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Vinguin les Feres

When night comes in day, everything meets in the woods | Fiction short film created by eight students from Pompeu Fabra University

Vinguin les Feres

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The Plot

Vega is going to her grandmother's village with the aim of witnessing a solar eclipse and relive the fascination she felt as a child when she saw the same phenomenon. On her way, she accidentally runs over a small wild animal and her car breaks down. During the rest of her journey, now on foot, the power of the forest and the energy of the unusual natural phenomenon invite her to enter a journey into the unconscious. Elvira, an old friend of her grandmother, tells her a legend that impulses Vega's desire to enter the forest. She reconnects with her most primitive part by looking directly at nature.

The traveller. The solar eclipse. The animal. The witch.

The traveller
The traveller

The solar eclipse
The solar eclipse

The animal
The animal

The witch
The witch

Our Project

Vinguin les Feres was born when a few students of our class got together and started working on a script for a movie. As we got to know each other, a movie that had a bit of each one of us was being written. Now we have a short film written, we are friends and we need money.

This short film is the TFG (final project) of Ela Matassini, Núria Onsins, Mateu Tur, Marina Millán, Maria Roca, Elena Riera, Kevin Matos and Marina Zubiaur. With this project we want to create a 20 minutes-long short film in which we want to materialize all the things we have learned these last years.

The will of making this project something beyond a school project is the reason we decided to look for new ways of financing our film and we are now crowfunding! We are going to use our savings too, but they look a little bit like this:

So we are talking to you. You, yes, you, that friend who used to play the oboe with me in the music band and now you won't even say "Hi" when you see me around. You, that friend of my mother who tells me that I have grown a lot every time you see me. And you, who just arrived here and now you have to give us money... Come on, won't you help us?

About Us

Ela Matassini Codirection

Director of photography and camera operator in the short film S'haurà de fer de nit (UPF). Director of the music video It's a night to be lonely (NANA). Head of sound in El último macho (ECIB), Melbourne (ECIB), Entre nosotras (ESCAC). Sound assistant on Petites Morts (ESCAC) and Lapse (UPF). She was also a part of the artistic team in the film Crisàlides (UPF). She also made a series of promotional videos related to dance due to her connection with the performing arts world. Contemporanian dancer under the direction of Bebeto Cidra, Nora Baylach, Sol Vázquez and actress in the UPF theatre group with Pep Antón Gómez, Lluís Villanueva and Marta Domingo.

Núria Onsins Codirection

Codirector and cowriter of the short film S’haurà de fer de nit (UPF). Art assistant in Crisàlides (UPF). She is now doing an internship as script in Zeta Studios, in the TV show Sin Huellas by Sandra Serna and Maria José Mateos.

Mateu Tur Cast director

Camera assistant and focus-puller in the film Dies d'Estiu i de Pluja (UPF). Cast director in the short movie S'haurà de fer de nit (UPF). He has been acting at the UPF theatre group for the past 3 years under the direction of Marta Domingo, Lluís Villanueva and Pep Antón Gómez. He has also studied playwriting with Marilia Sampere in the Sala Beckett and tap-dancing with Analissa Mattioli in the Luthier School. He is now doing his internship in El Maldà being a part of the creative process of La Setena Porta, El Pont i Els Secundaris.

Marina Millán Screenwriting and production

She has been production assistant in different projects like Crisàlides (UPF) and the short film Lapse (UPF). She is currently doing her internship on production and post production in the TV program Página Dos of RTVE produced by Goroka.

Elena Riera Direction of photography

Co-director, screenwriter and distributor of the analogic short film S'haurà de fer de nit (UPF), focus-puller in Dies d'Estiu i de Pluja (UPF), assistant of photography in the music video It's a night to be lonely (NANA) and light technician in the short film Reminiscencia (TecnoCampus). She has also worked as a still photographer in the short film Lapse (UPF) and the teaser of La Nit no fa Vigília (UPF). She is currently doing her internship at the CCCB.

Kevin Matos Direction of photography

Co-director of the short films Absolution and Prisma (EMAV). Camera assistant and focus-puller in the short film S'haurà de fer de nit (UPF). Videomaker and editor in the Catalunya RX, The WorldRollerGames, Extreme BCN, BEO BCN, and the finals of Orange Superleague.

Maria Roca Screenwriting and art direction

Art director in the film Un Sol Radiant (UPF). Screenwriter, art director and costume designer in the short film S'haurà de fer de nit (UPF). She has also worked in the art design team in the projects Crisàlides (UPF), Surco (UPF) and Reminiscència (TecnoCampus). She was set assistant in the FV Magazine's spring edition. She is also one of the members of the cultural platform Cinc Cèntims and she is currently doing her internship at the cooperative cinema Zumzeig.

