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Sitter - Horror Short Film

Andrea is going to babysit Elliot for a short weekend. It won't take her long to find out what is really hidden behind that cute smile.


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Some cold hearted fathers, night changing hallways, a babysitter that will have to do anything to survive through the night and a kid with a special diet.

These are the ingredients of 'Sitter', the next horror shortfilm directed by Santiago 'Pistachín' Arcos.

First poster of the short film
First poster of the short film

Sitter is a horror shortfilm with a little bit of suspense, it pretends to play with viewer's imagination to make them stuck to their seat. The surprise will come not only from the classic but iconic horror film jump scares, but also from a music, the way of treating every shot and a script that will make the viewers create the horror in their minds, and not just with what they're shown on the screen. The cinematography style is inspired by the modern horror films and series (from 'The Haunting of Hill House' to 'Babadook', and many other horror films from this century), but also with a slight personal touch, being influenced by other genres such as the aforementioned suspense, action or drama.

About your Reward

Here go some details about each one of them.

First one, to be credited. You'll be mentioned in them (full name or nickname) in the 'PATRONS' section.

Online access will be given in October, by the time when the Sitges Film Festival starts.

The DVD with the shortfilm will be sent to wherever you ask on the same dates.

The Poster will be sent with the DVD, it'll be the same one you see here.

Your t-shirt will be sent with the DVD and Poster, with the same design. It'll be a speacial one, different from the ones to be sold, since yours will have the word 'MECENAS' in the back, as a thanks to your collaboration.

The 2 ticket invitation to the premiere is for a private projection, that will be done before anything is sent, in the city of Barcelona (Spain).

The invitation to the party after shooting is only for the patron.

Online early access to the shortfilm will be given as soon as the Shortfilm is ready, which will be around August 2019.

The cast and director will sign DVD and Poster.

The Making Of will be included within the same DVD as the shortfilm. It will have pictures and videos of the shooting.

The script will be sent printed in DIN A4 format, ring binded and signed both by director and writer of the short film, with a special dedication to the patron.

The invite to the shooting is for one to choose and set between the Patron and the production staff, only for the patron and in any of both filming locations.

The 'Executive Producer' title it's not only for the credits, but your name will be added also in IMDb (as long as the parton agrees to do so). Given the case that the patron is a private company or an individual with a coporate image, you'll be invited to add your logo to all posters, trailers, credits and anywhere where it might be suit for.

The double invitation for 2019 Sitges Film Festival is tied to the short film being in the 'Official selection' and is for the patron and a companion.

All rewards include (if necessary) the shipping costs in all the Península Ibérica and Illes Balears

How will we use the donations

All the donated money will be used in logistics related to a shooting (transportation, food, filming locations, etc.), to rent any necessary equipment both for decoration as for lights and camera gear.

And due to the special needs of this project, an important part of the money will be used to visual effects, both in shooting set (prothesis, make up, costumes) as for CGI in post-production.

Planed Schedule

Shooting is scheduled to be at the beginning of March, 5 shooting days in tho filming locations in Barcelona (Spain). And post-production will last up until the end of May, so that is ready to be sent to the 2019 Sitges Film Festival.

Some of the rewards are tied to the production schedule, so these ones will be delivered when that schedule allows us todo so.



Amanda Hernández is Andrea

Amanda Hernández
Amanda Hernández

Born in Barcelona, studied in Nancy Tuñon-Jordi Oliver acting school, and learned many other artistic disciplines such as singing and dancing (New Style, to be precise). Her stage experience goes from 'microteatro' ('La Mánager' 5ª Edición de MicroARTES, David Vila), 'Junts.Com?' from Les Fugitives theatre company to 'Lluny' of Caryl Churchill. She has also been in front of the camera many times, to name a few, the shortfilm 'Laia' of Daniel de Pasquale and the webserie 'Deceptos: Los hijos de Salter', written and directed by Joe Román.

Àlex Losada is Elliot

Àlex Losada
Àlex Losada

From Barcelona, student in 'Laura Jou escuela de Interpretación'. Has participated in many TV spots, a videoclip from an international singer "Caloncho" as in spanish television, in 'Big Band Clan' and one episode of 'Los lunnis', which followed with a supporting role in the movie "Los lunnis y el libro Mágico" premiered in Spain in January 2019.

Mercè Teruel is Carla, Elliot's mother

Mercè Teruel
Mercè Teruel

From Sabadell, she has been in front of the cameras for a long time, be it in dozens of TV spots, short films as this one or 'Ceniceros' (Adrián Cruz) and two feature films directed by Antonio Chavarrías and Mar Tarragona respectively.

Joe López es Jorge, el padre de Elliot

Joe López
Joe López

From Barcelona, studied at l'Escola de Teatre de l'Ateneu de Cerdanyola (ATAC) en Voice, Acting, Acrobatics, Clown, Body Expression and Make up. Whilst and after his studies he performed in many ATAC plays. After that, he's kept the learning process in EOLIA, El Timbal and Set d'Acció and acting, both in TV Spots as in ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) and UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya) short films.


Santiago 'Pistachin' Arcos is the director of this project.

Studied Cinematography at ECIB (Escola de Cinema de Barcelona) and participated in many shortfilms and spots, always in the Cinematography Department. In June 2018 directed his first short film, which will be premiered in February 2019. Currently he studies acting in Eolia, one of the most important acting schools in Barcelona, and he's also getting this project ready, with the idea of reaching the 2019 'Sitges Film Festival'.

Jordi Ribolleda es, junto a 'Pistachin', el guionista.

Studied film directing at ECIB and then specialized in script writting in ESCAC. Graduate in 'English Studies', currently works in the publishers sector, which allows him to read and know a lot of stories that help him throughout his creative process, both in book and script writting.

Miguel Trias de Bes es el productor.

Graduate in 'udiovisual and Administrative Communication' and 'Business Management'. Founder 'Chill Turtle' productions. He has produced and directed short films, videoclips, fashion films and spots for the last four years. This is the second short film he has produced with Santiago Arcos.

Miquel de Jorge Artells is the OST composer.

Graduate in Violin by the Conservatori Superior del Liceu de Barcelona since 2017 he has specialized in Composing at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC). His piece 'Mester d'Amor' was awarded the 'I Concurso de Composición Joven de Cataluña', the premier of which will be performed in May of 2019. He's been part of the 'Jove Orquestra Nacional de Catalunya' and currently of the 'Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia', in addition to having composed the music for many short films, including this one and the one you can hear on the trailer


Enlaces de interés

-Pistachin Films Facebook

-Pistachin Films

-Chill Turtle Productions

-Chill Turtle Facebook


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