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Pan de sapo

A card game in which you will have to build your own mushroom deck to fulfill the assigned mission.

MycoGalicia Plantae

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Fungi are a valuable resource in our forests. In Galicia, general knowledge about fungi is scarce, and thus it is a very important task to popularize them, especially as a means of conservation.

In Galicia, people have always had a complicated, love-hate relationship with fungi. Whenever fall comes around, it's impossible to not to notice these organisms sprouting all over fields and forests, fascinating for some and terrifying for others.

In the past, these beings have been called derogatory names by those who feared them, like "Pan de sapo" ("Toad's bread"). Our intention is to reclaim that moniker, and make something positive out of it, without forgetting about its past meaning.

"Pan de sapo" is a card game in which you will have to be the wittiest toad, in order to forage the most valuable mushrooms, while also facing other toads with the same intent.

The game consists of three short rounds, in which players will have to put eight mushrooms in their ecosystem, while trying to get as many points as possible.

Additionally, everyone will have to solve a secret mission, which will also mean extra points.

"Pan de sapo" includes 60 mushroom cards, 12 toad cards (equipped with special abilities) and 8 mission cards.

Monetary contributions will be used for funding the development and distribution of the "Pan de sapo" game, as well as shipping, campaign costs, and lastly the Verkami commissions.

If our financial target is reached, every patron will receive a series of mods in their basic game set at the end of the campaign.

Besides, they will be able to choose a language preference for the game (Galician, Spanish or English) both for the player's handbook and for the cards (see also: stretch goals).

Patrons will be able to choose between a wide array of rewards.

The simplest ones are the "Toad's bread flash" which will be available for 48h, and "Toad's bread", which will allow you to purchase the game for a cheaper price (shipping fees included).

If you don't live in Spain, you can choose the "Wandering Toad" option, so we can ship the game to your preferred location.

In case you can't have enough of our mushroom content, you can purchase "Toad's bread"'s big brother, "The mushroom game", a pairing card deck for little kids. You can also add "My first mycological guide", a lovely little book for learning about Galicia's mushrooms (only available in Galician).

If you liked our game's pet design, it is available for purchase as cute handle-less mugs, tote bags, prints and pins. Who knows, maybe we'll release more products if we reach our extra goals!

For those shops that would like to purchase a bigger number of products, we've got the "Merchant Toad" version, which includes 5 units of the game, and will also grant your store's logo a place in our campaign.

Moreover, just by being a patron, you will have the option to choose a language for your game, between Galician, Spanish and English for now. Adding languages upon request from patrons will be an option too.

If everything goes according to plan, once our campaign is complete, we'll take the following steps:

November 2021 - January 2022: manufacturing of the games and products, and developments of the special rewards.

January - March 2022 - January 2022: packages ready for shipment, postal delivery to patrons.

The greatest rewards: in case that we reach our financial target, a wide array of presents will be unlocked for all patrons who chose to select the "Extra goals" options. Some of these will be known from the start of the campaign, and some will be revealed further down the way.

Target reached at 125%: player's board for up to 5 players, and individual point counters.

Target reached at 150%: bigger box to be able to fit the board inside.

Target reached at 175%: 6th player unlocked (including board and counter), additional cards for the deck.

Target reached at 200%: ?

Target reached at 225%: ?

Target reached at 250%: ?

These extras are exclusive to our crowdfunding campaign!!

We are a group of Galician biologists with a passion for environmental education. Our work niche involves both Botany and Micology. Through our work, we realized the importance of divulging and making people aware of the intrinsic value of the natural resources present around us.

MycoGalicia Plantae was born out of these concerns, in the Micology lab of the University of Vigo, where we work upholding our values through education, research and mycological and botanical advisory.

Each and everyone of us takes up different tasks, according to our abilities: Paula Estévez (designer), María Cabaleiro (admin), Hugo Fernández (communication manager), Marisa Castro (scientific advisor) and Andrés Cordeiro (computer specialist). Even though our duties differ, we are all bound by our love for nature and our goal to protect the natural and rural environment.

You can keep up with our project on our social media:

Get to know us better on our webpage:

If you need some more info on this project, please contact us at info@mycogalicia.es


  • Can I request an invoice for my contribution?

    Once the crowdfunding campaign is finished, all patrons who request it will receive an invoice for their contribution with the billing information they wish to include.

  • Can I participate without creating a Verkami account?

    If you want to contribute to the project, but you don't like online payments or having to create new user accounts, you can write to us at info@mycogalicia.es or at +34 623 109 392 and tell us that you want to make a contribution to "Pan de sapo".

    We will send you the data so that you can participate by making a bank transfer with the amount you want and, afterwards, we will be the ones to include it on the project page.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • MycoGalicia Plantae

    MycoGalicia Plantae

    11 days

    Muchas gracias!

  • Miguel Ángel Grau

    Miguel Ángel Grau

    11 days

    Enhorabuena pola iniciativa chic@s, a seguir así con proyectos tan ilusionantes

  • MycoGalicia Plantae

    MycoGalicia Plantae

    about 1 months

    Muchas gracias! Nos alegramos mucho de que tengas tanta ilusión en nuestro proyecto!!!

  • Nhara


    about 1 months

    Como estudiante de biología y amante de la micología me ha hecho mucha ilusión colaborar con este proyecto<3

  • Raquel


    about 2 months

    Moitas grazas por estas iniciativas!!

