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Les altres coses que ens separen

Fiction movie; a generational portrait that talks about the power of friendship to face the uncertainty of a change of era.

Les altres

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Dear patrons,

We are very excited to introduce you to Les altres coses que ens separen ( The other things between us ) , a movie about the change of era that Jana, Alba and Zoe are about to face: they will soon finish the studies that have kept them together for the past four years, and will enter the uncertain world of "adults". Each of them goes through this moment in a different way, but they all feel scared of the future. This will create conflicts between them and make their friendship tremble.

We started to work assiduously on this project in October 2016 and, since then, we have not stopped. We have been creating this story in classrooms, libraries, cafes, dining rooms and Skypes Sant Cugat-Barcelona-Tampere-Riga-Cork-Moscow for many hours. Now, finally, it is time to go one step further: shooting the movie!

In order to bring this project to life, we need your help, and this is why this crowdfunding campaign is really important to us. We would like to convey to you the love we have for this film so that, if you feel like it, you can contribute by donating through the different options that we are offering. Another way to help us is by sharing the link of this campaign in your social networks, explaining the project to your friends and families, getting the name of the film tattooed in your arm... (well, this might be a bit too much).

Thank you very much for sharing this adventure with us. This is just the beginning!

Les altres coses que ens separen was born in 2016 under the name Maioridade, a portuguese word for "adulthood," as a Pompeu Fabra University script project supervised and tutored by Marc Crehuet, director and screenwriter of films such as El Rei Borni or Pop Ràpid. Even though the plot has changed a lot since the beginning, its essence still remains the same. The story is based on our own experience but has a universal component too: the fear of change, of an uncertain future, and how it can be faced through friendship.

The film is being developed within the Bachelor's Final Project subject of the degree in Media Studies at Pompeu Fabra University. Successful films such as Les amigues de l'Àgata , nominated for the Gaudí Awards, Julia Ist , and webseries like El Mort Viu, winner of an Ondas Award, have been born this way. These are all projects that began with a crowdfunding campaign in Verkami.

Jana, Alba, and Zoe are spending the Easter Holidays in Alba's family house in the countryside. They are making some kind of creative retreat to finish their university projects. The experience proves to be so funny, fresh and relaxed that it makes them want to repeat it later when they do not have university responsibilities anymore and can focus on being together and enjoying each other's company.

This moment, however, does not arrive until October. And their lives are no longer the same. Jana is one and a half months away from going to Toronto and joining the winter semester of a Master's Degree. Alba is looking for internships in Barcelona ​​because she did not do it while she was in college. And Zoe has recently decided to take a job as a trainee at a music festival in the UK and she has not told her friends yet. This second time, the house will become more sordid, more stained with all the things that have not been said.

Setting an intimate and fresh mood, Les altres coses que ens separen is an ode to friendship and to the need to learn to take care of it through communication and love.

Jana is 22 and has everything sorted out. She’s sensitive, affectionate and magnetic. She has always been responsible, a role model, and has never made a false move. She will soon be moving to Toronto to study her Master’s Degree and, for the first time, she is doubting about whether she is making the right decision: she doesn’t know if she is ready to leave her life in Barcelona behind. She's afraid of things going beyond her control. She is the most conciliatory of the three friends and will try to relieve the tense situation between them.

She is worried about: not being able to control her own life, the unknown and finding herself, suddenly, without any friends neither in Toronto nor in Barcelona.

She is brought to life by Laura Roig, a third-year student at Institut del Teatre, and one of the main characters in the short film La Mugre (Berta Galvany and Pau Bosch, 2018).

Alba is 21 and has nothing sorted out. She is chaotic, funny and explosive. During her childhood and adolescence, she lived all around the world and never managed to have a stable group of friends. This changed when she turned 18, when she settled in Barcelona and met Jana and Zoe. That's why she's afraid the group will split apart and she will be left alone once again. She looks like she has everything under control, but the truth is she doesn’t want her insecurities to be exposed. She is the proudest of the three girls and will have a hard time admitting that she is not always right.

