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Arnau Gil’s first album, "Mecànica Vital”

I want to release my first album with the music that I‘ve composed last years and for which I’ve had amazing guests. Do you want to join?

Arnau Gil Betriu

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"The curiosity of the child that we are still generating is the need to move us, and this movement is what brings us from honesty to sublimation.” This phrase defines a concept to which I need to put name and meaning, and that I call *Mecànica Vital (Vital Mechanics)”. Surely we can find many other words that define this concept that, in the end, represents a way of living through love, harmony, honesty and the will to be better in a better world.

Mecànica Vital is also the name of my first album and so I ask for your support.

The album contains 10 original compositions and an arrangement on Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze; All music is the result of the experiences and lessons I've had in recent years. It will also be my first album as soloist.

Mathieu Robert (soprano saxophone) and Arnau Gil (guitar).
Mathieu Robert (soprano saxophone) and Arnau Gil (guitar).

For this project I have invited, in some of the tunes, exceptional collaborators such as the Belgian saxophonist Mathieu Robert in four songs, the trumpeter Òscar Latorre on one tune, the trombone Vicent Pérez on another one and a string quartet formed by João Silva, Núria Martin, Aroa Garcia and Paul Stouthamer in three songs. I also had the collaboration, for the arrangement of Purple Haze, of the singers Xavi Garriga, Catherine Denys (Belgium), Maria Shutsko (Belarus) and Carles Pineda Jr. All this accompanied by a great base formed by Clara Lai on the piano and Fender Rhodes, Emilio Martin on double-bass and bass and Jordi Gardeñas on drums.

Jordi Gardeñas (drums) and Emilio Martín (double-bass).
Jordi Gardeñas (drums) and Emilio Martín (double-bass).

About rewards

I propose two types of reward; In the first offer, as a return, the disc in different formats: digital, vinyl and CD.

As for the second type, I offer you different packs with very different complements depending on your interests: live music, master class, art, gastronomy, collecting... In these modalities it will be included, in vinyl design , the name of those who make their contribution, as honorific patron, during the first 20 days of the campaign.

Choose the one that best suits you and if you have any proposal do not hesitate to contact me.

Painting "Mecánica Vital" by Felipe PINCEL Echeverría (right)
Painting "Mecánica Vital" by Felipe PINCEL Echeverría (right)

Who am I

My relation with the guitar started at home, where there has always been a great hobby and profession for music. I immediately attracted the rock and, a little later, I discovered jazz. In Terrassa (Barcelona) I have had great references such as Josep M. Farràs, Josep Puigbò and Adrià Font, pioneers of jazz in Catalonia and with which years later I had the great pleasure of being able to work.

Òscar Latorre (trumpet)
Òscar Latorre (trumpet)

Clara Lai (piano).
Clara Lai (piano).

João Silva and Núria Martin (violins), Aroa Garcia (viola) and Paul Stouthamer (violoncello)
João Silva and Núria Martin (violins), Aroa Garcia (viola) and Paul Stouthamer (violoncello)

Among other moments we should highlight the different trips to Belgium to participate in the Young JazzPuzzle for Europe, a course in which I could meet and make friends with young musicians from all over Europe. There I made friendship with Mathieu Robert and Catherine Denys, who accompany me on this record.

After that I studied at the Taller de Músics and at the Conservatori del Liceu, in those years I met the great majority of musicians who collaborated on the album.

Lately I have also had the opportunity to work with the singers Xavi Garriga, Maria Shutsko and Carles Pineda Jr whom I invited to sing in the arrangement of Purple Haze.

In some way this record also represents a great part of the musical connections that I have experienced in recent years.

About rewards

The financing you get with this campaign will be used to directly assume the cost of manufacturing the vinyl and CD disc. These expenses add approximately one quarter of the total cost of the disc; This total also includes the recording, diets and transport costs of the collaborators, mixing, mastering, audiovisual, design, production and promotion.

Project costs
Project costs

Of all this process, I would like to add that all the professionals I am working with are taking part in the project in an incredibly committed way since, today, working in this type of record production does not generate economic benefits. In this sense, I want to vindicate that the process and the creation are collective acts and that the album is as much as mine as for everyone that has taken part in smaller or greater part.

With all this, I ask for the collaboration to finish Mecànica Vital with the production of vinyl and CD.

Calendar program

The album will be available for the month of November, which will also be the time to perform a presentation concert. I will be informing and detailing about this point in the coming weeks.

Before delivering the copies of the disc, during the month of October, we can do the advance of the disc in digital format for all the patrons.

Now it is only necessary to complete the disc with its manufacture, all the rest of the process is already concluded or practically concluded. We recorded the record between the months of March and April 2019; then we were working on the mix. We are currently finishing the process of mastering and designing the album, so that once the campaign is finished we can already begin the manufacturing process.

+ Info

You can follow me on social networks and on my website, where I will be explaining details about the album and informing about the financing campaign.

  • Website: www.arnaugil.com

  • Instagram: @gilarnau

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arnau.gilbetriu

  • Twitter: @arnaugil

  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/gilarnauarnau


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  • Tchal


    almost 4 years

    When you come back in Kain! 😉😘

  • Jepi Humet Alsius

    Jepi Humet Alsius

    about 4 years

    Felicitats, té súper bona pinta!! Molta sort! :)

  • Leandro Fragero

    Leandro Fragero

    about 4 years

    Estic impacient per sentir-lo!

  • Denys


    about 4 years

    Mucha suerte amigo :) Ya tienes un fanclub en Bélgica ;) Gracias por tu confianza y nos vemos en noviembre para la salida del disco ;)

  • Ed


    about 4 years

    Impatient d'entendre ton album ... avec CathCath !!

  • Julien Cstln

    Julien Cstln

    about 4 years

    El Juli, Arthur, Soline et Angel, from Belgium with Love

  • Tchal


    about 4 years

    Bravo Arnau !

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