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Help us get our album back! Kings of the Beach needs you!!

We want to get the new Kings of the Beach LP back. We'd like to free ourselves from our old label and be able to start a new musical stage.


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Hi guys, the story begins this way. 2 years ago, we started to record our second LP in Madrid, our former music label funded the recordings, some singles designs and other works related to the album. Because of the pandemic, we decided to postpone the album release until June of 2020 when we decided to release the first single.

After a while, for some reasons, we communicated with our ex manager that we wanted to stop working with him and with the record label. We wanted to release the album by ourselves, which postponed even more the release.

The problem now is that we have to pay for the recording, master, designs and other expenses related to the album.

This year we were lucky and we won a contest from the Paideia Foundation, which saved us from another year without shows. We thought that with those shows we could cover all costs, but we don't have everything yet.

We really wanted to publish our album and we continue to have the same excitement to this day. The only thing we need is money so we can leave the record label and start a new stage in our careers.

Who are we?

For those who don't know us, we are a music band from Vigo. We have been playing together for almost 10 years, touring Spain, making friends around the world (Portugal, USA, Mexico)

We have released 1 LP, a couple of EPs and several singles and video clips. Our second LP was recorded in Madrid at Metropol Studios in 2019 with Fran Meneses. A new album that, without a doubt, is a new advance in the band's maturity and a noticeable sound evolution in the new songs.

You can get to know better on our social media profiles:

What are we going to do with the money?

The money will go to pay for the album recordings, all communication work, video clips, artworks and other expenses related to the new album production.

Planned schedule

Once the crowdfunding is completed, the rewards will be sent between January and March.

+ Info

You can find more information about the band in the following social networks:

In the following links you will find all our music and videos:


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  • KingsOfTheBeach


    over 1 year

    Muchas gracias a todo el mundo por ayudarnos a recuperar nuestro disco! En los próximos días nos pondremos en contacto con vosotrxs y recibiréis información sobre vuestras recompensas. Besossss

  • André


    over 1 year




    over 1 year

    Siempre a vuestro lado!! MUY GRANDES

  • songabimele


    over 1 year

    Ánimo chavales!! Saludos do melenas!! Gabi Aula11

  • Edgar


    over 1 year

    Animo 😎💪💪

  • nicoacebes


    over 1 year

    imos imos imooos

  • Daramirez


    over 1 year

    support your local bands! viva vigo! para siempre, me cago en tal.

  • Bosley095


    over 1 year

    Vaamos sprint final!!

  • Loli Cabaleiro

    Loli Cabaleiro

    over 1 year


  • Daniglesias


    over 1 year

    Mucho ánimo, este álbum verá la luz!

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