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"Visiones" deck

Creative tool for close-up magic innovators. Open a new world of possibilities to your card magic routines. Endless new posibilities.

Pepe Lirrojo

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Stewart James, Vernon, Marlo, Erdnase, Tamariz, Harry Lorayne, Elmsley, Pepe Carroll, Lavand, Edward Victor, Aronson, Gea, Macaggno, Mario Lopez and many more. Great creators of magic. All of them original and different, each with its own style, all prolific and with one point in common: Creativity.

What do you do to be more creative? What do you call the muses? Where do you find inspiration?

I have developed the Visions deck, a tool for fostering the creativity of close-up magic illusionists. A deck conceived to enhance the creativity of card magicians to the maximum. Designed one by one with oniric and evocative elements to expand your magical horizon.

54 carefully designed cards, 13 method cards, 28 effect cards and 13 handicaps cards, a quick guide and a book to get the most out of the deck.

Various modes of use:

  • Effect

  • Effect-Method

  • Effect-Method-Handicap

  • Rehearsal mode

  • "Classics" mode (with additional dice)

It is also possible to do magic with it, since within its design, I have included several tricks so that it is not only the deck that inspires and accompanies us, but also the deck that surprises our audience.

The cards and instructions contain the information in Spanish and English languages.

A deck with which you will develop hundreds of new routines, improve aspects of others and make you see the rehearsal and study of card magic from another perspective.

How does it work?


You have 28 effect cards, covering all existing cartomagical effects. These effects have been classified following the criteria of great magical thinkers such us Roberto Giobbi or Juan Tamariz, all these effects are carefully analyzed and described in the explanatory booklet.

If you want to work in Effect mode, you just have to take one of the available effect cards and think of a trick associated with that effect. The additional elements of the cards can spark new ideas in your imagination.


In addition to the effect cards, dips of 13 cards of card magic methods, analyzed and described in the explanatory booklet. Take an effect card and a method card and find your solution. Your brain will search for a solution to that effect using the method you have never thought of before.


In this mode of use we also add 13 handicaps to the creative method, handicaps designed to force the use of lateral thinking, solve the proposed effect, using the method and taking into account the handicap imposed.


It can be an Effects rehearsal or a Method rehearsal. If we take the effect cards, we can rehearse effects, our favorite version, of each of the 28 basic effects.

If we take the method cards, we can try card magic methods.


With the classic effects die, you have to roll the die and see which classic you have to study. Now take a card of methods and try to solve that classic with the proposed method. To this we can obviously add a handicap.

About rewards

Acquiring the Visiones deck during patronage means *a saving of 15% * of the final price it will have in the market.

  • Case and deck of cards in full color. Deck of 54 cards with M31 Linen finish, Casino quality, black core, high quality finish.

  • Explanations and modes of use book, 52 color pages. Bound and glued, softcover, 115g / m2 paper

  • 6-sided polyresin die, engraved.

About us

I am Pepe Lirrojo, a restless illusionist specializing in card magic, although I also practice in other kinds of magic. You can know a little more about me here:
Pepe Lirrojo

Oscar Royo is a talented designer. He is in charge of the entire visual part of the project, an expert in synthesizing concepts in a few pixels, in transmitting a lot of information with a single stroke. You can see some of his other work here:
Oscar Royo

Pepe Lirrojo / Oscar Royo
Pepe Lirrojo / Oscar Royo

How does Verkami work?

Verkami is a crowdfunding or crowdfunding platform: an alternative to finance your projects with the sum of individual contributions.

Each project has a funding goal, set by the creator, and 40 days to achieve it. After the deadline, there are two scenarios:

That 100% of the funding target has not been raised. In this case there is no type of monetary transaction and the contribution commitments of the patrons are canceled.

100% of the financing target has been reached or exceeded. In this case, the charges of the contribution commitments are made on the cards or PayPal account of the patrons and the creator receives the money collected.

To what will we allocate your contributions

Your contributions will be used to finance the production of the deck, the book and the rewards, the structural costs of the campaign (taxes, Verkami commission) and the shipping costs to the patrons.

Scheduled schedule

There are three deadlines, the first is the 40 days of the project in Verkami.

At the end of those 40 days, we will use three months to make the final design of each and every one of the cards, layout of the explanations book, final design of the classic effects die and all the necessary adjustments.

After those three months, we depend on the printing of all the material, which gives us another month.

After this period, shipments will begin.

That is, at the end of 40 days, after 4 months, shipments will begin.

+ Info

In my social media profiles you can find out about the evolution of the project, as well as information about other projects


  • This deck is only for professionals magicians?

    The deck is conceived both for people who are new in card magic and for professionals. The amateur will give a tool to create their own original routines and the professional, it will "take them out of the usual routines" and give them a fresh and new vision of their own magic.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Chus Idoipe

    Chus Idoipe

    almost 3 years

    Es poquito, pero me hace ilusión apoyar esa baraja tan chula. Suerte y besos

  • Juan Andrés

    Juan Andrés

    almost 3 years


  • Loren


    almost 3 years

    Ese Pepe!!! Con ganas de ver la baraja

  • Ricardo Sánchez


    almost 3 years

    ¡A por ello! Felicidades por el proyecto!!

  • Amparo Suria

    Amparo Suria

    almost 3 years

    una chulada, muero de ganas de tener el dado con el OVNI, es lo más

  • Adrián Buenaventura Romera

    Adrián Buenaventura Romera

    almost 3 years

    De un genio solo se puede esperar genialidades como esta. A por ello Pepelirrojo!

  • Chema Rueda

    Chema Rueda

    almost 3 years

    ¡Con ganas de tenerlo en las manos!

  • Beatriz Palacio

    Beatriz Palacio

    almost 3 years


  • Willy Monroe

    Willy Monroe

    almost 3 years

    te deso lo mejor!!! un fuerte abrazo

  • Ricardo belmar

    Ricardo belmar

    almost 3 years

    Hola guapetón. Un placer colaborar con esta gran idea


Ya somos más de 100 y el segundo objetivo ha sido desbloqueado. Por lo tanto, TODAS si TODAS las Barajas Visiones incluirán una carta extra para utilizar de comodín, podrás con ella añadir un método extra, un efecto adicional o una restricción propia.

Gracias a tod@s este proyecto cada vez está más cerca de hacerse realidad.

Much@s ya habeis aportado al proyecto y os quiero dar las gracias a tod@s, también os quiero dar las gracias por seguir el proyecto y os pido, tanto si podeis / quereis aportar al proyecto como si no, difusión entre vuestros contactos para que el proyecto pueda salir adelante, cuanta más gente lo conozca mejor.

We are already more than 100 people, and the second objective has been unlocked. Therefore ALL Visiones Decks will include ** an extra card ** to use as a wild card, you can use it as an extra method, an additional effect or a restriction of your own.

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