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Soinuaren Bidaia II - New CD

Enjoy our music. Discover the fascinating journey we propose, “The Sound’s Journey”, and help us make it come true. Let the journey begin!


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Thank you so much for all your help and support! The 100% of our initial goal has been reached in just 14 days! And a day later, the first extended goal has been achieved too! Thanks!

You have helped us get our new CD off the ground and organise a concert to present our new work on November 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm in Bilbao, at the Campos Elíseos theatre. Now we have a new goal: if 5500€ are reached, we will create a web page for Soinuaren Bidaia. There will be an special section for all those who have made this project come true.

The project is truly growing and we think it is important to have a simple and modern web page in order to show all the work we carry out. That’s why we would like to ask you to share our campaign with your friends. Together we will make this project something really big! Again, thank you for your support!


In just 14 days our initial goal has been achieved: to get the new CD “Soinuaren Bidaia II” off the ground, and we really thank you! We wanted to reward your contribution, so we suggested an extended goal: to reach 4500€ in order to organise a presentation concert at the Campos Elíseos theatre in Bilbao on November 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm. This new goal has already been achieved too! As promised, Spanish Brass and Toti Martínez de Lezea will be there with the components of Soinuaren Bidaia ensemble. Those who have collaborated in this crowdfunding will be invited to the presentation. A private encounter with patrons will take place that day too in order to exchange opinions.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in our project and we hope to see you on November 3 in Bilbao!

Music is emotion.

We have started a journey through music and sound which really makes a difference when people get goose bumps listening to our music.

Soinuaren Bidaia (The Sound’s Journey) is an ensemble led by Alberto Urretxo, Principal Trombone at the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, who is preparing his second studio album. It’s motto is “No matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop”. This album will follow a first CD which was a tornado of emotions.

It will have music by composers of the 20th and 21st centuries which will recall our origins, fear, frustration, and eventually, the search for beauty and dreams.

Along with the main components of the ensemble Soinuaren Bidaia, the internationally renowned quintet Spanish Brass also collaborate on the project.

This is how our new album will look like ;)
This is how our new album will look like ;)


This is the repertoire we have recorded, which you will enjoy in “Soinuaren Bidaia II” (“The Sound’s Journey II”):

  • Cuatro Canciones para un caminante - G.Mahler

El día de mi boda del amor / Esta mañana en los campos / Tengo un cuchillo ardiendo / Los ojos azules de mi novia

  • Herensugearen Arima - E.Moreno

  • Storyteller - J.Stephenson

  • Carptim - H.Extremiana

  • Sonata - Polentzi

  • Arabian Song - B.Bartok

  • Las 4 estaciones - J.Martínez Campos

Primavera / Verano / Otoño / Invierno

  • Capriccio – H.Vieuxtemp










Recording with Spanish Brass
Recording with Spanish Brass


“Last Sunday, July 17, we traveled through sound under an attentive and motherly moon in the magnificent stage of the Coracera Castle in San Martín de Valdeiglesias (Madrid). Alberto Urretxo, along with Adriana Grigoras and Amaia Zipitria, introduced us to B. Bartok, Mahler, Debussy and Piazzola, just to mention some of them. Their trombone, viola and piano talked about anxiety, fantasy, nostalgia, hope and passion. We were moved by the story of a filial forgiveness. They left a summer flavour in our hearts and the trace of good music in our ears. Congratulations. Again. Soinuaren Bidaia.”

Eloisa Pardo, poet and writer

“True culture is the work of artists such as Maite Itoiz, Alberto Urretxo, Adriana Grigoras , Amaia Zipitria, Catalin Bucataru, Iñigo Grimal and Javier Martínez. It has been a pleasure to share the stage with these extraordinary musicians. And also a pleasure to feel the support and warmth of the audience. I thank you from my heart.”

Toti Martínez de Lezea, writer

“Last night in Bilbao these friends (Soinuaren Bidaia) gave us a lesson on music, mythology and history. That’s all I have to say, for these things are meant to be lived and felt, not just told.”

Antonio González, audience

Alberto Urretxo in the recording of “Soinuaren Bidaia II” (“The Sound’s Journey II”)
Alberto Urretxo in the recording of “Soinuaren Bidaia II” (“The Sound’s Journey II”)


The launch of a new studio album involves significant costs and expenses. However, we have been determined to record this new CD and we want it to reach out to the world.

The contributions we get through this crowdfunding will be used to cover the costs of producing the first 1000 CDs and to promote the album. That’s why your contribution is so important. You will truly help us reach a very large audience and make the work of long years visible.