She is worried about: losing the stability she has worked so hard to find in her social relationships, and suddenly being (or feeling) alone again.

Angela Cervantes, currently playing Anna in the TV3 series Com si Fos Ahir, is playing Alba.

Zoe is 21 and is not concerned about having things sorted out or not, she just lives day by day. She is impulsive, independent, direct and generous, and her goal is to devote herself to music. There is only one drawback: her family has few resources and cannot help her economically. In the film, she will find an opportunity to go to the United Kingom to work at a music festival, a perfect chance to get closer to her dream and leave her family, with whom she has a harsh relationship. She somehow feels responsible for her friends, and this is why she is afraid to disappoint them with her decision. At the same time, though, she is convinced that leaving is the best thing she can do.

She is worried about: what her closest friends think of her, as she considers them the family she has been able to choose, and seeks in them the support and approval she does not get from her biological family.

She is played by Ivet Zamora, second-year student in the Institut del Teatre, and actress in the theater play Dolç at Teatre Gleva.

The film is developed within a unique, large, wide space that fuses nature and home. It is a 16th-century farmhouse in Sant Sadurní de l'Heura, in the Baix Empordà, surrounded by forests that will also have an important role in the film. We will also shoot in a gorge in the Garrotxa, an image that will become the film's backbone, a very special place for the main characters.

Special thanks in the credits

Your name will appear in the credits of the film as a person who has helped us to make this project possible.

Exclusive link of the teaser

We will send you the teaser link of our project by email, and you will be able to see it before we publish it!

Selfie from the team

You will receive a selfie from us (we take a lot of these). It may be from a filming session, a rehearsal with the team, a moment where the actresses have taken over our phones ... It will be a surprise!

Digital copy of an illustration made by one of us

We will send you an email with a digitized version of an illustration inspired by the film, made by one of the members of our team.

Tickets for the first projection

We will have an exclusive screening for the sponsors, to show the first version of the film. This will not be a simple screening, it will be an opportunity to receive feedback from our sponsors and to improve the movie!

Tote bag designed by Clara de Ramon

Clara de Ramon, director of photography and graphic designer of the project, has created a design for our official tote bag, inspired by the three main characters and following the style of the film.

Link to the character's Spotify playlists

Jana, Alba, and Zoe have Spotify playlists filled with music of various styles and groups. Choose a pack with this reward if you want to listen to the music they listen to and that inspired us, the team of the project, to create the characters.

Physical copy of an illustration made by Elena Ballvé

You will receive an illustration inspired by the project, made by Elena with lots of love.

Original analog photography dedicated to you

We will send you an original analog photography made during the shooting and dedicated to you by the team.

Link to the OST, made by Martí Juan

Martí Juan (who has already participated in another project by Verkami, Diumenge) has created the Original Soundtrack for our film. Take a pack with this reward if you want to receive the link to listen to Martí's music.


You will have the opportunity to make an exclusive appearance in a scene in the movie.

Appearance in the movie credits as Associate Producer

Your name will appear in the credits under the title "Associate Producer", in recognition for your high economic contribution.

We are a group of friends from university who have been working together for five years in projects such as L’era enfonsada (Eva Casas), a short documentary broadcasted by Betevé, Yellow Days (Beatriz Pérez and Nuria Salgado), a short film tutored by filmmakers such as Isa Campos ( La próxima piel, Entre dues aigües...) and Litost (Alexandra Gantzer), a videodance selected by the Choreoscope Film Festival.

Elena Ballvé Martín, director and screenwriter

Intern assisting the audiovisual and communication department at La Bonne, Women's Culture Center Francesca Bonnemaison. She spent half-year in Riga, Latvia, studying at Latvijas Universitāte, where she took documentary direction courses and representation of historical events in art lessons.

