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"Voyager" - Short Film

"Voyager" is a neo-noir thriller with fantasy elements set in Barcelona.

Pablo Pagán

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"Voyager" is a short film directed by Pablo Pagán and produced by ESCAC Films and Entropy Productions. It is a project in which we have poured all our passion and we need your contribution for it to become a reality.

Help us to make it happen!


"A truck driver discovers the ability to leave her physical body, and travel the world in an immaterial way, in an astral journey."

What's the project about?

The project is proposed as a contemporary exploration of the neo-noir genre, building on the foundations of its precursors. The short film delves into a fantastic theme, which allows us to treat classic noir elements, such as ambivalent mysteries, immoral characters, and a dishonest world that the protagonist must maneuver. However, in essence, it's a story of a character who, devoid of power throughout his life, regains control of it.

The story explores the search for truth driven by the voyeuristic apparatus that represents the ability to travel the world without a physical form; But in line with the neo-noir story of authors such as Park Chan-wook, Bong Joon-ho or David Fincher, this search for the truth will end up leading our protagonist towards a descent into the immorality of the human being.

The project was born from our collective love for genre cinema, and the desire to make a hybrid between the neo-noir thriller and the fantastic genre, set in a nearby environment exploring Barcelona from the gloomy and dark tone that characterizes the noir genre.


The protagonist of this story is presented as the inverted archetype of a traditional hero, a lonely young woman with a distorted moral compass created by pessimism and social alienation. Lacking many of the qualities or virtues present in an ideal protagonist, this character is marked by a hostile environment devoid of the moral framework necessary to create the figure of a traditional hero.

Artistic Vision

Inspired by the works of neo-noir and its precursors, we have conceptualized the world of short films as a hostile universe, where our protagonist is forced to subsist inside. The spaces and environments inside the film complement the general tone of the piece, becoming projections of the outside world. The exploration of the astral world transforms the short film into a kind of labyrinth, which our protagonist must physically and allegorically maneuver in her search for the truth.

Concept art for the "Voyager" motel.
Concept art for the "Voyager" motel.

In order to carry out "Voyager", we need your help. We have enabled the campaign to raise the necessary funds to cover the essential expenses of the project. It is a very complex project, which requires extensive lighting, decoration and logistics to bring the world of short film to life.

We have been working for months to carry this project forward, and the entire team has put a part of themselves into making this short film the best it can be. However, without sufficient means, it will not be possible to realize the vision of the team.

The budget for the short film is calculated to cover the minimum needs required by the project, with special emphasis on achieving a good work environment.

"Voyager" budget breakdown.
"Voyager" budget breakdown.

With these rewards, we want to get you as close to the project as possible, offering exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and even invitations to the shooting and festival touring. We want you to be part of the project and to be as passionate as we are.


Once the funding is completed, we will enter the pre-production phase, where we will ensure all the necessary logistical elements, as well as the casting and locations of the short film. Filming will take place in May 2022 in the province of Barcelona. Once the filming is completed, the post-production stage will begin, in which the soundtrack will be composed, VFX and color will be finished. During that time, the campaign perks will be delivered. The short film will be accessible to patrons in the fall of 2022, once it is fully completed. Finally, throughout 2023, the short film will begin its festival run.

We are a group of young people that recently graduated film school, with a tireless desire to tell stories. Having completed our career, and with several short films behind our backs, "Voyager" has become the project in which we have poured all of our passion, and in which we have worked nonstop for the past months. If you want to know more about us, keep an eye on the social media links at the end of the campaign!

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Contact: [email protected]


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  • Familia perucha

    Familia perucha

    over 1 year

    Ánimo pablo

  • Gloria


    over 1 year

    Der Valen

  • Marielle Murguet

    Marielle Murguet

    over 1 year

    Cher Pablo, mon premier souvenir de toi est l'enthousiasme de tes copains lorsqu''ils me parlaient des films que tu réalisais, que tu faisais tout seul, avec des effets spéciaux et tout et tout... Arnau t' avait améné en H106 pour que je te connaisse. Vous étiez alors en 6ème. Bravo pour aller jusqu'au bout de tes rêves !

  • LuisMi Sabio

    LuisMi Sabio

    over 1 year

    Buen viaje!

  • Gloria


    over 1 year

    Hermanito, confío en ti.( Daniel)

  • jvballester


    over 1 year

    Auguro un gran éxito para Pablo Pagán con su nuevo corto Voyager ;) José

  • Vicente Fernández / Líder Coaching®

    Vicente Fernández / Líder Coaching®

    over 1 year

    Pablo, mucho éxito en tu nuevo proyecto. ¡INQUIETANTE!

  • Fernando Pessoa

    Fernando Pessoa

    over 1 year

    La mamá de Aarón

  • bernatr2


    over 1 year

    Mucha suerte. Espero que a todos nos guste el corto. Y que lo entendamos, aunque algunos no sepamos que significa esto de "Thriller neo-noir con pinceladas de género fantástico" ;-)

  • EmiC


    over 1 year

    Tiene muy buena pinta!!! Deseando verlo terminado. Buena suerte!!!

#01 / ¡Nueva meta!


Nos encontramos a tan solo 4 días del final de la campaña de financiación, y no podríamos estar más agradecidos a todos los mecenas que han aportado su granito de arena para hacer posible este proyecto.

Gracias a vosotros hemos alcanzado nuestra primera meta de financiación, a partir de la cual podremos hacer este proyecto realidad. Tenemos muchas ganas de empezar a compartir novedades con vosotros. ¡Estad atentos!

Sin embargo, la campaña aún no ha terminado. Hemos decidido ampliar la meta a 5.000€, de manera que podáis seguir participando, y consigamos llegar juntos al nuevo objetivo. Todas las recompensas seguirán disponibles en la campaña hasta el día 9/02/2022 a las 23:59. No perdáis la ocasión de formar parte del proyecto.

Los fondos adicionales servirán para cubrir los gastos de distribución del cortometraje una vez esté finalizado, de manera a poder hacerlo llegar a todos los festivales que nos sea posible.

¡Muchas gracias de nuevo a todos!

-El equipo de Voyager.

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