Marina Zubiaur Direction of production

Coordinator of the short films festival MICRO at the Barcelona edition (2021) and the Hondarribia edition (2020). Coproducer of the music videos Qué Bonita (The True Religion), It's a night to be lonely (NANA) and the teaser of La Nit no fa Vigília (UPF). Production assistant in the film Dies d'Estiu i de Pluja (UPF). Production assistant at the festival Humor en corto and art director and costume designer in the short film S’haurà de fer de nit (UPF). She is currently doing her internship of production and post production in the TV program Página Dos of RTVE produced by Goroka.

Who else is with us?

We have the help of some professionals from the cinema and communication industry to help us making the best out of this project.

Pep Garrido. Screenwriter and filmmaker in the Atiende Films production company. He has directed the films Bustamante Perkins and Sense Sostre. He also is a playwriting and screenwriting teacher at Pompeu Fabra University.

Elena Martín-Gimeno. Cinema actress and director. Well known for the projects Julia Ist and Suc de Síndria, winner of a Goya in the short film category. She is now working on her second film Creatura.

Gonzalo de Lucas. Film edition teacher in the UPF, director of the film edition postgraduate degree and cinema programmer in Xcèntric.

Sergi Moreno. Producer of the films Els dies que vindran, Libertad and Alcarràs, he is also an audiovisual production teacher in the UPF.

Mar Coll. Screenwriter and cinema director of Tres dies amb la família, a film that made her won a Goya Award.

Clara Roquet. Screenwriter and director known for movies as 10.000km, Els dies que vindran or her last movie, Libertad.

Our Rewards

We have 10 different rewards for 10 diferent kinds of participation from 10€ to 5000€. Some rewards are material (tote bags, tattoos and rings), some are digital and symbolic (link to the movie and presence in the movie credits) and some are experiences (tickets for the film premiere and a night at a 5 star hostel).

All the rewards and the graphic design of our project have been created by:

Mercè Ripoll Graphic design

Marian Vélez @elsantalcel Illustration

Anabel Salón @analonsabel Illustration

Maria Roca @meri.dional Graphic design

Elena Riera @riera_elena Graphic design

Núria Onsins @ons.inks Tattoo design

These are our rewards:

Resin rings

Original postcard

Designed by @analonsabel
Designed by @analonsabel

Original tote bag

Designed by @elsantalcel
Designed by @elsantalcel

Flash tattoos

Designed by @ons.inks
Designed by @ons.inks

If you collaborate with the project and one of your rewards is either a flash tattoo or a personalized tattoo, you will receive an e-mail with the information regarding the procedure of the appointments, through which you will be able to speak to Núria Onsins, the tattoo artist and designer.

What are we doing with all your apportations?

This is a cute representation of how we are going to spend the money!

Working calendar

This is an approximation of the phases of our project.

From now until May, we will be working on the preproduction and preparing the shooting. We will be shooting during a week in May to make our story real. From the ending of the shooting to July we will be working in the post-production of image and sound. If everything goes right on August you will be getting your rewards!

If you want to know more about our project or about Verkami and keep up with our film you can follow us on Instagram @vinguinlesferes or contact us via email [email protected].

Thank you for your time :)
Vinguin les Feres team.


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  • Alvaro Marquez Sanchez

    Alvaro Marquez Sanchez

    over 1 year

    Pequeño granito de arena para el proyecto de mi querida Millansita, espero que os salga todo súper bien ❤️🤞🏾🙌🏾

  • Paula Labazuy

    Paula Labazuy

    over 1 year

    Molta força i il·lusió!!!!

  • Mireia


    over 1 year

    Ànims a aquestes Feres amb tant de talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clàuger


    over 1 year

    per culpa vostra se'ns ha cremat la pizza, però ha valgut la pena :) molts ànims i moltes feres!!!!

  • Sara Romero

    Sara Romero

    over 1 year

    Molta sortt!!!❤️

  • susanna.montane


    over 1 year

    Vingaaaa aixó ja està casi!!! Molta sort 🍀😘

  • emmasoleroliveras@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    over 1 year


  • Niuris


    over 1 year

    Mucha suerte en todo chicos! Sois lo más

  • Joana Giribet

    Joana Giribet

    over 1 year

    ànims noies amb el súper projecte!!

  • Eva, Tito y Carlota

    Eva, Tito y Carlota

    over 1 year

    Aquest projecte té súper bona pinta! Molta sort de part de l'Eva, el Tito i la Carlota Darnell :)

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