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The Fantasticus Lute

Fundraising for the reproduction of the phonogram Liuto phantasticus, First lute book by G. G. Kapsberger

Aland López Sanchez

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Havana, Cuba
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The Fantasticus Lute

Il Libro Primo d'Intavolatura di Lauto, Rome 1611, by Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (Venice, c.1580-Rome, 1651). Fascinating and inspiring music by one of the most extraordinary composers of Italianseicento.

 Libro Primo d
Libro Primo d'Intavolatura di Lauto, Roma 1611, de Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (Venecia, c.1580-Roma, 1651).

The project:

Fundraising for the reproduction of the phonogram Liuto phantasticus, Libro Primod'Intavolatura di Lauto, published in Rome in 1611 by Giovanni GirolamoKapsberger(Venice, c.1580-Rome, 1651), recorded in Havana, Cuba in February and March 2019.

My name is Aland López, Cuban musician,performer of Renaissance and Baroque repertoires written for early plucked string instruments as archlute, theorbo, baroque and renaissance guitaramong others.

I have been studying for several years the work for lute of Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (Venice ca. of 1580 - Rome in 1651) documentary treasure full of universality and contemporaneity.

Kapsberger, from a very young age, was linked to the main Italian artistic circles.Was member of the Academia degli Umristi, one of the most famous in Rome and at the same time had his own academy where theoreticians, poets and musicians met together with the Italy's best voices to interpret the genres of that time. He was part of the Pope court of Urban VIII (MaffeoBarberini) and received from him and his nephew Francesco Barberini the patronage for the development of his career as a composer. His music was part of the repertoire that was sung within the Sistine Chapel.

His musical production consists of several books of Villanele, cantatas, as well as an opera dedicated to San Ignacio de Loyola. Within the work written for plucked string instruments are several books for theorbo.

The Il Libro Primo d'Intavolatura di Lauto, publicated in Rome in 1611,integrally recorded in this phonogram, is Kapsberger's only contribution to the laudistic repertoire that has reached our times. The anthology was printed with the approval of Filippo Nicolini, his friend and member of L'Accademia degli Umoristi, choosing the works that probably already circulating in manuscript from in the environment of the academies.

The book contains twelve gallants, twelve correntes and eight tocatas, the latter considered to be one of the best exponents of the sort in the Italian repertoire for cordphone instruments of the seventeenth century.

The incomparable originality and creative ingenuity of this composer led him to excel in the Roman music scene and receive the nickname of iltedesco della tiorba.

The diffusion of this work is of vital importance for its study, comprehension and enjoyment, directed to a very diverse public that includes scholars, interpreters or music lovers eager to know repertoires so little divulged, but of an amazing wealth. The help requested will be used for the printing of the phonogram and not only will my dream of many years of study and work be fulfilled, but also to reach a large number of people who can enjoy a vision of the work for Lute by Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger with an interpretation made from another very different latitude, the Caribbean, Havana.

Who I am:

Teresa Paz y Aland López
Teresa Paz y Aland López

In 1994, together with my wife, Teresa Paz, I founded Conjunto de Música Antigua Ars Longade la Habana with which we have presented ourselves in the most prestigious music halls in Europe, United States of America and Latin America and made more than 15 record productions dedicated to the rescue of the Hispanic American musical heritage from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, which have received important awards from specialized critics and magazines such as Diapasón, Clásico, Le Monde de la Musique among others.

As a soloist I have performed in numerous venues in Cuba, Spain, Italy, Colombia, Slovenia, Croatia and Mexico, as well as courses in historical interpretation at prestigious institutions in Cuba, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.

I am currently co-artistic director and founder of the Esteban Salas ancient Music Festival in Havana, which takes place in the historic center of this city and is a fundamental space for more than 20 years for the dissemination and of historically informed interpretation of the ancient repertoires.

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  • Gilda Anna

    Gilda Anna

    almost 3 years

    Bonne chance !

  • Philippe Van Ende

    Philippe Van Ende

    almost 3 years

    I do not find the way to give 100 , so i do 50 twice . You will realize your project !! great dream i supose !! , glad for you

  • Bernd Haegemann

    Bernd Haegemann

    almost 3 years

    Abrazos de Bruselas!

  • Pedro Rovira

    Pedro Rovira

    almost 3 years

    Mucha suerte! Todo lo mejor para este fantástico proyecto

  • planchu


    almost 3 years

    Mucha suerte!!!

  • nanettesanchez@hotmail.com


    almost 3 years


  • nsnaidas


    almost 3 years


  • Aland López Sanchez

    Aland López Sanchez

    almost 3 years

    Muchas gracias amigos¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡



    almost 3 years


  • Veceslav


    almost 3 years


#02 / Liuto Phantasticus/Recompensas

Envíos listos!
Envíos listos!

Queridos amigos!

Hemos reiniciado el envío de los CD a los mecenas que faltan.

Quiero disculparme por el retraso, pero esta nueva situación de confinamiento nos ha impuesto nuevos desafíos.

Hay algunas direcciones que faltan aún, las necesito para poder hacerles llegar el CD.

Necesito también que me confirmen vía mail, los que ya han ido recibiendo el disco

Un gran abrazo y les deseo todo lo mejor!


#01 / Victoria!!!

Queridísimos mecenas!

Finalmente la campaña de recaudación de fondos ha terminado con mucho éxito alcanzamos el 135%.

Estamos muy felices y queremos agradecer una vez más a todos los que han contribuido para que este sueño se haga realidad!

Muy pronto todos podremos disfrutar de esta obra, fruto de un trabajo intenso de más de dos años.

Un agradecimiento especial también al equipo de Verkami, un sitio excelente para el desarrollo de proyectos artísticos y de todo tipo.

Un abrazo a Todos!

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