Alexandra Gantzer Soler, director and screenwriter

She has worked at Oberon Cinematográfica as a casting and production assistant and reviewing screenplays. She has collaborated in several university screening projects, and has also participated in films such as Diumenge (Haizea Alberdi, Víctor Navarro), a film that achieved more than successfully its goal on its Verkami campaign last year.

Carlota Darnell Bruguera, production manager

She works as an assistant in the production and projects developement at MAGRANA, a cultural enterprise. She studied 6 months in Moscow, where she specialized in Production and Marketing.

Júlia Parés Fabrellas, production director

She works as a production assistant for the audiovisual production company Alba Sotorra S.L. She studied for 5 months in Finland, where she specialized in Production and Marketing and worked as the head of contents of the International Week of the TAMK University.

Laia Borràs Cardona, director of photography and camera

Assistant of communication and cultural management at Fundació Foto Colectania. She also interned at the production company Fuera de Campo Films, where she helped with the editing tasks, post production and photography department.

Clara by Ramon Passarelli, director of photography and graphic designer

She is working at &Rosas as part of the ALMA project team. She studied a semester at Queens College (NY), where she also interned at the art department of the ANTI management model agency.

👯We're all in this together! 👯‍♂️

Making a movie is not an easy task, and this is why we have decided to get surrounded by a team of fantastic people, colleagues who are eager to do this project and will help us from their respective areas of expertise.

  • Carlos Marqués Marcet - Director, screenwriter and editor. Known for films such as 10,000km (Best Novel Direction at the Goya’s, Best Director and Script at Gaudí’s ...) and Tierra Firme (Nominated for Best Non-Catalan Film at Gaudí’s, at Best Comedy at Ferocious’...)

  • Carla Simón - Screenwriter and director. Estiu 1993 (Best Debut Film at the Berlinale, Gold Biznaga at the Malaga Festival, Best Novel Direction at the Goya’s, selected to represent Spain at the Oscars) is her first feature film, which became a phenomenon on a national and international scale .

  • Jonás Trueba - Screenwriter and director. Awarded with numerous national and international awards, he is the author of films such as Los Ilusos (Best Film at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema) and Los exiliados románticos (Special Jury Prize and Best Music Award at the Malaga Festival).

  • Alba Sotorra: Scriptwriter, director and producer. Known for her feature documantary Game Over (Gaudí Award for Best Documentary) and Commander Arian, nominated to national and international awards and acclaimed by audience and critics.

  • Sergi Moreno: Producer and production director known for his work in films such as 10,000 km, Rei Borni, Tierra Firme, Júlia Ist and Petitet (Gaudí Award for Best Documentary). He has also worked as a lecturer at Pompeu Fabra University.

  • Gonzalo de Lucas: Professor of Assembly at the UPF and director of the Postgraduate Program in Audiovisual Assembly at the BSM-UPF. Programmer of XCèntric, the cinema of the CCCB, a collaborator in La Vanguardia, a film researcher...

Making a film involves a lot of expenses, not only for the camera, sound and lighting equipment; you have to consider many other aspects that are not so obvious.

Even though this film is being created in the framework of a final degree project at Pompeu Fabra University, this one is a public university, and does not provide us with any kind of financial aid. That’s why the funding for this film is being raised 100% by us.

We as a team have made an investment of our own of €6,300 in total. Our intention is to fund the remaining 50% of the film’s production with this crowdfunding campaign.

We have set the goal of raising €6,500. From these amount, we will be charged with a 6,35% + VAT.

The money we will raise with both this campaign and our own investment be spent on:

  • Light and sound equipment (camera, sound recorders, microphones, cables, lighting, camera focus filters ...): 32%

  • Art (sets, props, costumes, makeup, etc.): 8%

  • Production (travel expenses and diets of the team, script copies, etc.): 38%

  • Post-production (editing material, colouring,, editing and sound mixing.): 10%

  • Other (rewards of the Verkami’s campaign, distribution,etc.): 12%

IMPORTANT! All the people from the artistic and technical team work together to make this project happen without any kind of economical compensation. Thus, all the money raised will be used entirely to expenses non-related to the human team. It is worth noting that, in the case that the film produces some kind of benefit in the future, everyone will receive a financial compensation for their work.