The recording sessions of this album have been from April to July 2018. The post-production has taken place in September and the album will be ready in November 2018. You will get your rewards as soon as the CD is ready.


All the rewards include free delivery of the CD in Spain. For shipping outside Spain, an extra shipping cost will be applied.

For the patrons getting the concert reward, remember that the costs for the trip and accomodation outside the Basque Country are not included.


Web of Alberto Urretxo

“Soinuaren Bidaia” (“The Sound’s Journey”) on social media:


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  • María asa olivares

    María asa olivares

    over 4 years

    Olé!! Olé!!!

  • Sara lavín

    Sara lavín

    over 4 years

    Ánimo!!. Un abrazo para todos.

  • Sara lavín

    Sara lavín

    over 4 years

    Ánimo!!. Un abrazo para todos.

  • Jose Ramón Vitoria Gallastegi

    Jose Ramón Vitoria Gallastegi

    over 4 years

    Hau baino gehiago merezi duzu. Orain arte bezala, beti zure ondoan aurkituko gaituzu. Jarraitu horrela. Muxu eta besarkada handi bat

  • Ana


    over 4 years

    Me encantara

  • Anselmo


    over 4 years

    Animo y te animamos desde Corea

  • Beasstrombon


    over 4 years

    Aquí dejamos nuestra pequeña aportación para que podáis continuar con este Pedazo de proyecto! Sin duda disfrutaremos mucho escuchándolo! Un abrazo!

  • Ainhoa Eskudero Otaegi

    Ainhoa Eskudero Otaegi

    over 4 years

    Zorterik onena bidai hontan ere!!

  • soinuarenbidaia


    over 4 years

    ¡Muchas gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo! En tan sólo una semana hemos conseguido casi el 70% y no hubiera sido posible sin vosotros. Gracias, de corazón.

  • Jaime Abalos

    Jaime Abalos

    over 4 years

    Estoy ansioso de escuchar otro nuevo gran trabajo.

#03 / Objetivo ampliado 2

¡Gracias por todo el apoyo que nos estáis dando con este nuevo proyecto!

En tan solo 14 días hemos conseguido el 100% de nuestro objetivo inicial y, tan sólo un día más tarde, hemos conseguido el primero de los objetivos ampliados. ¡Gracias!

Ahora que ya nos habéis ayudado a sacar adelante el nuevo CD y a realizar un concierto-presentación el próximo 3 de noviembre a las 19:30h. en el Teatro Campos Elíseos de Bilbao, os proponemos un nuevo reto: si llegamos a 5.500€ crearemos una página web de Soinuaren Bidaia, en la que dedicaremos un apartado a todos los que habéis hecho posible que este proyecto siga adelante.

El proyecto está tomando una gran dimensión y creemos que es importante tener una página web sencilla y moderna donde poder mostrar todo el trabajo que realizamos y es por eso que os pedimos el esfuerzo de que compartáis la campaña con vuestros amigos.

Entre todos haremos de este proyecto algo muy grande. ¡Gracias por vuestro apoyo!

#02 / ¡Objetivo cumplido!

¡Muchas gracias por ayudarnos a conseguir el objetivo inicial! En tan sólo 14 días hemos conseguido el 100% del objetivo inicial. Os agradecemos profundamente todo vuestro apoyo y las muestras de cariño que hemos recibido. Por ello, hemos pensado ofreceros un concierto de presentación muy especial, con todos los agentes que participan en este nuevo proyecto: Spanish Brass, el txistulari Garikoitz Mendizabal y el ensemble Soinuaren Bidaia compuesto por cuarteto de cuerdas, piano, voz y trombón.

Para ello vamos a proponeros un objetivo ampliado para este crowdfunding. ¿En qué consiste? Si conseguimos llegar a 4.500€, además de todas las recompensas que ya habéis conseguido, podréis asistir con carácter preferente al concierto-presentación que queremos organizar para el día 3 de noviembre en la cúpula del Teatro Campos Elíseos de Bilbao a las 19h. y poder compartir con nosotros tus impresiones.

read more

#01 / Making-of del CD

¡Hola a todos! Estamos muy contentos y agradecidos por todo el apoyo recibido en estos 7 primeros días de campaña. ¡Ya hemos conseguido casi el 70% de la financiación! Y eso no hubiera sido posible sin vuestra ayuda.

Muchísimas gracias.

Vamos a continuar la promoción con un nuevo vídeo, que queremos que veáis en exclusiva. Refleja algunos momentos de la grabación con Spanish Brass en Valencia y la música... ¡qué decir!

¡Esperamos que lo disfrutéis!

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