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My New Neighbor

An unexpected encounter. A look contaminated with prejudice. A gift: what unites us to the different is greater than what separates us.

Alfredo Andreu

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My New Neighbor is a short film that was born as a result of the experience of confinement lived in 2020 due to the pandemic. It has an award for best screenplay by Zaragoza’s Council.

My New Neighbor is a live-action short film of less than 15 minutes. We want to tell the story of Lucía and Yuan, a pair of 9-year-old boys who meet as a result of the two months of lockdown in 2020, through the windows of their rooms that overlook the same neighboring patio.

Both children have inherited their parents' prejudices towards “the other”.

👧Lucía is a Spanish girl whose parents are very angry with chinese people because they are guilty of having brought "the bug" and 👦Yuan is a chinese boy whose mother is very angry with spanish people because they are thieves.

But as they get to know each other, Lucía and Yuan find common ground.

The story we want to tell is a dramatic comedy in which the main learning of both children is that what unites us to the different is greater than what separates us.

The pandemic is the background (deaths of the elderly, unemployment and the emotional difficulty of the situation), but the heart of the story is the prejudice towards the different and xenophobia.

The short film will be shot on location in the city of Zaragoza. Production company, El Inquilino, is originally from Madrid. His owner, Iván Pérez, is also a teacher at ECAM (the biggest film school in Spain).

So, let’s put a face to some of us, we leave you this infographic:

More crew:

🎞️ 1st AD Guillermo Chapa

✍🏻 Script Supervisor Lara Meléndez

🎤 Sound Mixer Vicente Bordanoba

💄 Costumes and Hairdressing Irenne Joven

Colorist David Rocher

✋ And we're still hiring!

The strength of the story depends on the freshness and honesty in the performances of two children.

Therefore, camera and lighting will play a critical role in visually enriching the story and telling it at the level we want.

The part of the project that we seek to finance with the crowdfunding is the grip, lenses, filming camera (Arri Alexa Mini), and transport. (+ info in the video 😉)

This is our calendar. The shooting will be in the second half of May. We will deliver the rewards starting in July.

These are the rewards for giving us your support as a patron. 🥰

(15 €) CHINA PACK : Thanks in our social networks + Viewed exclusively 15 days before the premiere

(30 €) SPAIN PACK : The rest + Digital poster signed by the team

(50 €) BONSAI PACK : The rest + Your name in the credits

(100 €) HAPPY WINDOW PACK : The rest + Multipurpose cloth bag + Digital soundtrack + Digital copy of the Making Of with extra material

(500 €) ANTI PREJUDICES PACK : The rest + “anti-prejudice” cosmetic pack (lipstick + shampoo + “prejudice-eliminator” scrub)

(1000 €) FRIENDSHIP PACK: The rest + Appear in credits as Associate Producer + Filmin 1 year free + Filming assistance


We want to offer a reward to all patrons, regardless of their contribution.

⬇️Send us a 20-second horizontally recorded video explaining what was the best thing you got out of the two-month lockdown experience.

With all the testimonies we will make a global documentary of fewer than 10 minutes about the collective experience of the pandemic.

If you want to be part of this project, all you have to do is click on the contribute button at the top right and select the pack that you like the most.

Each and every one of the contributions will be essential to tell this story.


More Info

👉 See the director's previous works on his REEL HERE
👉 See the Instagram of the project HERE
👉 See previous works produced by El Inquilino Films HERE


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All contributions are notified to us by email with the data you provide when registering, along with the reward you have chosen.

We save all the data and classify you by type of reward to manage them once the campaign ends.

🤔 When will I receive my Reward?

Once the campaign ends successfully, the author will receive the financing obtained. Then you must carry out the project and deliver the rewards. Below the pack you choose you’ll find a delivery estimated time. 😀

Send us an horizontal video of less than 30 secs telling what is the best lessons that you took away from the lockdown. You can send it via WeTransfer to this e-mail mivecinoyuan@gmail.com

Follow all the updates in @vecinoyuan.shortfilm


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  • Patricia


    about 1 year

    Enhorabuena Alfredo&Cía por el proyecto!! Seguro que sale un corto de cine!! Mucha mierda y deseando verlo!!! (Paty)

  • Alfredo Andreu

    Alfredo Andreu

    about 1 year

    Gracias Carolina!!! Estoy rodeado de un equipo de profesionales que admiro. Sé que podemos rodar una historia honesta, real y emotiva! GRACIAS por tu mecenazgo. Os haremos sentir a toda la familia orgullosos!

  • Carolina


    about 1 year

    ¡Ánimo, Alfredo! ¡¡Estamos contigo!!

  • Alfredo Andreu

    Alfredo Andreu

    about 1 year

    Y tanto que sí Adriana!! Muchas gracias por hacerlo posible. Gracias, gracias y gracias!

  • Adriana


    about 1 year

    Viva el cine! 👏❤

  • Alfredo Andreu

    Alfredo Andreu

    about 1 year

    Muchas gracias Cristina y Mavi!!! De verdad que estamos más cerca cada vez!

  • Cristina Gallego Lezaun

    Cristina Gallego Lezaun

    about 1 year

    Seguro que es un proyectazo!!!

  • Velkanquer


    about 1 year

    ¡Venga que no queda nada!
    ¡¡Tengo muchas ganas de ver este corto en todas las pantallas!!

  • Alfredo Andreu

    Alfredo Andreu

    about 1 year

    Gracias Pablo, qué alegría tus palabras. Te mando un fuerte abrazo! Y a ti Víctor, gracias!! Tú lo has dicho: cada gota cuenta un montón y nos acerca al objetivo. Un abrazo de agradecimiento!

  • VGF12


    about 1 year

    Una gotita más en este gran mar!

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