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Retratos feos / Ugly portraits

Ugly is the new beautiful! The first online store that not only respects ugly people but admires them almost not sarcastically. Join us!

Silvana Sohu

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We draw ugly portraits. But it's not just about that: we're all ugly.

This project aims to generate a reflection on the particular beauties and the standards, considering a standard is just a construction, an agreed truth.

So what’s a ‘beauty’? Buyers of an ugly portrait understand the world from another perspective. They are sponsors of the absurd... they understand that happiness and beauty aren’t those high concepts we thought they were.

We are doing something very surreal to generate a coherent thinking. We are all ugly!

Ugly people who have been portrayed.
Ugly people who have been portrayed.

About the rewards

Although we accept all kind of contributions, including those sponsors of the absurd who don’t have much money (do not hesitate to contact us to participate and support the project), we have put together a series of rewards that you may like .

  • Ugly portraits: igital/or printed format on different objects, both individually or in groups.

  • Personalized T-shirts: your portrait (or your cousin’s) will look very very ugly. You can add even add a message!

  • The ugly awards: or those ugly contributors who want to be protagonists, finally it comes the recognition they deserve.

  • Qué feo! Mugs: fully personalized and original designs. Your roommates will feel nothing else than envy!

Who we are

One day we discovered this internet meme of a person on the street drawing people ugly. We don't know if it was a serious thing or not, but somehow it inspired us to set out on our own path in search of the real ugliness.

At first, this crazy adventure led us to draw ugly portraits of all our friends and colleagues. We laughed a lot and it was more like a joke, but we realized that people loved it and we ended up feeling it was our duty to share the idea with more people.

This is how, after a lot of effort, we created Qué Feo! An online store made with all our affection (and no business criteria at all) for all people to discover how ugly they are.

But who the f...

LOOK HOW UGLY! Those trembling hands that want to draw you.

We. As you can see, quite ugly.
We. As you can see, quite ugly.

Look how ugly we are! These trembling hands want to draw you…

We are @silvanasohu, @xabier.garlez and analog Adri. Friends, creators of crazy stuff, fans of the absurd, and lovers of beautiful things… but more of ugly ones!

To what we will allocate your contributions

Though we would really like to spend everything on drugs, alcohol and weird trips, we have some tax obligations we must attend...

With your sponsorship we can:

  • Pay the first expenses of creation and maintenance of the e-commerce
  • Reward web designers, illustrators, and creators
  • Invest in advertising so more people will get to know about this crazy project
  • Install secure and effective payment platforms
  • Do quality control of the products before launching the store
  • Launch our online store to the cyberspace...and beyond

The schedule

We’ll need 15 days to squeeze all the ugliness inside you and send it in the form of a portrait (maybe a little bit more if there’s an ugly Horde approaching in that moment)

+ Info

Discover all our news:
Instgram: @quefeo.store
Twitter: @quefeo_online

you can also contact us by clicking the button below these lines “ask the author” or leave us a comment


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  • Silvana Sohu

    Silvana Sohu

    over 3 years

    @Dani Luna NO MÁS FEO QUE TU!

  • Dani Luna

    Dani Luna

    over 3 years

    Estaría muy feo.

  • Dani Luna


    over 3 years

    Estaría feo no colaborar.

  • Marce Gomez Donoso

    Marce Gomez Donoso

    over 3 years

    Me gusta esa camiseta y además es de bastante calidad.

  • Silvana Sohu

    Silvana Sohu

    over 3 years

    @Adrita Estamos totalmente de acuerdo contigo. Siempre lo bonito, lo bonito... ¡VIVA LO FEO!

  • Adrita


    over 3 years

    Me encanta! La fealdad está infravalorada. Ya era hora de un proyecto así

  • Guernat


    over 3 years

    Quiero muy muchos feos!!

  • Silvana Sohu

    Silvana Sohu

    over 3 years

    @Kuanum lo dicen hasta nuestras abuelas!

  • Silvana Sohu

    Silvana Sohu

    over 3 years

    @JQsolias desde la restauración del Ecce Homo. Gracias por tu mecenazgo!

  • Kuanum


    over 3 years

    Feos pero simpáticos

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