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CERCLE, Biel Harper’s first record

We want to express seven musical stories in a record, created from experiences, emotions, concerts, sensations... Do you want to take part?

Biel Harper

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After years of studying different and varied musical disciplines, I have decided to embark on my first project as both leader and composer: a quartet made up of piano, double bass, drums and guitar. In this project I have attempted to bring together sonorous worlds that seem far apart, from classical to jazz, mixing diverse musical influences along the way: folklore, pop, rock... as well as all I have listened to and absorbed over 22 years … and all of this passed through a very personal filter. The stories told in each composition are linked in as much as they explain and are based on different sensations, experiences or places.

Who are we?

We are a quartet of friends united by music.

With diverse concerns and tastes we have created a sound, a shared idea, a music that we each feel as very much our own, and that makes us able to transmit to our public.

The group is made up of Carla González on the double base, Héctor Jaca on guitar, Nico Reinosa on drums and me, Biel Harper, on piano.

Why make a record?

After much thought and reflection, I have come to the conclusion that this record is relevant for two reasons. On the one hand it is a calling card, a way of reaching a wider public and leaving them wanting more, bringing them to live concerts. On the other, equally important, it is a way of expressing a musical moment, of interests and concerns; a way of recoding an instant in the here and now that will live on over time, and in this way bring our music to those who cannot make it to one of our concerts.

Why do a Verkami?

Verkami is the way to make real what was simply a dream - and we all know that the world of dreams and ideas is a vital one, but sometimes it is important to come down to earth and make the intangible tangible-. That is why I want to share this project with all of you, I want you to know that making a donation you enable that movement … making a dream a reality, in the form of a CD that you take home and enjoy!

Where your money goes?

Your donation will go to cover basic needs when making a record:

  • The rent of a recording studio.

  • Mixing and mastering the record.

  • The hard copies of the record.

  • Audiovisual material. Here we mean videos made in the studio, the video clip made for Verkami and another we are preparing.

Expected schedule, approximately.

  • Record record: September. (done)

  • Mixing and mastering: October / beginning of November.

  • Making hard copies of the CD: November/December.

And, you are all asking yourselves … what does it sound like??

I am leaving you something to whet your appetite where you can get an idea of what the record will sound like.

Teaser of the recording

Rain in Barcelona

Norway Travelling



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PS: I am dying to hear when and where you listen to my music … please let me know!


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  • Gemma Fenoy

    Gemma Fenoy

    11 days


  • xusmarti


    13 days

    Moooltes felicitats Biel !!! El teu primer disc surt a la llum com tú volies !

    Quin goig i quina alegria ! Moltíssimes gràcies a tothom per fer-ho possible !!!

  • M. Lluïsa Merino

    M. Lluïsa Merino

    18 days

    Salut i que sigui el primer de molts, Biel!!

  • M. Lluïsa Merino

    M. Lluïsa Merino

    18 days

    Salut i que sigui el primer de molts, Biel!!

  • Margarida


    18 days

    Et desitjo molt èxit! Ets molt bo!

  • Iria


    20 days

    Força i molts èxits! 😘

  • Sacha Munn

    Sacha Munn

    about 1 months

    All best wishes Biel!

  • margarita bofill

    margarita bofill

    about 1 months


  • Susana Amezua

    Susana Amezua

    about 1 months

    Mucha suerte Biel!!! Raimon y Susana

  • Mitjavila


    about 1 months

    Que sigui el primer de molts!!

#04 / Verkami finalitzat i aconseguit!! Verkami finished and achieved!!

Estimats Verkamistes, vull agrair-vos de nou tot el suport que he rebut durant aquesta campanya a través de les vostres aportacions, comentaris, difusió, etc., moltíssimes gràcies, ha sigut i segueix sent increïble!

També dir-vos que just avui hem estat a l'estudi fent els últims retocs, i que si tot va bé la setmana que ve, o com a molt l'altra, enviarem el disc a la impremta, on trigaran unes dues o tres setmanes a tenir-los llestos. Això vol dir que, si tot va bé, abans de Nadal tindrem els discs en físic!! Lo qual seria un fanstàstic regal de Nadal!

Una abraçada a tots i totes!!


Dear friends and family, I want to thank you once again for all of the support received during this campaign. For your generosity, comments, difusion, and so much more … THANKYOU! It has been, and still is, incredible!

read more

#03 / Ho hem aconseguit!! We've made it!!

(Català) Bon dia, ahir nit es va assolir el 100% de l'objectiu financer, és increïble, MOLTÍSSIMES GRÀCIES A TOTHOM !!! Literalment, això no seria possible sense la generositat de cadascun de vosaltres, us ho agraïm immensament:)

Aquí us deixo l'últim dels tres vídeos que vam gravar a l'estudi, i ben aviat tindrem els discs! Una abraçada a tothom:)

(English) Good morning to everyone, yesterday we made it, we reached the goal we were aiming! It's incredible, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Literally, this would not be possible without the generosity of every and each one of you, we're thankful!

Here is the last video we recorded at the studio, and soon enough we'll have the records! A big hug from Catalunya!

#02 / (English) New live videos recorded at the studio!

Thank you all so much for supporting my project, it has been truly wonderful that so many of you have got involved!

Apart from the heatfelt thanks I also wanted to send you videos that where taken during the recording at the studio!! You can find them on the Verkami page or at my Youtube channel:(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkA0pjqAoAyDr5IMIVp3EYA). If you feel like it you can even subscribe and get updates as and when we post new videos!

Here is something to whet your appetite ;)

A big hug from Catalunya and … onward!

#01 / Vídeos en directe a l'estudi de gravació!

Per començar, moltíssimes gràcies a tots els que heu decidit donar suport a aquest projecte, és increïble que tanta gent s'hi hagi volgut involucrar, moltes gràcies, de debò!

També us volem comentar que aquests dies ens han arribat els vídeos que vam gravar en directe a l'estudi!! Els podeu trobar tant a la mateixa pàgina de Verkami com al meu canal de Youtube, i si us ve de gust us hi podeu subscriure i així rebre tots els vídeos que anem pujant!

Aquí us en deixo un per anar fent boca;)

Una abraçada i seguim!

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