Verkami is a micropatronage platform, a collaborative mechanism for project funding. The idea is that you help us to make the film real through financial contributions; in return, you will recieve rewards designed by us and made with lots of love.

We have 40 days to reach our goal. If at the end of this period we have reached it, the charges of your contribution commitments will be made in your credit card and we will receive the money. If, on the other hand, we do not reach the goal, there will be no money transaction and the patron contribution commitments will be nullified.

Of the total raised, Verkami charges for its services a 5% + VAT. In addition, a 1.35% + VAT for the management of the payments made by card has to be taken into account. Therefore, the associated cost when carrying out the campaign is a 6.35% + VAT.

And what steps do you need to follow? We explain them to you:

1) If you are not a Verkami user, the first thing you need to do is register (in the upper right corner, click on "register" and fill in your data). If you are, all you need to do is sign in.

2) Once you have your account, login to our project and, in the right column, select the reward/pack that you like.

3) Click on ** "Contribute"**, and then follow the instructions to pay with your credit card.

4) And you're done! You are already a patron!

You will find more information about Verkami procedures at this link: https://www.verkami.com/page/faq

Follow us in our instagram account @les_altres to check how the project evolves!



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  • Montse Borràs Galindo

    Montse Borràs Galindo

    over 4 years

    Apostem perquè els vostres somnis siguin reals 🍀

  • Rosa Camps

    Rosa Camps

    over 4 years

    Molta sort Carlota!! Ho aconseguireu!!

  • esterat


    over 4 years

    EStic segura que una producció fantàstica. La Clara de RAmon no ho sap fer d'una altra manera :)

  • Anna Sanchez

    Anna Sanchez

    over 4 years

    Espero que se cumplan todos vuestros sueños😘😘

  • albasotorra


    over 4 years

    Quan un grup de dones intel·ligents i amb talent es posen a crear juntes es genera quelcom que va més enllà del fet cinematogràfic: les seves veus i la seva mirada son necessàries i ens representen. Molt contenta de poder aportar un granet de sorra per a que aquest projecte tiri endavant.

  • Oberon cinematogràfica

    Oberon cinematogràfica

    over 4 years

    Molta sort i amunt!

  • haizealberdi


    over 4 years

    Molts ànims guapes! a topeeee <3

  • Diego Triemstra

    Diego Triemstra

    over 4 years


  • Les altres

    Les altres

    over 4 years

    Gràcies a totes i a totes pels vostres comentaris i ànims <3 estem eternament agraïdes per tot el recolzament que ens esteu donant!!

    De part de les sis: de nou, moltíssimes, moltíssimes gràcies :)

  • Xavier Closa

    Xavier Closa

    over 4 years

    Que tingueu molta sort!! Nina i Xavi



Estimades i estimats mecenes,

Estem molt felices de poder dir que hem arribat al nostre objectiu de Verkami en menys de dues setmanes, i gràcies a vosaltres! Han estat uns dies intensos acabant de pair aquesta notícia, el suport i l'acompanyament que ens heu donat han estat meravellosos i no podriem estar més agraïdes.

Ara, però, toca continuar! Com ja sabeu, fer una pel·lícula és molt car. Amb els diners que hem recollit fins ara ens hem assegurat una bona base per poder tenir els mínims durant el rodatge, però mai ve malament una mica més. És per això que ens hem marcat un segon objectiu de 8.500 euros. Amb aquests diners, podem invertir més pressupost en material de fotografia durant el rodatge i podem tenir una post-producció més cuidada, de cara a tenir un millor resultat amb el producte final.

Aprofitem aquesta actualització per ensenyar-vos un tast del que volem amb la nostra pel·lícula. Aquí teniu el teaserread more

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