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Kingdom, the light awaits

After a year composing and producing, I’m launching this campaign to collect funds for the final touches and making a vinyl of my album.

Ruben Kielmannsegge

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Kingdom is an act of psychomagic, a convulsion and a catharsis. It is a "start from scratch" but with the help of things I’ve learnt so far. It is a dark album, but full of shine. A creative process in which love, loneliness, friendship, struggle, meditation and even magic (!) have been involved. Kingdom takes you to inner worlds, the animal realm, space and echoes of ancient voices.

Kingdom is something new for me, even after 30 years producing records. It is my first solo and most personal album, and it delves into sounds and places I don’t usually hang around with (and which, to my surprise, are quite familiar).

Who we are

I'm a DJ and dance producer for almost 30 years, and thus the album has a big electronic component, but the songs are mainly pop songs. It has all been produced and composed by me, using synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, virtual instruments and my voice, of course. I had the help of Ximo Peris on the lyrics and album concept. I'm also lucky to collaborate with talented professionals like Juan Rayos (photography), Marta Lorrio (design) and Carlos Koschitzky (mastering). Special thanks to Carlos Aires for his art pieces on the pictures.

What we need the money for

The album is almost fully produced by now, but we need the to make final touches, recording some additional stuff, pay the mastering, design, and of course, making the limited edition on vinyl. We will also make t-shirts inspired in the album's artwork, and if there is extra money beyond the objective, we will invest on more videoclips and anything we may think of to improve the project. Here is a premiere videoclip for Echoes, one of the album's songs.

About the rewards

The rewards will be the vinyl, which aims to be an art piece itself, with beautiful pictures and delicate design. Also digital downloads and t-shirts inspired on the album. The rewards do not include delivery costs.

So, I invite you to collaborate on Kingdom. I in exchange, will reward you, the best I can, with my music.


The album (vinyl) will be ready to ship at the end of the summer, if my calculations are correct, but you will have the digital version about two months earlier, so you can enjoy the songs first, and then enjoy the art once you receive it at home.


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  • Jess Windu

    Jess Windu

    18 days


  • Nuuco


    22 days

    I hope the best for your project, Ruben!

  • Alvaro Núñez Sagredo

    Alvaro Núñez Sagredo

    26 days

    Qué ganas de escucharlo. Qué suerte tener amigos con tanto corazón y talento.

  • Javier


    26 days

    A veces cuando caes, vuelas....te queremos!

  • Dara


    29 days

    Un beso cariño mio!!!! Ojalá tuviera más dinero.....😘❤😘❤😘

  • Dara


    29 days

    Un beso cariño mio!!!! Ojalá tuviera más dinero.....😘❤😘❤😘

  • Rob One

    Rob One

    29 days

    Ganazas de ver ese álbum girando!

  • Angeles & Pepe

    Angeles & Pepe

    about 1 months

    Good luck!

  • Manu Cid

    Manu Cid

    about 1 months

    Impaciente por disfrutar de un directo este discazo, hecho con tanto mimo y talento. A por todas!

  • Antonio


    about 1 months

    Es un " lujazo " apoyarte Rubén.

    Vamos a batallar para que consigas tu objetivo, Mucho éxito!!!

    en este Maravilloso Proyecto.


#01 / "Echoes" Videoclip

Muy buenas. Gracias por haber colaborado con mi proyecto Kingdom.

No estoy publicando entradas en el blog para no abrasaros con correos, pero en esta ocasión creo que vale la pena.

Aqui os dejo un adelanto del disco, un aperitivo en forma de videoclip de una de mis canciones favoritas del disco, "Echoes".

Espero que os guste.


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