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FAITH: What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Was Lost In A Parallel Universe?

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FAITH in a line

"FAITH is an ambitious sci-fi / fantasy short film about two separated friends in childhood that are now are looking for each other between parallel universes; it will be distributed at large international festivals".

Why would you love being a patron of FAITH?

  • Because it is an ambitious project: FAITH will be distributed at major festivals both generalist and science-fiction: Sundance Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Gijon Festival, New York Sci FI Film Festival, etc.

  • Because it is different from other science fiction / fantasy projects: We have taken our ambition to the limit to make a sci-fi short film production in a big way and at the same time with a story full of nuances. We are inspired by Stranger Thins or The OA, among others.

  • Because the soundtrack is of another dimension: For the production we have had the El Invernadero studio, with Brian Hunt and Juan Gonsalvez, who are two of the best producers in the country. Brian Hunt rose to fame after the production of Russian Red's debut album.

What is FAITH?

  • It's a friendship story Two childhood friends who separate and remain in parallel universes. The years pass and they will continue searching each other ... will they meet?

  • It is a story of intuition and perseverance: The protagonist of FAITH has the intuition that her friend is alive in a parallel universe and will do everything possible to find it.

  • It is a kaleidoscopic, musical and multidimensional universe: Although it is not a musical movie, music is very important in FAITH, it represents the connection between the characters.

A soundtrack from another dimension

The music in FAITH is very important. It represents the universe of the intangible, of intuition. It is the link between the two characters.

For the soundtrack we decided to have Brian Hunt, one of the most important producers in Spain and whose music we liked a lot.

We produced the songs with Brian Hunt and Juan Diego Gonsálvez, another big production specialist, in the El Invernadero studio. Three songs were recorded, DREAM, FAITH AND RISE, which I had composed and which we then finished designing and producing in the studio. With a spectacular result.

** My goal is to work the visual composition from the music and not the other way around, as it is more common **.

Why is FAITH different? A kaleidoscopic science fiction

One day I dreamed of two people who, without seeing each other, communicated through piano music. But where were they? Why had they separated? And why only music could unite them? The answer to all these questions I only found in physics.

These two people, these childhood friends, each lived in a different parallel universe, and they had separated for reasons beyond their control.

But the science fiction in this short film is not obvious to the naked eye, or it will not be until the end. This manifests itself in small details ... The child who speaks in a strange language, the hallucinations of the protagonist, the distance more than cultural that separates them ... An implicit mystery from the beginning and that will not be resolved until the end of the short film.

The story thus goes on subtly, in a similar way to what happens in the series The OA, and is raising a series of unknowns in the viewer that are not resolved until the final outcome, a tremendous climax to this travel history of the hero that will lead to a different dimension, an altered Madrid.

About Carolina Reynoso

They often say that I am "multitasking" or "multidisciplinary artist". I like to think that everything is part of the same. I direct, act, write and sing in a single work that becomes practically a universe. And that is what I love to do, to transfer to reality the universes that I have in my head and heart and that come out through all the senses.

I have worked as a director, scriptwriter, assistant director and actress in different productions for the BBC, Televisión de Galicia or Amnisitía Internacional, among others. I have also given different conferences, among them at the Ateneo de Madrid, about the "Total Artist". In addition, ** I am a regular contributor to the "Desayuno con liantes" program on Public Radio of Asturias **.

Below you can see my previous work, "Shit", which garnered different selections in international festivals, and of which I am very proud:

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To what we will destine your contributions

The contributions will be allocated to the different aspects of FAITH's production: pre-production and filming, editing, post-production and special effects, distribution and marketing. If you want to know the budget do not hesitate to contact me.

Other sources of financing we have are the associated production and own funds. Crowdfunding will represent a third approx. of the total budget.

Scheduled calendar

Below you can see the project calendar:

November 2017 - March 2018: Teaser and script

November 2017 - November 2018: Concept and preparation of state aid

January - May 2019: search for financing

January - May 2019: pre-production

June 2019: shooting

July and August 2019: post-production

September 2019: distribution launch

When will I receive my reward?

The rewards will be send once the crowdfunding ends on April 12, within a month.

When will the private screening be?

Between September and November 2019.

Between September and November 2019.

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  • ilumina


    almost 4 years

    Uy! Solo 48€... y ya lo consigues... intuición!!!

  • aleluya


    almost 4 years

    llegando al final ...intuición...empezará la acción: sí...: ¡7000 ya!

  • ilumina


    almost 4 years

    Quedan 6 días y casi alcanzada la meta con 43 mecenas... adelante... hay que llegar: la intuición guía... 7000... empieza ya

  • Lramon


    almost 4 years

    A por todo!! Saludos desde México

  • Ignacio Grifol

    Ignacio Grifol

    about 4 years

    Porque Carolina es una escritora y directora con mucho talento y merece sacar este proyecto adelante

  • ilumina


    about 4 years

    Ya 30 mecenas... se animarán muchos mas...y grabaras este corto...adelante

  • Julia


    about 4 years

    Me encanta que esté tramando ella todo lo que da forma al proyecto y la conexión que ha creado entre todos los puntos. Se necesita dar cabida a proyectos audiovisuales con esta poética. ¡Mucha suerte!

  • Alicia


    about 4 years

    Adelante con los sueños!!

  • Carolina


    about 4 years

    Que tengas todo el éxito que mereces! Un abrazo

  • Beatriz


    about 4 years

    ¡Buena suerte, Carolina! Seguro que podremos compartir un trocito de tu inteligencia y sensibilidad.

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