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IDENTIDAD - Alternative creative space LGTBQ / BIPOC

“IDENTIDAD’’ is an art project that works for creating a space and make visibile the talent of different creators from the LGTBQ community

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“IDENTIDAD’’ is the answer to the need of creating an alternative space for art and leisure, out of what the capitalist society stablished.

We work for showing the talent of all kind of artist, but always with a perspective based on feminism, class, antiracism, no LGTBphobia and social equality. In the same way, our purpose is to offer this cultural programm in a safe space for leisure, where everybody can enjoy and express their ideas.

How we will use the donations?

Motivation and Boost

Our main objective is to give a chance to those artist who wish to work with us for showing their work (exhibitions, performances, concerts...). They will be valorated by their talent and not by social standards.

The donation to this Verkami will help our organization to cover the production expenses (materials, locations, transport) and specially, this is really important to ''IDENTIDAD'', for paying the artist for their work.

In this way, we are extremely commited with clarity in our accounts. Everybody who wishes can come and join us in the process of creation and events production.They will prove that the management of our budget is nonprofit.

Online Activism
Online Activism

What does IDENTIDAD offer?

Our enterprise is not only a support for the LGTB artist. It is also an option for safe leisure and pleasure. We imagine a space where our public can express themselves without the fear of being judged or assaulted.

We also work for stepping out the ''Pink Washing'' tendencies, which only use our more representative symbols in order to attract more consumers and not for helping the LGTB community.

This is just the beginning of all the proposals we have, like workshop days for reivindication and deconstruction. This side, which looks for the divulgation of knowledge, will be supported with a podcast called ''Que vayan pasando''. It is available in Spotify and it talks abouts different topics related to the LGTB movement, art and social news.

Podcast Logo
Podcast Logo

Our next event: Grand Opening.

We want to show everybody who believes in our enterprise that our main asset is our illusion and the aim of working for a change.

We want to reflect this enormous force that moves us in a ''Grand Opening Party''.

This event will take place in a Festival format. You will be able of enjoying different art exhibitions poetry, paintworks, drag shows and DJ-sets.

The headers of our festival are already confirmed and they are: Translocura, Norma Mor, Rebel Bunnie, Cobb Douglas and many more.

It will be a limited capacity event, the way of getting one of the tickets is as a pirze for the donation to our Verkami.

Our next events will be much more focused on one art modality, there will be also workshops (drag, dance...) and formative debates.

What will be your prize for supporting our project?

You will get more than the satisfation of helping this group of dreamers, you will get so many prizes, all of them with a huge meaning:

  • Tickets for the Grand Opening.

  • Tickets for the next event.

  • Foto signed by the artists.

  • Totebag.

  • Ticket to an art experience.

  • T-shirt personalized by our artists.

  • Personalized lighter.

-Photo session.

  • DJ-set in our next event.

  • Small tattoo.

Norma Mor
Norma Mor

About us!

We are a group of people with the same objective. We decided to join our efforts, our illusions and work for those things that need to change.

We coordinate our ideas from Madrid and BCN in order to carry out this project. We break the distance barrier and work all together.

We would love to present ourselves:

Andy Díaz (he/she/they) - Digital Work

Pablo Ramón (she/he/they) - Comunication

David Torner (he) - Comunication

Emma Castan (she/they) - Production

Guille Díaz (he/they) - Production

Marta Tiana (she/they) - Production

Laura Cahís (she/he/they) - Direction and Production.


Our deadlines for this project are gently accomplished (thanks to the work and effort of all our crew).

The ''Grand Opening'' will take place the 18th or 19th June in BCN.

After that, an exhibition will take place every month (our crew will choose a topic and artists).

We would also like to thank other collectives that are supporting this project. This is the case of the underground event promoter group AFTERLIFE which host a solidary event in Berlin (5/5/22). The donations of that day will be used to support this enterprise.

In terms of time, the prizes can be received according to its own nature. It means, the event tickets can be used the day of the event. While the photosessions or personalized items must fixed a day with the professionals.

+ Info

If you have got to this point, we only can say THANK YOU. Your attention and support is what pushes us to continue working for this dream. But we do not want that, we do not want a dream, we need a reality.

That is why we work and you can help us in so many ways. We know that the LGTBQ community members and BIPOC people can face difficulties due to this system, and may cannot afford a ticket. If this is your case, please do not hesitate in contacting us so you can come in any case. Nobody will be out of our event for these reasons.

You can also share and support us through our Social Nets:

We would like to repeat that we are so grateful with you all. This is just the beginning, an idea that day by day it is becoming a reality. This would not be possible without your support.

Once again,

Thank you very much. XOXO.

Laura, founder
Laura, founder

Guille, production
Guille, production

Marta, production
Marta, production

Andy, creative
Andy, creative

Pablo, communications
Pablo, communications



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