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The Mani-las´ 7 inch singles!!!!

Dear citizens of Maniland, we arrrr the Mani-las! This is the first music we publish as a band, get in the swing!


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The singli-los

© David Martin Page
© David Martin Page

These are 4 killer tracks that are going to make you want to rip off the wallpaper and smash your auntie Edna's fine porcelain!!! BE WARNED!

Vinilo Gogorilo. Side A - Don
Vinilo Gogorilo. Side A - Don't Mess with my mind, Side B - Black Denim Trousers

Vinilo Monilo. Side A - He
Vinilo Monilo. Side A - He's Got the Power, Side B - Call Me!

Ata Lasalle did the amazing artwork. You can't have one single without the other - they're twins!

Collectors ed., with colorful translucid vynil

NO! You can't get one single only! It'd be cruel to separate them

both covers, side by side. By Ata Lasalle
both covers, side by side. By Ata Lasalle

Back covers
Back covers

We also offer you our logo on a blue, unisex, organic tee.

(the hue may vary)
(the hue may vary)

About the rewards

Monilos Melomanilos: 2 singles 7" , autographed : 18 €

** Gogorilos Pro:*** 2 singles 7" , autographed + eco & unisex blue tee: 32€

Camaniliseta only just the t shirt

  • it all comes with a little surprise! Qué será, SERÁ!?

(NOTE the prices don't include shipping outside of Spain, there'll be a small extra)

Who we are

Does that matter? Just turn us up!

the cost of things

  • The making of 600 singles- 2.866 euri-los

  • Enveloppes - 300 eurilos

  • Post - 600 eurilos

  • Making of the t shirts - 370 eurilos

  • VAT - 269 eurilos

  • Verkami - +- 60 eurilos


As soon as it's manufactured, you'll get it!

Estimated dec 2022

+ Info

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/themanilas
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/themanilas
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/themanilas


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  • estefaniarodriguezrico@gmail.com


    6 days

    Q ganas !!!

  • Albert Figueras

    Albert Figueras

    10 days

    Sois la reostia, aupa Manila pogüeer, saludilos

  • Macu Payán Bueso

    Macu Payán Bueso

    10 days

    Go Monilillas gooooo 🤟🏻🤟🏻🎶🎶😎

  • Rata Jones

    Rata Jones

    12 days

    Gora Manilas!!

  • Alberto


    12 days


  • Santimaruja


    12 days

    Hola, la talla es XL, y la dirección no la habéis pedidooooo, creo yo. Saludos monil.los

  • Gemelos Rodríguez

    Gemelos Rodríguez

    12 days


  • AlfMonilo68


    13 days

    Doblete monilo en todos los sentidos, monilo obediente, monilo feliz!!!

  • bakartxo arza

    bakartxo arza

    13 days


  • Ruben Benanzio

    Ruben Benanzio

    13 days

    Las tallas de las camisetas no las piden ; Una L, porfa

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