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Let's finish together my debut album "Butterflies"

"Butterflies" is more than just an album. It's a quintessence of my whole life and a manifest of the possibility to create a new world.

Evelí Ray

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Hello everyone! I'm Evelí Ray, a singer-songwriter of Polish origin based in Barcelona since 2012. My love for music started when I was a little girl. I was composing my first melodies on the keyboard when I was seven and then I studied classical piano at the music school in my hometown. Simultaneously, I was taking modern singing classes at the cultural institute and performing at national and international song festivals.

In Barcelona, ​​I continued my passion for music at L'AULA de Jazz y Música Moderna, and at Voz Integral, a school of therapeutic voice and music therapy, where I met Joan Miró, the music producer and arranger of the long-awaited debut album that today little by little is seeing daylight.

"Butterflies" is a reflection on how we can live a fullfilling life in a time of chaos, disconnection and emptiness of the modern world. The key word of the project would be "empowerment", since it invites us to go through our own transformation and thus contribute to the creation of a new humanity, more balanced and in tune with nature that we all are. 𓆸

The album represents my restless searching spirit. It is a kaleidoscope of sounds filled with different landscapes and sensations. The six themes in English, three in Spanish and one in my native tongue, Polish, create unity in diversity.

It shows above all my fascination with Nordic, Latin and Oriental music, and the way in which we can combine electronics with acoustic sound and such native instruments as ney, oud, duduk, quenacho, bombo legüero and others.

For this reason, "Butterflies" has the potential to reach different places and public. It is a wink towards these people who want to enjoy real instruments and music that generates consciousness.

"Butterflies" is a kaleidoscope of sounds filled with different landscapes and sensations
"Butterflies" is a kaleidoscope of sounds filled with different landscapes and sensations

Every track on this album carries a message as the lyrics mean a lot to me. Where Are We Running talks about the frenetic rhythm of everyday life and invites us to look for the meaning through connection with simplicity. Ocean Of You is dedicated to our Creator and his emanation in every being. Finally, there is Elizabeth which I wrote for my dear mom and which can refer to all the mothers in the world.

Who we are

The basic instruments were recorded in Barcelona, ​​at Medusa Estudio, with excellent musicians and human beings.

Joan Miró is an arranger, music director, producer and musician of “Butterflies”. Pablo Giménez co-produces the album, plays the flutes and lovingly elaborates the audiovisual material through our production company Panambí Productions. You will also hear Salvador Toscano on drums, Marcos Exposito on bass and double bass, Antonio Mazzei on piano, Aleix Tobias on tambourine and others.

 Thank you beautiful souls for giving your hearts to each note of these songs. You are a proof that miracles do exist.
Thank you beautiful souls for giving your hearts to each note of these songs. You are a proof that miracles do exist.

About the rewards

First of all, thank you so much for your participation - your love in action and trust in "Butterflies". You are a key piece in this process. The moment you decide to invest, you become part of a dream that can become real. My path was long and required many personal sacrifices. However, I wouldn't have traded it for anything else as I believe we take to the other side what we sowed here by following our heart's calling.

Something very important. Once you choose a reward, it won't be charged to your bank card till we finish the campaign and only if we meet the economic goal.

The vinyls and other material rewards will be delivered by post once the campaign has ended. It will also be possible to pick them up at the next presentation concerts.

As for the songs and videos, they will be sent by email provided during the subscription.

The concerts and classes (also online) will take place on the day and place agreed with the patron.

What will we allocate your contributions to?

Your contributions will go to:

☉ Editing and mixing of the album: €2,000
☉ Design and photography: €500
☉ Vinyl record manufacturing (limited edition): €1,000
☉ Crafting other rewards: €300
☉ Promotion: €400

Sum aprox. 4.200 €

Let's go for it! If we succeed and also exceed it, the surplus will go to support Ukrainian children who suffered from the war.

Planned schedule

We have just recorded the bases of the songs (drums, bass, double bass and piano) in the studio. Once the campaign is finished, we will start the process of editing and mixing the album. Simultaneously, the other instruments will be recorded.

In July we are going to master the album. For the same month, we plan the recording of a videoclip and a photo shoot.

In September we will proceed with the manufacture of vinyls and merchandising products.

In November the rewards will be delivered to the patrons.


Relevant links:

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  • Bety Barros

    Bety Barros

    12 months

    All the best pretty face x

  • angelmanya


    about 1 year

    Éxitos en este hermoso proyecto 🙏🏻

  • Ewelina


    about 1 year


  • Dan


    about 1 year

    This a truly worthy cause promoted by some very talented people. I am delighted to support it. All the best. May you sell a million copies.

  • martha giordano

    martha giordano

    about 1 year

    El mejor de los éxitos amiga para este proyecto tan necesario

  • Manu


    about 1 year

    Ánimo!... gracias por esta bella propuesta

  • TheVerso


    about 1 year

    Buona fortuna :)

  • heartcorehotels


    about 1 year

    Proud to support Eveli Ray in this beautiful creation aimed at balancing our souls and our society in these trying times.

  • Núria Rossy

    Núria Rossy

    about 1 year

    Nos haces falta… ♥️

  • Gaby Aziz

    Gaby Aziz

    about 1 year

    Beautiful project by beautiful talented artists! Can’t wait to hear the album. Animo!

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