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“Arpasión” Concuerdas2’s first album: Classic harp and Llanera Harp are both united by the world's folklore.

Arpasión is the result of 5 years of searching for a sound that includes folklore from 8 countries, 2 harps, and passion for music. Join us!

Duo Concuerda2

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Bogotá, Colombia
From 2.000€
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We have reached our first goal! Thank you all!!

There are still 25 days left to finish the campaign and we hope to be able to exceed the number of patrons who enjoy our first CD “Arpasión” first-hand.

If we manage to reach the € 3,000 goal, the patrons who have already contributed will each receive and at no additional cost, in addition to the new patrons, the following gifts:

🖤1 video clip in full HD 1080p of one of Arpasión's songs, included on the physical and digital CD.

🖤A video clip in full HD 1080p of a new song, which will not be included on the CD. Exclusive only for Patrons from € 25.

🖤Double your reward !!If your contribution is € 25 or more, you will receive double the number of CDs or downloads of "Arpasión". If your contribution was less than € 25, you will also receive a surprise gift.

Encourage your friends to join our Passion for the Harp!!

Concuerda2 - Colombia

Hello, our names are Martha Liliana Bonilla and Wuilmer López and we are the Colombian duo, Concuerda2, the first ensemble that combines classic harp and Llanera harp. Since 2014, we have written exclusive arrangements of music for the ensemble, creating new versions of world music that mixes rhythms and allows us to take a journey through the rich variety of sounds from our cultural legacy. We have participated at important harp festivals in other countries throughout Latin America. Recently, we were selected among hundreds of projects to be part of the World Harp Congress 2020 in Cardiff - Gales, the most important harp festival in the world. While abroad, we were also preparing for an European tour that sadly we had to reschedule because of COVID-19. We want to share with you all of our work in our album called, “Arpasión,” with eight tracks that take you on a journey to Colombia, Brasil, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Cuba, and Venezuela. Our production is ready to be shared with all of you that have supported us and that want to listen to our work. Don't miss the rewards!

About us

Martha Liliana Bonilla - Classic harp
Martha Liliana Bonilla - Classic harp

"Since the age of twelve, I've dedicated my life to the classic harp. I’ve done my professional studies in Colombia, Switzerland, and Germany. I’m part of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá and I teach at the Javeriana University. I have a strong passion for Latin American music, and I feel lucky that through Concuerda2, I can explore new sounds from other perspectives and explore new sounds in my instrument."

Wuilmer Lopez - llanera harp
Wuilmer Lopez - llanera harp

"I have been performing llanera harp since I was 11. I pursued my professional studies at the Academia Llano y joropo and the Colombia Incca University. I’ve been the winner and soloist of important festivals in Colombia and other latinamerican countries as well Europe and Asia. I really love flamenco music, jazz and latinamerican music. With Concuerda2 I enjoy the exploration of the timbre of both of our instruments, characteristic that makes our arrangements special and unique."


Where are your donations going?

Each of your donations will go directly to the production of the album.

Short term plans

Thankfully our album is completely recorded and mixed. Once this campaign is over we are projecting that the following two months the final product is ready to be published. Then we will proceed to fulfill the promised rewards.

+ Info

Concuerda2: Classic harp and llanera harp
Concuerda2: Classic harp and llanera harp

Contact us to concuerda2@gmail.com to know more about us and our project.


There are none published yet.

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  • Jakez


    almost 2 years

    Soutien des Harpes Camac à ce très beau projet. J'ai eu l'occasion d'assister à un concert de ce duo lors de ma visite à Bogota, c'était magnifique.

  • Camilo Erasso

    Camilo Erasso

    almost 2 years

    Una fusión musical espectacular! Recomendadísimos!

  • mariarpist


    almost 2 years

    Muchos éxitos!

  • Gusva


    almost 2 years

    Hola! Si los videos están en calidad Broadcast, nos encantará difundirlos en AllegroHD, el canal de televisión consagrado a la música clásica

  • rbn_23


    almost 2 years

    Para que llegue más y más música a todos lados

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