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Spanish edition of PED XING, Marchica's debut, 140 gram vinyl. (Shipping to Europe)

We need you to produce our first album, called PED XING, in 140 gram vinyl, with brand new design and 11 indie-rock songs.


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Marchica is an unlikely meeting sealed in Pozoblanco, Córdoba in 2016 and materialized in May of this year with the return to Spain of singer and songwriter Pete Marchica (Long Beach, California).

Marchica is the result of said meeting between Pete Marchica and the Cordovan Miguelo Gómez and Antonio Jesús Moreno (both also rhythmic base of the quintet Some Men). The background that connects this triangle has its main pillar in the classic indie-rock, the one known as lo-fi (Sebadoh, Smog, Daniel Jonston, Pavement and The Flaming Lips) translated into the internet era, savage democratization and do it yourself of these times. PED XING is a transatlantic crosswalk dotted with beer, pipes, olives, baseball gloves, and psilocybin.

Foto por Luisita Reina
Foto por Luisita Reina

From May to December the band is in charge of composing, recording and mixing the album between Pozoblanco and Malaga, with 3 mikes and a computer. With mastering by Cem Oral (Jammin Mastering, Berlin, Germany). On November 26, the band released the first advance single from the LP, "Biloxi Shuffle", a captivating doo-woop heir to Mark E. Smith, Sonic Youth, Jonathan Richman and The Velvet Underground. The next day they train live performing at the Ambigú Axerquía Theater in Córdoba together with the power-trio (now quartet) Los Hermanos Dalton** , with 130 people in attendance.

What will we allocate your contributions to?

Manufacturing a vinyl today is extremely expensive and manufacturing times have tripled with the shipping crisis, the band is new and completely self-managed so the Help to publish a debut album in these circumstances is essential.

The goal is 2000 €.

That money will cover the full cost of production.

  • 100 copies 140 gram vinyl with full color design.

  • Digital and Vinyl mastering made by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin, Germany)


1.Ped Xing (Pt. 1)

2.Biloxi Shuffle



5.Glass Jungle


7.Burberry Coats

8.Crystal Seas

9.Firing Squad

10.Superlative Conspiracy

11.Ped Xing (Pt. 2)

If the objective is not completed, the contributions will be returned through the same payment method, only if this is achieved, the payments will not be reimbursed and, if the figure is exceeded, it is likely to increase production with a limited edition CD and cassette.

About rewards

Each contribution of € 25 you will get a copy of our 140 gram vinyl debut album, full-color design and insert with photos and notes, in addition to the digital download of the disc previously to its publication. Shipping to any part of Spain has a cost of € 6 (except Balearic and Canary Islands)

Each contribution of € 30 you will get the vinyl signed by the band or including your name in the "Acknowledgments" section inside the insert. Yes, you are right: Your name will be in the credits of our debut!

In addition, you will get your coupon for the digital download of the album prior to its publication.

Each contribution of € 40 you will get the vinyl and the official PED XING T-shirt. In addition, you will get your coupon for the digital download of the album prior to its publication.

Any contribution less than € 25 is equally valuable, in any case you will have our ** disc in high quality digital download prior to the official publication!

Depending on the amount obtained, we will propose the possibility of making the cost of each copy of the vinyl cheaper and adding other extra rewards.

Seriously, any contribution is invaluable to us.

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Calendario Previsto

December 21 - Verkami campaign begins

Mid January - Official PED XING release on all platforms. Sending disc download codes.

January 31 - Verkami's campaign ends.

First of February - Send t-shirts and other rewards.

End of May - Vinyl manufacturing ends.

First week of June - Shipping of vinyls.

Pete Marchica - Voz, guitarra & teclados
Pete Marchica - Voz, guitarra & teclados

Miguelo Gómez - Bajo
Miguelo Gómez - Bajo

AJ Moreno - batería, percusión y coros
AJ Moreno - batería, percusión y coros

Jaime Romero - Guitarra
Jaime Romero - Guitarra


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  • Tomás Cowabunga

    Tomás Cowabunga

    5 months


  • Happy Place Records

    Happy Place Records

    5 months

    Venga Marchica !!

  • Marce Becerring

    Marce Becerring

    5 months

    Esto va popa en viento!

  • medvega


    5 months


  • lamina.raul@gmail.com


    6 months


  • Tomás Cowabunga

    Tomás Cowabunga

    6 months

    Este será el mejor disco del año! Marchicaaaa!

  • Griffin Jazz

    Griffin Jazz

    6 months

    ¡Yo quiero Marchica!

  • Marce Becerring


    6 months

    Vamos, chumachos!

    C'mon yugs!

#01 / ¡Ped Xing disponible en todas las plataformas este viernes!

¡Hola amig@ mecenas!

Estamos muy agradecidos por la respuesta que estáis dando a nuestra campaña, sabemos que hoy en día hay una oferta musical inmensa, con millones de bandas publicando en todo el mundo y una gran variedad de formatos/formas de escuchar música. Por eso, y por la crisis de materiales y transporte que padecemos en mayor medida los artistas pequeños, ¡vuestra aportación tiene un valor triple!

Autoeditar hoy en día es más complicado que nunca. Para nosotros, que hemos autosugestionado nuestro proyecto desde el segundo cero, se convierte en imprescindible contar con el apoyo de todos esos amigos y amigas que nos conocen, de los que no nos conocen pero tienen un universo musical en común con nosotros, e incluso esos vecinos o parientes que no tienen siquiera tocadiscos pero pueden usar el vinilo como decoración y al menos descargarlo en el móvil o el ordenador.

Y ahora, la parte importante para los mecenas.


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