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Backstage. Let's talk about a sarcoma.

Help us to discover what happens from the time the doctors walk out the door of the practice until they come back for the next visit.

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Why this documentary?

In June 2016, my mother died on the seventh floor of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, after being diagnosed with an osteosarcoma in the jaw and spending her last two years walking through those corridors, rooms, offices, operating rooms ... testing treatments and going through all the states that a disease like this entails. I will not deny that she, and all of us who accompanied her, lived the worst moments of our lives, but at the same time we also received the most genuine signs of altruism and humanity, and why not, of love.

She, in those moments of her life, was a very angry optimist, clinging to life and anxious to find information, theories, conversations, relationships, which would lead her to try to understand or digest a little more what was happening in her own body.

During the process, we realized about the importance of the information and talking; how a conversation with a specialist could help to discover some unknowns; and how important it was to understand the process, the "famous protocol". In short, to be able to know what was happening at each moment. This gave her security and confidence, especially because her case was a very minority cancer, about which not much is said.

To know what a medical committee is about, to know how research works, to know who is behind it, their commitment, was very important in order to understand what happened since the doctors were leaving through the door of the consulting office and coming back in a few days later, when they visited her again. Humanizing the process, being able to understand it, participating directly, not only as a patient who "leaves her life in the hands of another", empowered her and made her feel less vulnerable.

I know she was very strong, and her strength and energy were quite unique, but thanks to this she revealed to all of us a "backstage" of which very little is known and which seemed very important to us. That is why three years after her death, we want to pass on her testimony within our field, the documentary, showing this world behind the scenes so enriching, human, genuine and necessary to know for all those who may be going through a similar moment, especially for all sarcoma patients, and also for their companions.

Carlota Coloma, producer.


"Backstage" is a short documentary that follows a research team from the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), specializing in the study and treatment of sarcoma, a cancer considered a minority disease. Currently, "Campus Vall d'Hebron" is a center of reference in the treatment of sarcomas, and although it is a minority cancer, they treat approximately one new patient every three days.

From their day to day and from their work, we will know the intimacy in the routine of the professionals. Observing their processes, we ask ourselves:

What threads unite researchers, doctors and patients? What happens between sessions? How does a medical committee work? Who takes care of us without ever getting to know them?

Our characters

The interviews will focus on showing the day-to-day life of the researchers in a naturalized way. The way to introduce the information may be through conversations or their own actions.

We have the collaboration of:

1. Dr. Josep Tabernero Director of VHIO and Head of Medical Oncology Service of Hospital Vall d’Hebron. 2. Dr. Joan Carles: Head of the Genitourinary Tumours, CNS and Sarcomas Programme. 3. Dra. Claudia Valverde: Medical Oncologist of Vall d
1. Dr. Josep Tabernero Director of VHIO and Head of Medical Oncology Service of Hospital Vall d’Hebron. 2. Dr. Joan Carles: Head of the Genitourinary Tumours, CNS and Sarcomas Programme. 3. Dra. Claudia Valverde: Medical Oncologist of Vall d'Hebron specialist in sarcomas and researcher of Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO). 4. Dr. César Serrano: medical oncologist and Principal Investigator of the Translational Sarcoma Research Group. 5. Dra. Cleofé Romagosa: Pathological anatomy Vall d'Hebron. 6. Dra. Ana Vivancos Head of the Cancer Genomics Group. 7. Dr. Elena Garralda Principal Investigator of the VHIO Early Clinical Development Group of Drugs and Director of the Research Unit of Molecular Therapy of Cancer (UITM) "la Caixa". 8. Radiology/radiation therapy team. 9. Team of surgeons. 10. Lab. VHIO.

Where will your contributions go?

When we met the press officer of VHIO she told us: "If you had a bakery, you would have brought us a cake, but you have a production company and you bring us a video!" This is how this project was born, from the donation, gratitude and our intention to join the fight against sarcoma and cancer in general. From the visibility, recognition and tribute to all those who live with it, both the patients and the team of professionals in front and behind one of the most important reference centers.

Your contributions are intended to cover the direct costs of the production. With this project we do not have any economical interest. We want to share and reveal an essential part of the fight against cancer, which is often invisible. With your contribution you will help cover the costs of technical material and the direct costs of the shooting and post-production. Above all, you will contribute to make a portrait of the people who are part of cancer research, especially sarcomas, which, for the years to come, will always be the picture of this moment. From a present moment but also from the future. A look behind the curtains to transmit the strength and the desire to fight, and nobody better to transmit it than those who work every day to find their cure.


