoners December 2016
Londoners December 2016


The diversity of London always captures me, a mixture of people of distinct races, culture and origen among them. 14 years ago was the first time I lived here and being quite young, a person stopped me and took my photo in Camden and my life changed in some way, after coming back to London, as a photographer and having part-time work, I spent time on the streets and dedicated myself to the observation of people and I realised that the diversity also on occasion is a lack of communication and lonliness and perhaps constant with new technology. So, without thinking about it, I submerged myself in this project from the vision of a person highly influenced by this city mixed with my Mediterranean bravo and with no complexes started to stop people, by the end maybe more than 2000 people. These people either agreed to have their portrait taken, or not, resulting in around 500 portrayed in total and represented in this book are the most significant ones or those that have impacted me the most, of these there are 107. Many of these people have turned into friends of mine and in the video you can analyze the process.

Londoners Octubre 2016
Londoners Octubre 2016

Why Crowdfunding?

"Londoners" is a self published book and a round of exhibitions, it is a personal and independent project Outwith the margin of normality and style, because of this I need independent help financially from you. The self publishing after the crowdfunding is a ideal way that allows calculation for the future in relation to the interest shown by the contributers and also forms closer relations between the author and reader.

Londoners November 2015
Londoners November 2015

The Book

Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm

Number of pages: 106 (cover included)

Binding: perfect bound

Black and white pint

300 gsm house silk cover

170 gsm silk house pages inside

Londoners May 206
Londoners May 206

What will the contibutions be used for?

The contributions will be used for the production costs of the book and the exhibitions that will be in London in January and then during the following months in various cities in Spain.

Londoners September 2016
Londoners September 2016

+ Info

Issuu: issuu.com/alexamoros5

Facebook: facebook.com/alex.amoros

Instagram: instagram.com/alex_amoros


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  • Giulia Con G Mars

    Giulia Con G Mars

    over 2 years

    Grande Alex!!

  • Lex Leboxky

    Lex Leboxky

    over 2 years

    Londoner Leboxky at last!

  • isacmus@hotmail.com


    over 2 years

    Suerte es genial!!

  • Beatriz Ortiz

    Beatriz Ortiz

    over 2 years

    Alex a tope!

  • TheBullFighter


    over 2 years

    Amazing book cant wait to get a copy of it. The quality is amazing Ive seen it!

  • Helena


    over 2 years

    Enhorabuena!! 😘

  • Sergio Moreno & Daniel Ruiz

    Sergio Moreno & Daniel Ruiz

    over 2 years

    Yoo.....voy a elegir Muse....

  • Ignacio Hernández Roselló

    Ignacio Hernández Roselló

    over 2 years

    Matxo Hércules!

  • Juanjo Cuenca

    Juanjo Cuenca

    over 2 years

    Ines y johnie joe

  • Antonella Cooper

    Antonella Cooper

    over 2 years

    Good luck!

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