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“AZUL DE NIÑO” - A Sonder Films Production

The new Spanish production company Sonder Films is producing Raul Hernández's first film. We are seeking funds to shoot in August 2021.


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The Plot

When Natalia discovers that her husband has been having an affair, she gets in contact with this lover and arranges a meeting at her apartment to find some answers. What she doesn’t expect is this someone to not only be 21, but also a male sex worker employed by her husband Ernesto. During this interaction, Natalia gets a call from the hospital: her husband has had a stroke and is unconscious in ICU. 

At the hospital, she’ll have to share space with her husband’s lover, Daniel, who has fallen madly in love with him. Parallel to this, she’ll find around her diverse encounters which will harden her skin to the point of taking drastic measures in trying to save her marriage. 

The Project

“Azul de Niño” (loosely translated into “Blue for a Boy”) is born from a wish to redeem two classically simplified figures.

Firstly, the woman scorned, who seems to have been attached in general imagination to either becoming a psychopathic beast or a frail victim. This project intends to find the actual grey areas and emotional shifts which follow the absolute disequilibrium of a life, as well as the undeniable desire to adhere to a status quo, all without harping on dramatism or weakness. 

Separately, this film intends to reinvent the figure of sex workers, as well as that of the lover or “other woman”. These characters aren’t necessarily immoral, or tragic stories… sometimes they’re people who just happen to be working in an industry that’s very close to sensitivities and emotions, including their own. 

This opera prima is born from a semi-autobiographical point of view, since most of the characters portrayed are based off of people I’ve known or are fractions of my own experience. I want to tell this story because I believe it presents the experience of people who are diverse and complex, and who are rarely given a real, honest voice. 

Dossier: Artistic Proposal

Who we are

sonder – n. The realization that every passerby has a life that's as vivid and complex as your own.

Sonder Films S.L. is a production company which looks to represent the stories of people whose experience has fallen into stereotypes, surface level treatment or to disappear completely.

Moreover, we are a company that is born in a time of absolute crisis for film and culture in the Spain and in the world. We are looking to do our part to create new projects and get the wheel turning again.

CREW (See bios in our website, at the end of this text)

Director: Raul Hernández

Production Design: Pol Ferraris

Cinematographers: Ana Cuéllar / Andrés Ribagorda

Script Supervisor: Irene Albanell

1st Assistant Director: Helena Lobato

Costumes, hair and make-up: Bernart de Manila

Art Direction: Elena Ponsoda

Sound Design: Albert Guimerà

On set Sound: Ignacio Puigdollers

Editor: Irene Albanell

What this campaign will pay for

What we obtain through this Verkami campaign will pay for all the cinematography expenses of the project. Said expenses include compensations and the necessary material to bring this project to completion.

As for the general project, we have a substantial part of the overall budget covered. Thanks to private donations we have paid for many of the remaining departments, and the S.O.U.R.C.E grant we have obtained from Syracuse University (NY) will pay for the sound costs of the production.

Calendario de recompensas

The day as an extra which we offer will be redeemable during the shooting in August 2021 (dates tbd)

The physical gifts (tote bags and signed scripts and posters) will be sent after the filming is complete, starting in September 2021. The posters will feature the final cover of the film (current art is temporary), the tote bags will have the logo of the company printed on them and the scripts will be bound and handwritten on.

The tickets to the opening and the round table dinner at the afterparty will be redeemable in January 2022 or, in the case of a delayed opening, whenever the film does come out.

The 1-on-1 dinner with me (Raul Hernández) will be at a mutually determined date according to your availability.

Note: For posters, totes and scripts being sent, we will cover postage for those being sent to Spain only.

+ Info

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  • Ferrera Producciones (Isaac Ponce)

    Ferrera Producciones (Isaac Ponce)

    over 2 years


  • Pilar Vivet

    Pilar Vivet

    over 2 years

    Endavant !!!

  • Arantza


    over 2 years

    Suerte Raul!!!!!

  • PaulineP


    over 2 years

    There's no one else I believe in more than you!! Te amo <3

  • Chuck Attix


    over 2 years

    So excited for you! Looking forward to the NYC premiere.

  • Ana


    over 2 years

    Esperant que arribi el moment, Molta Sort!!

  • Lluisgic


    over 2 years

    Molta sort!! I wish you get it

  • Jaume Suquet

    Jaume Suquet

    over 2 years

    M’agrada molt el teu projecte, Raül! Estic segur que serà un èxit.

  • Ana


    over 2 years

    Será un ÉXITO !!

  • pilar raneda

    pilar raneda

    over 2 years

    Mucha suerte Raul !!

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