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The Tree Gang

We invite you to promote the well-being of girls and boys, help us prevent physical, emotional and sexual violence against children.

BIDAR project

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Guadalajara, Mexico
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About the project: Our motivations

At BIDAR we want to be part of a global movement that collaborates in building a healthier, more loving and compassionate society. In this project our main objective is to create educational material to raise awareness among mothers and fathers, caregivers, educators and tutors about the importance of knowing the different tools that children can learn and develop for their own protection and well-being.

Violence and abuse of minors is a bigger social problem than many imagine, incredibly widespread and diversified, it is essential that we identify ourselves as key figures in its prevention.

We want to spread and invite people committed to social change to collaborate collectively in promoting child well-being.

We want girls and boys happy, healthy and free of abuse!

Help us create a clear and practical material to achieve this goal.

How are we going to achieve it?

"The Tree Gang" is a children's story that seeks to highlight the great abilities that boys and girls are able to recognize in themselves and develop. We have focused our efforts on fostering qualities such as self-care, self-love, self-esteem, acceptance and security in childhood.

The illustrations of the story will be done by the Designer Stephanie H. Garza. Here a sample of her beautiful work, we present to you the first character of this adventure.

First character designed
First character designed

The gang is made up of three girls and three boys who are the protagonists of the story, each character represents an essential theme in the prevention of any type of violence in childhood.

Themes represented in the story
Themes represented in the story

The tree gang is a tool designed to generate dialogue, guide and inform children about their rights.

The story also promotes qualities such as kindness and empathy, and we set out to share the vision that diversity and differences are our wealth.

Story quote
Story quote

Learning to guide

The design of the story has been carried out together with the preparation of a "Manual for adults: How to prevent physical, emotional and sexual violence in minors?", aimed at mothers and fathers, educators and people interested in contribute to the healthy development of children. The manual shares the main recommendations to strengthen trust in minors, as well as a summary of the considerations that must be kept in mind when you want to promote well-being in children. Similarly, the manual represents a guide to accompany the reading of the story and enrich the experience with adequate communication.

Let's join forces

The original text in Spanish will be translated into six languages: Catalan, English, German, French, Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole. The digital version of the story may be requested in any of the mentioned languages.

The Cape Verdean Creole version will be promoted by Me. in Education, Célia Artemisa G. R. Miranda, who will collaborate in the distribution of the material for free in Cape Verde.

Our deepest wish is to carry out quality work that achieves a positive impact in diverse contexts and for a significant number of children. For this reason, once the design and edition of the material has been completed, we commit ourselves to its right and fair distribution. Let's do it together!

About the rewards

Thank you very much for having reached this section, we share the ways we think to express our huge gratitude.

Provisional examples
Provisional examples

All the rewards contain: Name in the acknowledgments of both materials (story and manual). We will be very happy to share the names of all the people who made this goal possible.

Story: The gang of the tree (digital version). Six languages ​​to choose from: Spanish, Catalan, English, Portuguese, French and German.

Manual for adults: How to prevent physical, emotional and sexual violence in minors? (digital version). Four languages ​​to choose from: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

Plate A5 with dedicated thanks and an illustration of the story (pdf). It will be sent in the language in which the material was requested.

Workshop on the prevention of physical, emotional and sexual violence in children in a risk community + Plate A5 personalized thanks with an illustration and a photo of the workshop (pdf).

The workshops will be held in low-income educational institutions, orphanages or child protection centers. Once each workshop is finished, the participating children will be invited to appear in a photograph that they know will be sent to a special person, with whom a thank you letter will be designed for the person who made that specific workshop possible.

Workshop held in second grade of preschool
Workshop held in second grade of preschool

About us

I am Lorena de la Vega Falcón (Guadalajara, 1992), I have a degree in Psychology. In 2017 I began to design and planning of a project committed to cultivating social well-being, which was consolidated under the name of BIDAR project. It seeks to re-define the way we relate to ourselves and our environment. The first steps were to promote human rights. To do this, courses and conferences were held in educational communities to raise awareness of the importance of qualities such as empathy, altruism, cooperation and respect.

Between the years 2013 - 2017 I was given the opportunity to have academic and professional experiences in different countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Spain and the Canary Islands. Thanks to these experiences, I lived with beautiful people who taught me many of the things that I defend today

During my training I discovered my passion for discovering new worldviews, new cultures, new ways of loving life; traveling became for me a wonderful source of enriching experiences.

Finally, it is extremely important to highlight that this project would not be possible without the support and valuable collaboration of incredible people who dedicate their time and effort to this objective. Thank you so much everyone!

To what we will allocate your contributions

The contributions received will be used approximately as follows:

42% Design of illustrations.

22% Edition of both materials.

17% Legal advice.

12% Update of material for prevention workshops.

7% Verkami Commission + VAT and bank bridges.


Once the objective of the campaign has been achieved, we will need approximately 10 weeks to send the different rewards in digital version.

The prevention workshops will be held within a maximum period of 2 months after the campaign has been achieved, the sending of the thank you letter in this case will be received 4 days after the workshop will be held.

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  • Aleix Badia Vila

    Aleix Badia Vila

    about 1 year

    Ya está cerca! Un abrazo!

  • Elsa Lorena

    Elsa Lorena

    over 1 year

    Mucho éxito!!

  • Jonascfischer


    over 1 year

    Suerte con el proyecto! Saludos de Alemania

#02 / Ilustraciones listas ¡Muchas gracias!

Segunda etapa finalizada

Stephanie el día de hoy finalizó el diseño de todas las ilustraciones del libro, realizó un trabajo increíble, estamos muy felices!

El 01 de junio iniciamos con la tercer etapa: El diseño del libro. Muchas gracias por su compañía!

Second stage finished

Stephanie finished the design of all the illustrations for the book today, she did an amazing job, we are very happy!

On June 1 we will start with the third stage: The book design. Thank you very much for your company!

#01 / ¡Muchas gracias!

Muchas gracias por su ayuda, ¡lo logramos!

La pandilla del árbol ya se está preparando.

Hemos comenzado a trabajar en el diseño de las ilustraciones del libro, Stephanie y yo estamos muy felices con los avances, esperamos les gusten mucho.

Thank you very much for your help, we did it!

The tree gang is already brewing.

We have started working on the design of the illustrations for the book, Stephanie and I are very happy with the progress, hopefully you will like them very much.

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