May-June 2019: Shooting

July-August 2019: Editing

September 2019: Postproduction

October 2019: Presentation

November 2019: Distribution


We want to reach everyone who may be going through any of the processes involved in being diagnosed with cancer, focusing on sarcoma, and who wants to dig a little deeper, put a face to the team and have more information about what may be happening. Therefore, we believe that the content must be freely accessible and be able to circulate on different platforms. That it can be easily shared and that anyone, from their mobile phone, in the waiting rooms, can watch it anonymously, directly and without intermediaries.

We will spread it with the help of the platforms created on sarcoma, both nationally and internationally, through the platforms of VHIO and Campus Vall d'Hebron, as well as through profiles of social networks of people who are involved with the cause and that with their sharing can help us reach many more people.

Another very important point is its international intention. Because this is a minority disease, we believe it may be of great interest for patients anywhere in the world, as well as their families. That's why the documentary will include the option of incorporating subtitles in different languages, which can be activated according to the audience.

About us

Direction crew:

Patricia Tamayo - She has studied Psychology and has specialized in contemporary thought and IAA. She has collaborated in contents for La mandarina de Newton (CosmoCaixa, Arts Santa Mònica), Drac Màgic audiovisual media cooperative and for the Faculty of Philosophy of the UB. She has coordinated the film distribution company Pack Màgic, specialized in the diffusion of films that stimulate aesthetic sensitivity and emotional education in children, and has collaborated with the ICEC for the implementation of the application ArtAccés of the Generalitat de Catalunya. She has written and directed the collective feature film "Shanghai brillaba entre líneas", the medium-length film "Miradas" for the Mestral School and the documentary series " Scale 1:5", dedicated to the New Sala Beckett in Barcelona, the latest creation of the architecture studio Flores & Prats.

Albert Badia - is graduated in Cinema (ESCAC) and Philosophy (UNED) and has specialized in Modal Aesthetics, researching how art helps us to think the world. He works in the camera crew for directors such as Agustí Villaronga and Isabel Coixet. He has directed the photography for the feature film "La muerte en la Alcarria" (selected in different international festivals such as: Visions du Reél, In-Edit, L'Alternativa), the documentary series "Tu mateix" (winner of the INPUT) and videoclips such as "Arenas movedizas", for La Bien Querida.

As a director, his first feature was the collective project "Shanghai brillaba entre líneas". He has also written and directed the documentary series " Scale 1:5" about the New Sala Beckett, and the video dance "Woman against the light" in collaboration with the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation.

Jeffrey Frigula - graduated in 2008 by ESCAC in the specialty of Direction. As a final year project, he wrote and directed the short film " Distopia " (35mm), which was selected in a large number of festivals such as Sant Sebastian, Mecal or Cannes Film Market, and received various awards and mentions at the national and international levels. Later he directed music videos for well-known groups such as Kokoshca or La Bien Querida and experimented with multiple audiovisual formats such as documentaries, video art or advertising. His latest projects include co-directing the feature film "Shanghai brillaba entre líneas" and being the creator and Showrunner of the fiction series "Monkey Express" for Movistar+ Series.

The production company:

15-L. Films we are an independent film production company, founded by Carlota Coloma and Adrià Lahuerta in 2013 in Barcelona. We are moved by documentaries that immerse us in the authenticity of things lived: people, places, behaviours... always looking for an impact that is international and positive for society and helps us to understand it a little better.

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  • PilarOrús


    over 4 years

    Molta sort i endavant.

  • PilarOrús


    over 4 years

    Molta sort i endavant.

  • Cristina Guillen

    Cristina Guillen

    over 4 years

    Us desitxo molt d’exit i que aquest proyecte arrivi a totes les persones afectades per aquesta cruel enfermetad.

  • montse


    over 4 years

    Molta sort!

  • Francisco nuñez

    Francisco nuñez

    over 4 years

    Gracias y Ánimo



    over 4 years

    Et trobo a faltar

  • leif_erikson


    over 4 years

    Endavant amb el projecte! XD

  • carlabenito


    over 4 years

    Moltes gràcies estimats!!

  • Mireia Coloma Cañellas

    Mireia Coloma Cañellas

    over 4 years

    Molt exit i molts petons

  • Gisela Vidal Coloma

    Gisela Vidal Coloma

    over 4 years

    Petons a tot@s

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