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Eider short film

EIDER is the title and the name of the main character. A traditional animation short film, made by and for animation lovers.

Silvia Brujas

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Eider, Eider is a horror and mistery 2D animated short film. Eider is in love and filled with happiness. She is on her prime. However, after a terrible happening a strange presence will visit her. From that day on her surroundings and her mansion will begin to change.

Some frames will be done on paper using a traditional animation desk. However the clean up, the line tests and color will be applied digitally.

Silvia Brujas, directora de Eider, animando un plano.
Silvia Brujas, directora de Eider, animando un plano.


The main theme revolves around terror and mystery. Both are conveyed by using psychological distress and fear.

The short film aims to show how a tragedy affects visually the environment the main character inhabits. Negative emotions project themselves in a physical way. They take over our heroin ́s daily life and consume her.

Retratos de Eider.
Retratos de Eider.

The visual look of the film plays a crucial role on the project. We wanted to portray a cold aesthetic combining soft elements with dark touches. Music also has a lot of importance as it works a tension builder, highlighting the disturbing situations.

The work of Eyvind Earl on Disney ́s Sleeping Beauty has been a great influence to get the spooky feeling of Eider ́s backgrounds.

To get the desired look on the characters we have worked with different styles to depict them.

EIDER Eider ́s style is soft, sweet and delicate, just the opposite to the visitor ́s, which is thinner, cold and stern.


We have prepared a variety of rewards.

You will find options where you can get * tickets * for previews and / or opening parties.

You can get the * whole storyboard * of the short film in digital format. With all the annotations of each plane, and of professional quality.

The * postcards * have illustrations that refer to the design of the short film, such as the objects we have made to build the world of ** Eider **.

The * Panoramic Backgrounds *, appear in the short film's plans. They have a level of detail that makes them a beautiful picture.

You can also get a * watercolor * of Eider's modernist style, made by the director. There are only 10 and they are signed and numbered.

Several artists have collaborated contributing a * fan art by Eider * unique. Made especially for the Verkami, so you have to be fast or they will run out.

They have used different techniques, from watercolors, copics, pencil, digital ... all with a unique style, so you can choose which one you like the most.


Untill now Eider's team has been formed by 3 artists:

Silvia Brujas Silvia Brujas and is the creator and director of Eider short film. She've worked as a children ́s book illustrator and as an animator on movies, tv series and short films. Lately I took part on the animation tv series "Heavies tendres" produced by TV3.

After making his first traditional animation short film "Mon Amour"

winner of the Ciutat de Cornellà comic and animation prize 2013. She started to create another short film, where he could better highlight traditional animation and improve the visual quality of the short film (more details, more planes, music ...)

For 3 years she has worked on the script of Eider, the technical script, the storyboard, the animatics, the art concept, character design and the backgrounds.

Max Saldrigas is the graphic designer that has developed the look of the main titles. He will also work on the credits.

Leeran Z. Raphaely Leeran Z.Raphaeli award winning composer will create the soundtrack of the short.

He has won different prizes, including:


2014 Zurich Film Festival.


Festival Internacional de Música de Cine.


2015 Transatlantyk Film Festival.

¿What we allocate your contributions?

We have reached the middle of the project, we are just going to start with the animation.

(where are we now -FINISHED -TO GET STARTED)

(what we need -FINISHED -TO GET STARTED)

The money raised will be for the animation and the Soundtrack of Eider.

(what will we do with the verkami -FINISHED -TO GET STARTED -VERKAMI)

We will start animating in January 2019 until June 2019 (only the animation, the clean up, and the color will be done later).

Parallel will work with the Soundtrack.

The short film we calculate to finish it on March of 2020.

Thanks to everyone for your support! you can see how Eider progresses from:

"Lets make Eider a reality!".

Fotograma del cortometraje de Eider.
Fotograma del cortometraje de Eider.

Eider expressions.
Eider expressions.


Carriage design.
Carriage design.


