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Hidden Voices

Life is like chess, and we are the pawns

Ana Argüelles Blanco

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We thank you in advance for reading us and we invite you to continue to do so, as we have a lot to tell and a lot to show. With this, we present our next project with great enthusiasm: "Voces Ocultas" (Hidden Voices).

As a final project of the University of Vigo, four students of Audiovisual Communication decided to make a short fiction film, which we plan to shoot in the coming months. With the help of eleven other people who make up the rest of the technical team, our desire to make a project like this comes from the need to tell a story that excites, that transmits and that engages until the end. We want to show what the bond between two people, sentenced to live two different endings under the same fate, is capable of. Here lies the power of friendship, hope and love, told from the depths of what was a sad reality.

Time has become heavy, exhausting and unsettling for Mathias, who is barely surviving within these four cold walls. Absorbed by the emptiness that invades him, he tries to distract himself in every possible way, until he ends up finding solace in a chessboard. In these moments of vital listlessness, knowing that he can play again and enjoy this mental challenge makes him stronger. However, his immense loneliness is interrupted by the presence of Theodor, a mysterious young man who becomes his first companion after so long in isolation. The two eventually bond over chess, making it a safe place where they can lose themselves and forget about everything else. Nonetheless, the arrival of a note will reveal the fate of both of them, concluding in a final game that will put an end to their story.

Most of us are still students, members of the production company we created under the name of Ataraxia Productions, and for this project we have counted on people from outside the company to help us face this challenge. We are a group that shares the same love for the audiovisual sector, and we want to give the maximum, as far as possible, to be able to produce a quality piece that meets our expectations. With this project we want to experiment and, above all, learn from each other during the whole creation process. Furthermore, we want to make this something memorable that will remain in our memories forever as something we created with the greatest enthusiasm.

This is our big team!

We decided to work with Verkami to be able to cover as much of the costs of the short film as possible, since, due to the measures we have to follow for the COVID-19, the transport to the location and everything involved in the making of the project ends up being a considerable sum that becomes difficult to afford for us. Likewise, if we do not reach the target in 40 days, the money we have raised up to that point will not be received and, as such, your credit cards will not be charged.

For this reason, even the smallest contribution will help us a lot to reach our goal, and depending on the amount you contribute, you will receive a reward created by us. However, you are not obliged to cooperate with us financially, as we are aware of the complicated situation we are going through, so we would be very grateful if you could spread the word about our project in order for it to reach as many people as possible.

Help us so that our project reaches as many people as possible! Share our initiative and collaborate. For any help, no matter how small, we will be eternally grateful!

You can contact us through our Instagram: @ataraxiaproductions, through our email: [email protected] or through our phone numbers: 634 943 256 / 698 173 639.


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  • Lourdes Tejedor

    Lourdes Tejedor

    over 2 years

    Mucha Suerte

  • M.Asun Carpintero

    M.Asun Carpintero

    over 2 years

    Animo!!! Tiempos difíciles, pero se os ve.con fuerza!!!


  • lourdes blanco

    lourdes blanco

    over 2 years

    Que tengáis mucha suerte y mucho éxito. .Estoy segura de que lo conseguiréis. Bicos. Tatita

  • Gwen Colvin

    Gwen Colvin

    over 2 years

    Encantada a aportar un granito de arena a un proyecto tan bonito!

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¡¡Hemos llegamos a nuestro mínimo de 500€, muchísimas gracias a todxs por vuestro apoyo!!

Todavía nos quedan 23 días hasta terminar la campaña y seguimos necesitando vuestra ayuda. Nos hemos fijado un nuevo objetivo, 800€. Con ese dinero podremos cubrir gran parte de los gastos del corto, e invertir en pruebas COVID para comprometer lo menos posible la salud del equipo.

¡Continúa ayudándonos a que nuestro proyecto llegue al mayor número de personas! Comparte nuestra iniciativa y anímate a colaborar. Cualquier ayuda, por mínima que sea, ¡estaremos eternamente agradecidas!

Hemos alcanzado el mínimo, ¿cuál será nuestro máximo?

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