#06 / Chegamos ao final da campaña de "Pan de sapo"!!!


Moi boas a todos!

Xa rematou a campaña de crowdfunding de "Pan de sapo" e queremos agradecer a todos os mecenas o voso apoio, posto que permitiu sacar adiante este proxecto.

No último momento da campaña chegamos ao 175% da financiación polo que finalmente teredes tamén unha caixa máis grande na que collan todos os extras do xogo.

En breve vos enviaremos un formulario para que cubrades cos datos para o envío das recompensas e outras cuestións que precisamos saber antes de preparalo todo.


¡Buenos días a todos!

Ya ha terminado la campaña de crowdfunding de "Pan de sapo" y queremos agradecer a todos los mecenas vuestro apoyo, puesto que ha permitido sacar adelante este proyecto.

En el último momento de la campaña llegamos al 175% de la financiación por lo que finalmente tendréis también una caja más grande en la que cojan todos los extras del juego.

read more

#05 / Desbloqueado obxectivo do 150%

GL: Moitísimas grazas a todos os mecenas por facernos chagar ao 150% da financiación e, polo tanto, lograr desbloquear unha nova recompensa extra: o sexto xogador e novas cartas de xogo!

Por petición popular, cambiamos o que anteriormente ía ser o obxectivo do 150% polo do 175% que parecía xerar un maior interese.

Esperamos que vos alegre esta nova e que difundades nos 5 días que quedan a campaña!

ES: ¡Muchísimas gracias a todos los mecenas por hacer que llegásemos al 150% de la financiación y, por lo tanto, lograr desbloquear una nueva recompensa extra: el sexto jugador y nuevas cartas de juego!

Por petición popular, cambiamos el que anteriormente iba a ser el objetivo del 150% por el del 175%, que parecía generar mayor interés.

¡Esperamos que os alegre esta noticia y que difundáis en los 5 días que quedan la campaña!

EN: Many thanks to all the… read more

#04 / 125% acadado!

GL: Moitas grazas a todos os mecenas por facer posible que chegásemos ao 125% da financiación! Ao ter acadado este punto, anunciámosvos que, todos os que escollíchedes unha recompensa que incluía obxectivos extra, teredes tamén taboleiros de xogo para os cinco xogadores, ademais do xogo en si mesmo. Esperamos que esta noticia vos alegre tanto como a nós!

ES: ¡Muchas gracias a todos los mecenas por hacer posible que hayamos llegado al 125% de la financiación! Al haber alcanzado este punto, os anunciamos que, todos los que escogisteis una recompensa que incluyese objetivos extra, tendréis también tableros de juego para los cinco jugadores, además del juego en sí mismo. ¡Esperamos que esta noticia os alegre tanto como a nosotros!

EN: Thank you very much to all the patrons for making it possible for us to reach 125% of the funding! Having reached this point, we announce that… read more

#03 / Queda moi pouco para acadar o obxectivo do 125%

GL: Moitas grazas a todos os mecenas por axudarnos a estar tan preto do noso primeiro obxectivo extra! Falta moi pouco para que, ademais do xogo "Pan de sapo", poidades desfrutar dos taboleiros de xogo e marcadores de puntuación. Esperamos poder anunciarvos en breve a consecución definitiva deste obxectivo.

ES: ¡Muchas gracias a todos los mecenas por ayudarnos a estar tan cerca de nuestro primer objetivo extra! Falta muy poco para que, además del juego "Pan de sapo", podáis disfrutar de los tableros de juego y de los marcadores de puntuación. Esperamos poder anunciaros en breve la consecución definitiva de este objetivo.

EN: Thank you so much to all the patrons for helping us get so close to our first bonus goal! There is very little left so that, in addition to the game "Pan de sapo", you can enjoy the game boards and scoreboards. We hope to announce the definitive achievement of this objective soon.

#02 / Obxectivo inicial conseguido!!!


Tras unha semana de campaña conseguimos o obxectivo inicial do proxecto, polo que "Pan de sapo" sairá adiante si ou si!!! 🎉🎉

Moitas grazas a todos os mecenas por facelo posible! 🥰

A partir de agora quedan 33 días de campaña nos que, se segue a haber participación iremos desbloqueando os obxectivos extra. Por iso, agradecemos que difundades o proxecto para que teñamos unha maior visibilidade 😉

O próximo obxectivo que nos fixamos é chegar ao 125% da financiación, momento no que se engadirán ao xogo taboleiros de xogador!


¡¡¡Tras una semana de campaña conseguimos el objetivo inicial del proyecto, por lo que "Pan de sapo" saldrá adelante sí o sí!!! 🎉🎉

¡Muchas gracias a todos los mecenas por hacerlo posible! 🥰

A partir de ahora quedan 33 días de campaña en los que, si sigue habiendo participación iremos desbloqueando los objetivos extra. Por eso, agradecemos que difundáis el proyecto para que tengamos una mayor visibilidad 😉

read more

#01 / 47% do obxectivo conseguido no primeiro día de campaña!!!

Moitas grazas a todos os mecenas que nos axudáchedes a conseguir no primeiro día de campaña o 47% do obxectivo total.

Esperamos poder continuar a darvos boas noticias durante as próximas semanas!

Muchas gracias a todos los mecenas que nos habéis ayudado a conseguir en el primer día de campaña el 47% del objetivo total.

Esperamos poder continuar dándoos buenas noticias durante las próximas semanas!

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