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  • ariadnarius


    over 4 years

    Ho has aconseguit!!! :D Ànims forts!!!

  • carlosperezreche


    over 4 years

    Molta sort per aquest gran projecte!! Hi ha molt de talent!

  • Tatiana Alejandra de Castro Pérez


    over 4 years

    ¡Me muero de ganas de ver el corto! :)

  • nachiguaka


    almost 5 years

    Pintaza! A ver si hay suerte, que queda poquito!

  • Landròmina


    almost 5 years


  • Queen


    almost 5 years

    Mucho animo!!! es un proyecto precioso.

  • Elsa


    almost 5 years

    Vinga que ja falta menys! Volem veure Eider a la gran pantalla ben aviat!

  • Mireia Peña

    Mireia Peña

    almost 5 years

    Molta sort, Sílvia!!! És un gran projecte, serà una obra mestra! :)

  • Landròmina


    almost 5 years


  • Jordi Maydeu Bosch

    Jordi Maydeu Bosch

    almost 5 years

    Molta sort i molts animuuuus!

#03 / ATENTS! properes estrenes!




Atents a les novetats sobre l'estrena de Eider!

Estimats patrocinadors,

Si tot va bé, us comunico que aquest divendres 2 de juliol, tindrem acabat el curtmetratge de Eider.

Per tant estigueu atents per quan es faci l'estrena en exclusiva.

Tots els que vau aportar al VERKAMI l'opció "estrena en exclusiva en línia" us enviarem l'enllaç on podrem veure junts i en directe el curtmetratge.

De moment no hi ha dates concretes, però us podem assegurar que serà furant aquest mes de juliol.

Tingueu en compte que un cop s'hagi emès el curtmetratge via en línia, s'esborrarà, i per tant no el podreu tornar a veure.

Més endavant organitzarem l'estrena en una sala de cinema on, si la normativa COVID ens ho permet, podreu conèixer a diversos participants del curtmetratge.

Us mantindrem informats.

De nou, moltes gràcies per fer d'aquest projecte una realitat.


Atentos a las novedades sobre el estreno de Eider!

Estimados patrocinadores,

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#02 / Nos queda muy poco / We almost have it

Estimados mecenas, hemos conseguido terminar el clean up de Eider.

Quiero dar un especial agradecimiento a la Productora WKND de Barcelona, por su colavoración. Gracias a ellos hemos podido trabajar a mayor velocidad en la animación y el clean up.

También quiero agradecer la increíble trabajo que ha realizado el compositor de la banda sonora Leeran Raphaely, que junto con Bratislava Symphony Orchestra dirigido por David Hernando Rico, el editor Tyson Lozensky y la vocal Shahar Malka han realizado la banda sonora.

También a la agencia Millan Vazquez-Ortiz,

[email protected], que han empezado a mover el cortometraje en festivales.

Y por supuesto a todos vosotros que habéis hecho posible este proyecto.

Ahora estamos trabajando en el color y la edición.

Os muestro unas imágenes de cómo están quedando los frames, y os adjunto enlaces para que vea el proceso de creación de la banda sonora.

Muchas gracias de nuevo. Seguimos!


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#01 / Ja falta poc.

Estimats mecenes, hem aconseguit acabar el clean up de Eider.

Vull donar un especial agraïment a la Productora WEEKEND de Barcelona, per la seva col·lavoració. Gràcies a ells hem pogut treballar a més velocitat en l'animació i el clean up.

També vull agraïr la increïble feina que ha realitzat el compositor de la banda sonora Leeran Raphaely, que juntament amb Bratislava Symphony Orchestra dirigit per David Hernando Rico , l'editor Tyson Lozensky i la vocal Shahar Malka han realitzat la banda sonora.

I per suposat a tots vosaltres que heu fet possible aquest projecte.

Ara estem treballant en el color i l'edició.

Us mostro unes imatges de com estan quedant els frames, i us adjunto enllaços per que veièu el procés de creació de la banda sonora.

Moltes gràcies de nou. Seguim!




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