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Dr. Frigola: a drug-free psychiatry

The journey of psychiatrist Dr. Frigola, who has been applying Wilhelm Reich's work for more than 40 years in his century-old farmhouse.


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The documentary presents the biography of Dr. Carles Frigola: a humble person, far from the media sphere, who has dedicated his professional career to using and transmitting Wilhelm Reich´s method and scientific theories.

It is the story of a psychiatrist who in his early years, felt the need to explore new paths, leaving behind a psychiatry that did not represent him. The meeting with Wilhelm Reich's eldest daughter in London changed his vision completely, not only of psychiatry, but also on how to interpret life.

Dr. Frigola (1944) lives and works in Creixell, a small town in the Empordá de Cataluña. He has published a large number of books, multiple scientific papers and essays.

For the last 40 years he has been fascinated by **Orgonomy**, the scientific work of Wilhelm Reich.

At the beginning of his career, he was part of the emerging anti-psychiatry movement of the 1970s with Aaron Esterson and Roland Laing in London. Among other processes, he experimented with group therapy and therapeutic communities (Tavistock Clinic, Institute of Group Analysis).

He met Eva Reich, W. Reich's eldest daughter, an meeting that has marked him to this day. He t**rained** with her in orgonomy, being Dr. Carles Frigola the only orgonomic doctor in Spain. Together they founded the Wilhelm Reich Foundation in Spain in the 80s.

He currently lives, works and conducts his courses on orgonomy in his 500 year old family home. The beautiful gardens of the estate play an important role in the therapeutic processes.

Detailed budget:

25% Production (crew,  transfers,  subsistance )

42% Post-production (editing, masterisation, English translation, etc.)

28% Management costs (taxes, commissions, shipping, etc.)

5% Launch ( Promotion, premiere, release)

The project is an independent production.

We have  completed  70% of the filming. The "Wilhelm Reich Foundation" in Spain has contributed 10% of the production. The rest is a personal investment.

In case of exceeding the funding goal, the remaining money will go to the Wilhelm Reich Foundation (Spain) for the construction of a new Orgone Accumulator with an approximate cost of 1,200 euros.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram until our project reaches completion.

The final length of the documentary will be between 40 and 50 minutes, at this point 20% of filming remains to be completed. We have chosen a crowdfunding process because, apart from dealing with a social issue of common interest, we want to preserve our creative and content independence.

Orgonomy was developed from the work and discoveries of the revolutionary and pioneer Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).

Wilhelm Reich was the first psychoanalyst who added the biochemical techniques of the body to the psychoanalytic work of verbal psychoanalysis. He introduced the observation of breathing and body into clinical analysis, breaking down the boundaries of therapist-patient contact. His work The Function of Orgasm, (1927), argued that the ability to achieve orgasm was an essential attribute of a healthy individual. This work led him to the sexual politics movement, as an attempt to combine radical left-wing politics with the advocacy of education and sexual freedom.

Reich called particular attention to the use of character structure as protective armour to prevent the individual from discovering his own underlying neuroses. His anti-Nazi political attitude opened the way for research in mass psychology ("Mass Psychology of Fascism", 1933).

Wilhelm Reich's work has been persecuted and questioned. It is considered to be the most powerful censorship phenomenon that has occurred in the United States. It has inspired and shown the way to other therapies such as Gestalt, Bioenergetics or the Felderkrais method, among others.

The Fundation Wilhelm Reich en España

Wilhelm Reich's most important scientific work, performed in the laboratory, was to measure units of "cosmic" energy that would energise the nervous system. Reich came to believe in the existence of a vital energy force that he called "orgone energy" produced by "bions", microscopic energy vesicles in a transitional state between the non-living and the living.

He conceived mental illness as an orgone deficiency. The process consisted by placing the patient in a specially constructed cabinet called the Orgone Accumulator. He applied this therapy for many diseases later on, including cancer.

Dr. Carles Frigola has touched us with his humble attitude combined with his historical background and his way of life. At the same time, he represents the groundbreaking work of Wilheim Reich and we feel that through this project we are reviving his legacy.

This biographical documentary was born out of our desire to present Dr. Frigola as an example, to inspire both other psychiatrists and people who suffer from mental disorders. In this way, to make known alternative paths, especially for those whose experience with medication has not been positive.

At the same time, we feel that it is a topic of general interest and relevance, since it has coincided with the time in which the effect of the pandemic has increased the number of cases of mental disorders. We do not intend to make a documentary against psychotropic drugs, but to question and rethink the current orientation of the mental health system.

We are Alkyoni and Ricardo and this is our first documentary film. We come from the world of visual arts.

By training we are an architect (Alkyoni) and a product designer (Ricardo) and very curious to explore new paths as long as they reflect the same coherent reality.

Finally, we would like to thank Dr. Frigola for having placed his trust in us. Also, to his students for sharing their experiences and to

Carlota Frigola for her excellent hospitality.


Alkyoni Bouchalaki: direction and developement.

Ricardo Tena: direction and production

Joan Pujolar: camera and lighting


Alexandra Paspaladelli (translation)

Pilar Sola (graphic design)

Madeleine Cook (translation)

Thank you very much for supporting our project!

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  • Alexey Kaloyanov

    Alexey Kaloyanov

    3 months

    Enhorabuena y suerte con el proyecto! 🖤

  • CarlottaCat


    3 months

    Enhorabuena, proyecto fabuloso.

  • Roger López

    Roger López

    3 months

    Suerte en el proyecto!

  • Yurena Diaz

    Yurena Diaz

    3 months

    Por que el proyecto se haga realidad!!!

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